Could Psychic Help You Win the Lottery?

Avid lottery players have used many methods to win big jackpots. Some methods work while others are up for debate. Players have even asked psychics to predict lottery numbers for them. But could a psychic help you win the lottery?

Some people don’t believe in psychic abilities but if you believe that a clairvoyant can assist you with a lottery win then you’ll find valuable information in this post. We explain what a psychic actually is and if they have the ability to help you win the big bucks from your favorite lottery game.

What Do Psychics Actually Do?

It’s said that psychics use spiritual guides to help them see into the future. Others believe that psychics were born with a sixth sense or special abilities. Another name for a psychic is a clairvoyant. They claim to use extrasensory perception (ESP) which gives them the supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Psychics may say they have the ability to:

  • Hear messages from the beyond or through spiritual guides
  • See into the future
  • Have visions about a person or event
  • Sense something is about to happen whether good or bad

However, others believe that psychic abilities are simply advanced and developed intuition that anyone can tap into. Psychics don’t actually predict the future even though some of them claim they can. They use tools such as tarot cards or astrology to help people come to a conclusion or choose a specific path.

There are psychics that can provide lottery horoscope numbers but they don’t guarantee a win. Essentially psychics help their clients live a good life by providing them with guidance. They can help you cultivate love, prosperity, and happiness by suggesting some changes in your life based on their intuitive guidance.

Furthermore, psychics can help you see what’s hidden from yourself and help you deal with negative or limiting beliefs that may prevent you from living a good life. They may even suggest you utilize specific methods to win the lottery.

Since there is still something called free will, a psychic can’t predict your exact future. The way your life unfolds will be based on the choices you make in life.

Why Psychics Don’t Win the Lottery

Psychics have been able to win the lottery but not all of them can. If that were the case then there would be many rich psychics around the world. The reason why psychics don’t win the lottery is that they can’t predict the exact numbers for a lottery.

However, they can get a strong sense of a win. For example, a psychic may tell you to buy a lottery ticket because they have a strong feeling you might win something. If a psychic has a heightened sense to buy a lottery ticket for themselves then they would do so.

In some cases, clients may win some money from the lottery after taking the advice of the psychic. There have also been cases where players have won massive jackpots after going to a psychic for advice. Therefore, psychics can win the lottery, just not in the way you think they do.

It may take many years for psychics to develop their abilities so they can heighten their intuition so some predictions may be right or slightly off.

Why Psychics Can’t Predict the Winning Lottery Numbers

Although psychics have heightened intuitive abilities they can’t predict the exact numbers that will be drawn. Professional psychics state that the numbers are drawn in such a random way that it’s difficult to predict the exact set of numbers. Therefore, psychics can’t predict numbers with absolute certainty that those digits will come up in the next draw.

In fact, no lottery strategy you use can guarantee a win. These methods are simply designed to increase your chances of winning. The same can be said for psychics. They may have a heightened sense that you may win but it’s not 100% certain.

Can Psychics Predict Winning Lottery Numbers?

If you come across a psychic that claims they can predict lottery numbers, chances are they’re not telling the truth. Since lottery numbers are always drawn randomly, it may be difficult for a psychic to get a good sense of which numbers will show up.

As mentioned before, psychics can’t actually predict the future despite what you’ve seen in movies or on any reality TV show. Psychics sense energies around them and their clients. When they get a strong sense that someone might win the lottery they encourage their clients to buy lottery tickets.

Whether they use a quick pick or manually choose numbers they could win based on the intuition of the psychic. If you want to try and predict lottery numbers using mathematics you could create your own lottery algorithm prediction with Excel.

The lottery algorithm gives you the best possible combinations that could show up in the next draw. But these combinations don’t guarantee a win. It’s simply another way you can choose numbers that have a higher chance of being drawn.

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Has a Psychic Ever Won the Lottery By Predicting Numbers?

There have been success stories of people winning the lottery but through their own abilities. For example, a lady named Pearlie Mae Smith had a dream about numbers. She then bought a Powerball ticket using the same numbers that had appeared to her in the dream. Pearlie Mae won $429.6 million by using her lucky dream numbers.

A similar story happened in December 2020, when Deng Pravatoudom won the jackpot. Her husband had a dream about numbers and Deng decided to play those same numbers every time she bought a ticket. She played those numbers for over 20 years and eventually got a winning ticket. Deng won $60 million from the Canadian Lotto Max after losing her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it should be noted that these instances are extremely rare. Not many people have dreams or visions of lottery numbers. As you can see sometimes these dreams can give you an instant win while in other instances it can take years.

