The se​cond glance of a lottery player reveals an $813,336 Jackpot

North Carolina man who claimed he won a lottery jackpot worth more than $800,000. He said that it took him two looks to see that he had matched all the numbers.

Derrick Lawrence, Knightdale, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials that he and his wife stopped by the Oak Park Martin Raleigh to buy Quick Pick tickets for Thursday’s Cash 5 drawing.

Lawrence claimed that he had checked the winning numbers on Friday morning but hadn’t really looked at his tickets.

Lawrence stated that he didn’t look at the ticket before this afternoon.

“I saw the numbers this AM, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. Then I looked at it again and realized that the numbers were very familiar. Man, I gotta go downtown!'”

Lawrence found he had matched all five numbers and won the $813,336 Jackpot.

Lawrence declared,

“What a win! My wife and I will just put the money towards our retirement.”