Michigan woman wins the jackpot by playing the same lottery numbers for years

Michigan woman claims she called the state lottery hotline to report a winning drawing. She immediately recognized that the $25,000 prize for life was the lucky number she had used for years.

Brenda Walker, 77, from Canton, said that she purchased a Lucky for Life ticket at the Canton Mini Mart. She called the lottery hotline on the day following the Nov. 27 draw to get the results.

Walker said,

I have played a special set number that is made up of birth dates and special dates for many years.

Every night, I call the hotline to check my ticket and verify the winning numbers after the drawing.

When I saw the numbers, I immediately recognized them and had to hit the repeat button a few more times to confirm that I was hearing correctly.

Walker matched all five of the white balls in the drawing, 02/06/07/11/19. Her numbers won her $25,000 per year in a life-long prize.

When the prize finally settled in, I was overcome with excitement and felt a warm, happy and excited feeling.

Walker stated,

I am so grateful for this prize.

Walker decided to accept her lump-sum payment for $390,000.

She stated that some of the winnings would go towards buying a new vehicle.