Psychic Lottery Prediction Success Stories

Although psychics can’t win the lottery for every client or for themselves there have been a number of success stories. In this section, we’ve provided information on many success stories of people winning the lottery through the advice of psychics.

Kevin Millard

In 2015, Kevin Millard from California was talking to a psychic that would send him messages that his money was coming.

He stated that the psychic wouldn’t stop messaging him. And so it encouraged him to play the lottery. One of Kevin’s Powerball tickets had a set of winning lottery numbers and he bagged himself $1,009,368.

Anonymous Australian Winner

According to Newsweek, an anonymous woman from Australia became the winner of $9,738,691. This was after her mom visited a psychic that said she had a strong feeling someone in the family would win the lottery.

Lynne Grove

Lynne Grove won her jackpot four months after her psychic predicted that she would have a financial breakthrough. Grove played the EuroMillions lottery and won £1 million in February 2016. It seemed the universe was in Lynne’s favor because the retailer printed the ticket incorrectly. Lynne decided to keep the ticket which was an excellent choice because she had won a massive prize.

Should You Trust a Psychic to Predict Lottery Numbers?

In all success stories, the psychics simply had strong feelings that their clients would win the lottery. But they didn’t actually predict lottery numbers. If a psychic claims that they can predicate the exact lottery numbers you shouldn’t trust them.

On the other hand, if your psychic is truthful and tells you from the beginning that they can’t guarantee a lottery win, then it may be safe for you to continue working with them. They may provide advice on how you can play the lottery or tell you when to play based on their strong intuition.

Ways You Can Win the Lottery With Spiritual Guidance

If you don’t trust psychics to help you win the lottery then you can use other spiritual means to try and win in your own way. In this section, you’ll learn how to work with the universe to help you win the lottery.

Using the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a philosophy that suggests you can create the life you want by:

  • Meditating
  • Utilizing positive thinking
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Getting rid of negative or limiting beliefs
  • Journaling about what you want
  • Getting rid of past trauma

Essentially, the law of attraction suggests that you attract situations in your life based on your beliefs whether they’re good or bad. For example, if you believe your partner will cheat on you one day, then you could attract that outcome in the future. But if you believe that you and your partner will have a healthy and strong relationship then that’s the outcome you’ll attract.

The same can be said when playing the lottery. If you always believe that you’re unlucky you may not attract a lottery win. But if you believe that you are a lucky person and you always win prizes you may attract winning a jackpot or any prizes from the lottery.

To use the law of attraction for the lottery, the first step is to get rid of negative feelings such as:

  • Anxiousness
  • Ungratefulness
  • Resentment
  • Anger

The next step is to practice positivity by using affirmations. For example, you can repeat the following phrases to boost your positivity:

  • I’m always lucky
  • I can win the lottery
  • I’m worthy of winning money that will help me financially
  • I’m grateful for all my blessings

Then simply set your intentions by writing down how much money you want to win and what you want to do with your money. Practice these steps every day or every time you play your favorite lottery.

Utilizing Your Lucky Horoscope Numbers

If you believe in horoscopes then this is another way you can play the lottery. Some magazines or websites provide lucky lottery numbers for each star sign. Find your star sign and use the suggested lottery numbers to play a game whether it’s the US Powerball or EuroJackpot.

Consider creating other combinations with these numbers to increase your chances of winning. You can also use lottery wheeling systems using your horoscope lottery numbers. You can also combine the law of attraction with your star sign lottery numbers and trust your intuition when playing.

Consider Numerology

Numerology is the belief that there is a divine relationship between events and numbers. It’s suggested that numbers can show up in important events in your life and that you shouldn’t ignore their significance. It’s another method on how to choose lottery numbers.

The most popular form of numerology is finding your life path number. You can find your life path number by adding up the numbers in your birthdate. For example, if your birthdate is 05/09/1989, your calculation will be 5+9+1+9+8+9= 41. You can use 41 on your lottery ticket or use combinations using both digits in the number such as 14, 51, 42, and 16.

You can also reduce the life path number further by adding the two numbers together. 41 becomes 4+1= 5. Now you can use 5 in various ways such as 15, 55, 54, 52, and 25.

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Final Thoughts: Does Psychic Lottery Formula Work?

As you can see psychics can help you win the lottery if they have a strong sense that you’ll win a prize. But they can’t guarantee a win. Sometimes their intuition can be slightly off and meant for someone else. Make sure that when you do use the help from a psychic that they are legitimate and not out to steal your money.

But when you do get advice from a psychic to win the lottery we suggest playing games from all around the world through sites such as LottoAgent or TheLotter. That way you get to play games with higher jackpots and on sites that offer extras such as syndicates. Use the information in this post to help you make a decision on whether to use a psychic to help you win the lottery.