Wellington couple wins $8.5 million Lotto Powerball jackpot

A Wellington couple won $8.5 Million with Lotto’s Powerball this weekend.

The man thought it would be a good idea to check his ticket while the couple was having a quiet evening at home.

He logged into MyLotto to watch the numbers start circling. At first he thought he had $8500.

I immediately informed my wife of the good news, and she ran over to take a look at it. She looked at the screen and then said, Hold on! It’s a little more than that!’.

The man stated,

We stared at one another wide-eyed, before we broke into a big hug. It was an incredible moment.

They spent the rest of their evening laughing and imagining the future they could create with their winnings.

They enjoyed a few drinks to celebrate, and to soothe their nerves.

The man stated,

We talked all night, and finally went to bed at 3 AM. Although we got only about an hour sleep that night, our minds were buzzing and the whole experience felt surreal. To be truthful, it still does.

They said that they were looking forward to preparing for the future and supporting their immediate family with the money.

This is the second Powerball win for the year. This comes just two weeks after an Auckland man won $21million.