North Carolina man transforms $50 lottery winnings into $100,000

North Carolina man who won $50 from scratch-off lottery tickets won $100,000. He then reinvested some of his winnings into another ticket.

Frederick Allen Jr. of Raleigh said that he purchased a scratch-off ticket for the North Carolina Education Lottery after he left work Friday.

Allen won $50 for his ticket. The player stated that he was excited to try again after he returned to Raleigh. Allen spent $20 of his winnings on a Grand Money scratch-off ticket at the Public Mini Mart.

Allen stated that he was stunned to win $100,000.

The winner said,

“It felt good. I thought that I was dreaming.”

Allen stated that he plans to make a fortune.

He said,

“Give my children some of it so that they can be all right,” and then keep the rest in a bank so that I can live comfortably without being stressed.