US: Father visits a store to buy chocolate milk. He wins $1 million in the lottery

Dennis Willoughby, a father hailing from North Chesterfield, Virginia, went to 7-Eleven for chocolate milk. He won a $1 million Virginia Lottery scratchcard.

He daydreamed about winning the lottery while in the store and bought a Virginia Lottery $1,000,000 Platinum Jackpot scratchcard. Dennis was overjoyed to hear of his win and couldn’t stop laughing. He is now the second winner of $1 million.

There are three $1 million tickets available to the Virginia Lottery. You can also buy thousands of tickets of different denominations from $10 to $10,000. According to the Virginia Lottery website, the chances of winning any lottery ticket were 1 in 3.92. However, 1 in 1632,000 people had a chance of winning the top prize.

The Virginia Lottery, which was approved by Virginia voters in a 1987 referendum, generates over $2 million per day to support Virginia’s K-12 public school systems. According to the official VA Lottery website, lottery customers contributed more than $765 million in funding for public education during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2021.

Dennis was then offered the choice of receiving either $1 million in annual payments over 30 years or $640,205 (before taxes) as a lump-sum payment. He chose to go with the second option. A $10,000 bonus was also given to the 7-Eleven store located at 9700 Jeff Davis Highway, Richmond, for selling one of these winning tickets.