Can You Win the Lottery and Remain Anonymous?

Having a huge lottery win can dramatically change your current lifestyle. In addition to settling all your bills, you could finally buy your dream home, car and even go on the many holidays you’ve dreamed of over the years. It seems like a win-win situation doesn’t it?

There is, however, a risk to winning a huge amount of money. Suddenly you’re the focus of everyone’s attention. The media could hound you or you may not enjoy your family and friends asking you for financial assistance all the time. So, sometimes this attention can be untoward. So much so that your intention, should you win, would be to remain anonymous. Just how possible is it to keep your anonymity? Read on as we uncover everything you need to know about staying anonymous as a lottery winner.

Is it Legal to Remain Anonymous When You Win the Lottery?

Remaining anonymous if you win the lottery depends largely on the country and state you live in. Different national laws are in place and various lotteries also have their own regulations about winner anonymity.

If you’re dead set on not revealing your anonymity, be sure to check the regulations around the lottery you’re playing in your particular state or country. You might have to go to another area or pick a different lottery if you don’t want your name in the papers..

Staying Anonymous vs Going Public When You Hit The Jackpot

There are really no good reasons for going public with your large winnings, unless you wish to advertise your wealth. The only other advantage could be that you won’t have to keep the secret from family and friends.

It’s important to realize that going public comes with many risks. You might also feel “pressured” to share your money with friends or relatives who constantly remind you of their own struggles. We recommend investing some of your money to ensure it lasts and allow you to fulfill the dreams you’ve created over years of playing the lottery. It comes down to your personal choice, but always consider the pros and cons of each option!

Why Would Lottery Winners Want to Stay Anonymous?

While everyone would welcome the benefits that come with a huge lottery win, not everyone is open to the fame and attention that goes along with it. Many times a lottery win warrants unwelcome attention from strangers, family and friends – even people you haven’t been in contact with for a while..

This type of attention can be too much to handle. Imagine if you constantly have people asking to “borrow” money or expecting a “free ride” as you go about spending your winnings! Additionally, the continuous press attention can also be stressful as it only serves to draw attention to you and your family. This could also make you a target for criminal activities from people who know you have money in the bank and want to defraud you..

Risks of Public Disclosure for Lottery Winners

Not everyone will be happy for you once you have a big win. Criminals could easily see you as a soft target. This could put you at risk of becoming a victim to some of the following risks:

  • Kidnappings
  • Scams
  • Theft or burglaries
  • Solicitations

Why Are Some Public Offices Against the Idea of Claiming a Lottery Prize Anonymously?

The biggest reason many public offices are against winners staying anonymous has to do with people’s confidence in the integrity of the lottery. If people don’t see a winner, they might lose trust in whether the lottery is actually legit. It also creates the impression that the winnings are “rigged” and there’s no way of knowing whether the winner is a “real person” or the “same person” every time.

When lottery players see a person they can associate with, it motivates them to stay interested in the game. Stories and photos of big windfalls give them hope that they too can win big!

Where Winners May Not Reveal Their Identity When Winning the Lottery

For the most part, many states allow winners to choose whether or not they can disclose their winnings. To protect both the lottery organizations and the individual, winners need to provide written consent for the use of their personal information. Missouri entered a law into effect in 2021 that makes it a misdemeanor to release lottery winner details. Texas is another state that offers big winnings in its many local lotteries and guarantees anonymity.

USA States That Offer an Option to Claim Lottery Winnings Anonymously

If you win the lottery in the US, your ability to stay anonymous all depends on where you live and which lottery you play. Luckily, many US lotteries do allow you to keep the news of your big win private. But read guidelines carefully so you understand your rights before you play.

