Young Queensland woman wins $10 million in lotto, but still works

After becoming a multi-millionaire overnight, a young Queensland woman worked hard to keep her team on the right track.

After being the only winning entry in the Oz Lotto draw’s division one, the North Queenslander won $10,000,000.

This morning, the Lott called the lucky winner and she said she hadn’t checked her ticket as she was driving to work.

This is a win that will change our lives. She said that it was the right time.

We’ve been through a difficult few months so this will be so helpful.

Things like this are only a dream, but it’s not a reality.

She said that she was eager to take advantage of her prize and help her parents get to retirement sooner.

She said,

This really means everything to us.

It means that we can buy our dream home and my parents can retire.

I don’t know what we’ll do about the rest. We never imagined that we would become multi-millionaires.

The winner stated that she had always read about Lott’s winners, and often thought about what it would be like for her to win the prize.

She said,

Now it has happened, and it was so bizarre.

Unfortunately, today we must go to work. We don’t want our teams to be let down so I don’t think we’ll be able call in sick. However, we might do something nice tonight for celebration.