Ottawa sister and brother win $1 million lottery prize

After an Encore win on their Lottario ticket, a brother and sister in Ottawa are now worth one million dollars.

John and Veronica Butler regularly play the lottery. The $1 Encore they received on their Sept. 4 ticket turned into a $1,000,000 prize.

John stated in an OLG press release,

“I went to the store to check our tickets and returned home to tell Veronica that we won. We are thrilled and overjoyed!”

They say the money will be used to save for retirement or home repairs.

The ticket was purchased at Southbank News Plus, Bank Street.

Orleans man wins $100,000

OLG also announced that an Orleans man won the October Encore prize.

Michael Lester won $100,000 with his Lotto Max ticket, which he purchased at a Quickie in Watters Road on Oct. 22.

Lester states,

“After these past two years it’s nice seeing something positive.”

He intends to save for his retirement and invest in his future.