State Note
Arizona Winners of $100,000 or more may choose permanent anonymity
Delaware Delaware State Law allows all Delaware Lottery winners to remain anonymous, irrespective of the winning amount
Georgia In Georgia, winners of $250,000 or greater can submit a written request for their identity and personal information to be kept confidential
Kansas The Kansas Lottery is not required to release personal information of its winners. Winners have the choice to remain fully or partially anonymous.
Maryland Maryland winners need to submit written permission giving the Lottery the chance to release their details.
Michigan Winners of prizes greater than $10,000 can keep their information private. Winners of a multi-state jackpot can only remain anonymous if they claim as a lottery club.
Minnesota As of 2021, winnings of $10,000 remain private.
Mississippi All winners in the Mississippi lottery will have to provide written permission to have their information made public.
Missouri A law released in 2021 makes it a misdemeanor to release information without the winner’s consent.
Montana March 2021 saw a new law being signed into effect that makes all lottery winners’ details private.
New Jersey As of 2020, all New Jersey winners may remain anonymous indefinitely
North Dakota With the North Dakota Lottery, winners have the option to release their personal information or remain anonymous.
South Carolina The South Carolina Lottery has always maintained a privacy policy to protect winners against the risks associated with winning the lottery.
Virginia Since 2019 Virginia has been prohibited from disclosing winners of prizes that exceed $10 million unless the winner decides otherwise.
West Virginia  As of 2019, any winners of $1,000,000 may choose to remain anonymous.
Texas Winners of $1,000,000 or more can remain anonymous if they choose.
Wyoming The Wyoming Lottery has always honored the requests of its winners, irrespective of the number of winnings.

European Countries That Offer an Option to Claim Lottery Winnings Anonymously

If you’re playing the European Lotteries, it’s important to know which countries allow you to claim your winnings anonymously. Some of the more prominent countries include the following:

  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Kazakhstan
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

Other Countries That Offer an Option to Claim Lottery Winnings Anonymously

It’s not only the U.S. and some European countries that offer the option to claim lottery winnings anonymously. The more notable of these are included below:

Biggest Lotteries That You Can Win And Claim The Winnings Anonymously

Instead of wasting your time and money with smaller lotteries that prohibit anonymity, rather opt for lotteries that allow you to remain anonymous from the onset. For your convenience, we’ve listed a few of the better options below.


Lottery Biggest Prize Note
EuroMillions £170 million Winner opted to remain anonymous
Mega Millions $1,537 billion Winner opted to remain anonymous
U.S. Powerball $1,59 billion Split three ways, winners opted to remain anonymous

How to Stay Anonymous When You Win the Lottery

Aside from requesting your identity and personal information remain confidential and anonymous, there are a few steps you should take to keep your details and winnings private. Take a closer look at some of the recommended steps to take.

Get a Lawyer

Many states require your basic personal information such as name, address and county of residence. It’s always a risk that these details can be “leaked” to the press. To keep your information confidential, we recommend hiring a lawyer immediately after you’ve won.

Don’t disclose your win to anyone as news of your winnings will soon spread and your need for privacy will be lost. The lawyer will advise you on the correct documents and procedures to draw up to keep your information (and your money) safe.

Claim Lottery Winnings Through Entity

A common way to get around some of the stricter state laws is to establish a blind trust. Doing this allows the trust to obtain the payout rather than the individual winner. A blind trust allows one party (often a trustee) to have control over the tangible and intangible assets of another party. Your lawyer will advise you of the best process to follow here.

Some states such as Florida, allow you to claim your larger lottery winnings through an entity, estate or non-profit organization. With this option, your lawyer or your bank can act as your trustee and your information should remain anonymous to anyone other than your designated trustee. Using this route also reduces the risk of scammers or criminals getting access to your information.


When you have that lucky feeling, it’s natural to wonder, “can you remain anonymous if you win the lottery?” With the information we’ve provided in this article, it’s clear that many state lotteries allow you to remain anonymous if that’s your choice.

Many lottery winners choose to keep their identity secret to maintain some kind of normalcy and safety in their lives. It also reduces the risk of being a victim of criminal elements. Remaining anonymous allows you to invest your money and go about with relatively normal life without constantly feeling at risk! And you can enjoy your winnings at your leisure!