Cheap Lottery Tickets: Where to Get Them?

Who doesn’t want to win the mega jackpot? Using different strategies could be one of your approaches to winning a draw if you’re a keen lottery player. Maybe you like to buy multiple tickets or play more than one game a week. If this is your playing style, the cost could be a key factor for you, which is why you’re on the lookout for cheap lottery tickets!

The cost of lottery tickets varies depending on the game picked as well as the country it’s played in. It also depends on where you buy your tickets, be it at a local retailer or through an online lottery website. Keep reading to find out how and where to get cheap lottery tickets so you can keep playing for the mega millions win!

What is the Average Cost of a Lottery Ticket?

The cost of a lottery ticket varies and is dependent on which game you’re playing and where it’s being held. In countries such as the United States, lottery ticket costs vary from state to state. On average, expect to pay $2 for a Mega Millions ticket and around $27 for a scratch-off ticket. 

Powerball tickets in the US go for $2 with an additional $1 per ticket if you want to take advantage of the add-on feature. The average ticket price for the EuroMillions is €2.50. Another factor influencing the average cost of lottery tickets is whether you purchase them from a third-party agent or not.

What Are the Prices of Popular Lottery Tickets?

Use this comparison table to give you an overview of both official ticket prices and third-party costs for buying a popular lottery ticket.

US Powerball Mega Millions EuroMillions EuroJackpot
Official Ticket Price US $2.00

(US $3.00 with Power Play)

US $2.00 €2.50 €2.00
TheLotter US $5.00 US $5.00 €5.60 €5.00
LottoAgent US $4.98 US $4.98 €5.54 €5.14
LottoSmile US $5.00 US $5.00 €5.60 €5.00
MultiLotto US $4.12 US $3.53 €3.50 €2.50
WinTrillions US $5.00 US $5.50 €5.60 €6.80

Third-party online lottery websites are normally higher than the standard official ticket price and you could end up paying between 50% and 60% more for a ticket. This is because the agent charges a service fee for purchasing and scanning tickets on your behalf.

However, online lottery platforms often offer discounts and promotions, making it possible to buy cheap lottery tickets through them.

Where Can You Buy the Cheapest Lottery Tickets?

There are a number of options available to you when looking for and buying the cheapest lottery tickets. Taking into consideration your playing style influences the option you pick and whether you want to play games held worldwide or stick to your local lottery.

* Recommended sites to buy your first Lottery tickets:

Buy Lottery Ticket From a Gas Station or Store

You can buy cheap lottery tickets from a local gas station or store. However, you’re restricted by the jurisdiction relevant to where you’re buying, which limits which games you can play. This means you can’t necessarily play lottery games played worldwide.

Purchase Tickets or Lines Through Your Banking App

Purchasing tickets or lines through your banking app is a convenient and safe way of playing the lottery. However, similar to buying at a gas station or local retailer, you’re limited in what games you can play.

Buy Cheap Lottery Tickets From Lottery Websites

Buying tickets from licensed websites is the way to go if you’re an avid lottery player who wants access to your favorite games worldwide while playing the biggest jackpots. Considering the features of the following lottery websites will help you decide which platform to use when looking for cheap tickets.


If you’re looking for the largest variety of lottery games offered on one site, you can’t go wrong with theLotter platform. With over 40 lotteries to pick from including 20% off when playing the biggest games, you’ll be spoilt for choice while scoring cheap tickets at the same time! What’s more, you get free games when using the app on Android and iOS devices.

You’ll pay a small handling fee on top of the standard lottery ticket price but it’s minimal when taking into consideration other features such as the following:

  • User-friendly: Even the novice lottery player will find it easy to navigate the platform.
  • Languages: The site support 13 languages, making it possible for players worldwide to use it.
  • Bonuses and promotions: There’s no shortage of specials when playing lottery games on this site, making it an affordable platform for most players.
  • No commission on prizes: If you win, your prize is paid out with no commission charged.

theLotter site includes some of the most popular lottery games including the US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, SuperEnalotto, and EuroMillions.


Another reputable and popular third-party lottery website is LottoAgent. It offers over 20 lotteries worldwide including US Powerball, Cash4Life, and Mega Millions. The platform offers its users a wide selection of discounts and promotions, making it easier to buy cheaper lottery tickets.

Newcomers get a 10% discount welcome bonus while another attractive promotion offered to first-timers is the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” deal. Discounts of up to 6% may also be offered when you buy more than three lines and if you invite a friend to the platform, you get $5 in credit.

Learning how lottery syndicates work opens the door to finding a cost-effective way to play the game. LottoAgent offers this feature on their site for all their members.

LottoAgent offers over 20 lotteries worldwide

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the site and can be used on both mobile and desktop devices. Comprehensive information ensures even the beginner lotto player knows how to play lotteries on this platform!


