Winner of the $50M Lotto Max in Saskatoon

A Lotto Max ticket purchased in Saskatoon can feel very fortunate. It is a $50 million winner.

The ticket that was sold matched all seven numbers — 4, 5 and 31, 39, 42, 45, 50, and 42. Friday night’s draw was the big winner.

One Ontario ticket buyer and one Atlantic province ticket purchaser selected six of the seven winning numbers, as well as the bonus number. They won $533,748.30.

Friday’s win comes after Saskatchewan’s October second-largest win in the lottery.

Matthew Poppel was the lucky winner in this draw that brought home $55 million.

Poppel was told by a friend that someone in Saskatoon had won Oct. 19 Lotto Max. He called his friend and joked about which one.

An earlier release said that

little did he know that he had actually won a huge jackpot.

Poppel checked his tickets with the Lotto Spot! app.

He said,

The first one didn’t win anything. The second one won an award for a free play and the last one said 55 followed with a bunch zeroes.

I thought that the app was telling me the winning amount and not that my ticket had been awarded that amount.

Poppel stated in October that he would take time to determine what to do with the money.