Sure beats flowers! Husband surprises his wife with a $10 MILLION scratch-off lottery winning ticket for Valentine’s Day

A Virginia man bought his wife the gift that every woman wants: a winning lottery ticket.

Maria Chicas, a stay-at-home mother from Haymarket (Virginia), claimed the Extreme Millions Scratcher tickets last week after it revealed a prize of $10 million.

According to WTVR local news, Chicas said that her husband thought she was making fun of him when he announced they had won. But the news seems to have finally sink in and Chicas can be seen beaming on social media.

According to a spokesperson for Virginia Lottery, Chicas’ husband purchased the ticket in In & Out Mart, Manassas (Virginia) a few days prior to Valentine’s Day.

He scratched the ticket, and realized that it was a winner. The spokesperson stated that he then called his wife to confirm the win.

Chicas replied,

Aw, you’re lying!

She admitted it later

I thought he was laughing!.

He was lying, but he had the truth. They had won the $10 million top prize on the scratch-off lottery ticket.

Their odds of winning were 1 out 2,937 600

Chicas smiled and made a heart symbol with one hand as she held up a novelty cheque when she received her prize.

Instead of getting the entire amount over time, she selected a one-time cash option for $6,570,302 prior to taxes.

Chicas is the final and fourth winner of this game’s top prize, which is being discontinued.

Missouri’s husband won the lottery last October.

Missouri Lottery officials say that a winner of the $2.4 million jackpot claimed his wife pushed him to buy the winning ticket.

My wife made me buy a Lottery ticket to go home to watch the football, said the man, whose identity was not disclosed. So, I pulled over and bought the Lottery tickets out of frustration.

They were the only winners of a big prize after matching all six numbers in the October 23 drawing.