Truck driver from North Carolina wins $1 Million while passing through Tennessee

North Carolina truck driver who was on his way from North Carolina to California discovered his route to be particularly profitable after he won $1 million in the lottery in Tennessee.

Yuriy Zalyevskyy stated to Tennessee lottery officials that he was transporting a load from Tennessee to California and stopped at the Pilot Travel Center in Stanton.

Zalyevskyy claimed that he purchased a few scratch-off cards and scratched them inside the store. One of the tickets was a Millionaire Jumbo Bucks ticket that turned out to have won $1 million.

Zalyevskyy stated that he had previously believed he would be loud and jump up and down to win the lottery.

He claimed that the truth turned out to be the contrary.

He said,

“I couldn’t speak. I walked slowly and quietly to my truck because I didn’t know what was happening.”

Zalyevskyy stated that he intends to use his winnings for the purchase of a house.