Buying cheaper lottery tickets on the LottoSmile site is possible with syndicates and bundles available to lotto players using this platform. With over 40 international lotteries to pick from including the popular games in India, Italy Superstar, and Spain Euromillions, you have access to some of the biggest jackpots on offer.

Discounts and promotions allow you to purchase lottery tickets at a cheaper price and include 10% off bundles, syndicates, and one-time entries. You can get even bigger discounts of up to 25% off multi-draws and 20% off if you’re a VIP member. A sign-up bonus makes your first lottery ticket cheap too!

Cheaper lottery tickets on the LottoSmile

No commission fee is charged for the payout of winnings but a small handling cost is included for purchasing and scanning tickets on your behalf.


MultiLotto offers over 60 international lotteries including the US Powerball, Germany Lotto, and California SuperLotto. The site is both desktop and mobile-friendly with an easy-to-use interface. When looking for cheap lottery tickets using this platform, the following features and special offers make the game more affordable:

  • First deposit bonus: You can claim a 100% deposit bonus on your first payment of €50.
  • Lottery draw discounts: The site offers anything between 50% and 70% to players looking for cheaper tickets.

Syndicates: One of the best ways to purchase cheaper lottery tickets is to play with syndicates.

MultiLotto offers over 60 international lotteries

The site is available in 13 languages and offers flexible payment methods but it’s worth noting that all winnings are only paid out in Euros.


Features such as membership programs and tailor-made discounts and promotions make the WinTrillions site a popular choice for lottery players looking for cheaper tickets. Subscription deals, VIP loyalty and membership programs, and syndicates make it easier to find cheaper tickets for a variety of lottery games available on this platform.

The site offers over 20 lotteries worldwide plus various syndicates to pick from. The 24/7 customer service supports you any time and day of the week. Popular lottery games include:

WinTrillions offers over 20 lotteries worldwide

Playing the Lottery Teams not only gives you better odds of winning a jackpot but you can often buy cheaper tickets when playing with others in the same game.

Buy Cheap Tickets Through Lottery Syndicates

The more tickets you buy, the better chance you have of winning a HUGE prize! However, this strategy is costly if you’re playing with a tight budget. One of the most economical ways to play the biggest games is by joining a lottery syndicate. This way, the cost of buying multiple tickets is split between all members of the team.

While you also have to split the winnings between every syndicate member, it’s a negligible cost for increasing your odds of landing the mega millions! Signing up for an online lottery pool or syndicate increases the number combinations entered for a draw. Some of the most popular games allow you to play as a team including:

  • US Powerball
  • EuroJackpot
  • Mega Millions

To join a lottery team, look for online websites such as LottoAgent, WinTrillions, and MultiLotto which offer syndicates to all players using their platforms.

Where to Get Promo Codes, Discounts, and Coupons for Lottery Tickets

The best way to get promo codes, discounts, and coupons for lottery tickets is to go directly through a third-party online website. This table gives a quick overview of some discounts and promotions available on three popular lottery sites.

theLotter LottoAgent LottoSmile
Subscription deal – free entry for every 7 to 10 entries Welcome bonus – 10% discount (promo code on sign up) Subscription deal – free entry for every 10 entries
VIP membership – $1 discount for every 25 VIP points Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Pay for first ticket and get the second one 100% free One-time entry – 10% discount
Bundles and syndicates – discounts available Subscription deal – free entry for every 10 entries Syndicate bundles – 10% discount
Multi-draw packages – up to 25% discount Buy extra lines – up to 6% discount for more than 3 lines Multi-draw packages – between 20% and  25% off tickets

When you open an account with one of the online lottery websites, you’ll be asked to include your email address. Receiving emails is one of the best ways to find out about promo codes, discounts, and coupons for lottery tickets when using a third-party agent. Clicking on the site’s Promotions tab will also highlight special offers for cheaper lottery tickets.

Will the Jackpot Be Lower for Cheap Lottery Tickets?

If you play less popular lotteries, the tickets will be cheaper but the winnings will be lower.

If your strategy is joining a syndicate, buying multi-draw packages, or opting for subscription deals when playing Mega Millions’ biggest prize and you win, your jackpot won’t be any lower. But, these strategies often allow you to play with cheaper tickets while still getting the same jackpot if your win.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of options available to you when it comes to buying cheap lottery tickets. However, if you want to benefit from playing games worldwide, getting promotions and bonuses PLUS discounts, opening an account with an online lottery website is a good way to go. This way, you can still play the HUGE jackpots while being economical at the same time!

When reviewing lottery tips to help you win big check out the advice for saving money when playing through a third-party site. You’ll be amazed at how easy it actually is to get cheap lottery tickets!