Spare Change Scoops Pukekohe Couple $1 million Lotto Win

Pukekohe couple made a life-changing decision to go to the supermarket. They purchased a Lotto ticket using the spare change they had in their car and won $1 million with Lotto First Division.

An anonymous man usually buys his Lotto tickets online through My Lotto. But this week, he and a wife decided to change things up.

The man said

We had just stopped at the supermarket, and my wife was looking around in the middle console for something. When I noticed a lot of change in there that she kept in her car for parking meters and suchlike things.

There were quite some coins in there so I said there weren’t many parking meters around these day – and suggested that we spend some of it on Lotto tickets. My wife laughed and took the coins home. We used them to purchase a Lotto ticket at our shop.

The little yellow ticket was kept in the wife’s purse so they could go about their weekend, not realizing how fortunate that decision would be.

Over breakfast on Sunday, my wife decided that she would check the ticket using her phone. She was very quiet when I saw her. Then she turned around and said, You’ll never believe it, but we’ve won Lotto,” o which I replied.

I leapt up and looked at both the numbers and the ticket on the screen. I almost instantly spotted the one line with all the numbers. It almost leapt out at me. In total disbelief, I looked at my wife and she was shaking. I then gave her a huge hug.

The man said,

We couldn’t believe it. You always imagine what it would feel like to have a winning Lotto ticket. But for it to actually happen… that’s something completely different.

The couple is looking forward to paying off their mortgage, and setting up their family for the future with the winnings.

It still feels surreal, to be truthful – in the best way possible. My wife keeps telling me that if I hadn’t been teased about parking meters, I wouldn’t have bought that ticket. It’s amazing how everything works sometimes.

The Lotto First Division winning ticket was sold at Countdown Pukekohe south for Saturday 26 February.