Powerball winner of $63 million for Mystery Coffs Harbour ticket holder

Officials say that a mystery ticket holder who purchased their ticket in Coffs Harbour on NSW’s north coast was one of the two Powerball winners worth $63 million.

The ticket from Coffs Harbour was one of the two winning entries in Division 1 nationally, and the other in Western Australia.

According to The Lott half of all Australian adults are expected to purchase an entry to the $120 million Jackpot.

It stated that the division one prize pool was increased to an incredible $126,618,113.96 because of the increase in entries from Thursday night’s draw.

In draw 1345, the winning numbers were 6, 9, 27, 32 and 28, 33 and 33 respectively. The Powerball was 8.

Officials ask residents and visitors who purchased tickets from NSW Lotteries outlets in Coffs Harbour, to verify their entries. They note that the entry was not registered to a player’s card, so they are not able to contact the winner.

Someone might be in for a life-changing Friday. But first, they have to check their ticket and find they’re more than $60million richer, Ally Ramsamy, a spokeswoman for the Lott, said.

Previous winners kept their winning lottery tickets in their wallets, handbags, or in their car glove box.

After a draw of $150 million in September 2019, which saw three division one winners, the draw was the second largest jackpot in history.