One Michigan man won $18 million by playing the same numbers for three decades

According to a Michigan Lottery press release, a Michigan man won $18.4 Million after playing the same numbers for 30 years.

According to Fox News, the 61-year old man purchased his Lotto 47 ticket in a convenience store near Prudenville, Michigan on June 23.

He used the numbers 03-05-10-20,28-31 to match the drawing that took place on July 31, just a month after purchasing it. The Michigan Lottery’s winner said he was shocked to discover that his ticket matches the numbers.

He also stated that the Michigan Lottery has used the same numbers since 1991.

He said;

“I have been playing the same set of numbers since 1991 and have never missed a drawing. I have thought about changing the numbers a few times, but I decided to continue playing this set.”

According to the press release the man has decided to receive his new fortune in a lump sum cash payment of $11.7 million. He will also donate some to charity and share the rest with his family. He also plans to save any money left.

According to the Michigan Lottery, the man added;

“I’m so glad that I stuck with this set number!”