Maryland man wins second $2,000,000 lottery prize

Maryland man celebrates his success after winning $2 million from scratch-off lottery tickets the second time.

According to Maryland Lottery officials, the 65-year-old Salisbury man was out running his morning errands and stopped at North Salisbury Exxon Station to buy a pair of $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off tickets.

The man won $100 for his first ticket, while the $2 million top prizes was awarded to him for his second.

The winner stated that the COVID-19 pandemic caused him to keep the winning ticket in a safe for several more months.

He said,

“I was only a little nervous.  I was worried that I might start a fire and burn it up, or that the ticket’s expiration would come up, and even had a little doubt that it was real.”

He claimed his prize just days before it expired.

A scratch-off ticket that was purchased several years ago gave the winner a $2,000,000 prize. He shared some tips with other potential winners.

Play for fun and don’t play to win the big jackpot. He said that you should play for fun and win as long as it is enjoyable.

He said that his first jackpot went towards retirement and a family vacation. His latest prize will be used to finance home improvements and a vacation.