How to Play the California SuperLotto Plus? 4 Steps for Beginners

There’s no denying it. State-run lotteries are as popular as their international lottery counterparts. With a guaranteed jackpot of over $7 million twice weekly, the California Super Lotto can definitely hold its own in the popularity stakes.

Aside from being a rollover lotto with enormous rewards shared over two pools, this fun lotto has odds that are almost five times better than the Powerball Lottery and an average of four times better than the Mega Millions. That said, if you’re a local in the Golden State, it may be time to extend your luck to the California SuperLotto Plus.

What You Should Know Before Playing the California SuperLotto Plus?

California Superlotto Plus Online

Age to Play the California SuperLotto Plus

The California SuperLotto Plus has a minimum age requirement of 18. This applies whether you’re playing via one of the local retailers or online lottery sites.

Odds of Winning

With odds that are significantly better than both the Mega Millions and the Powerball, many local Californians opt for this lottery as their number one betting game to try their luck. While it’s true that the prizes are often smaller than the larger lottery winnings, several consecutive rollovers can lead to a significant win.

It’s worth mentioning that the odds of winning any one of the prizes is about 1 in 23 while the odds of hitting the jackpot are about 1 in 42 million. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the detailed odds.

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Estimated Prize Funds
5 Numbers + Mega Number 1:41,416,353 Jackpot (usually starts at $7 million)
5 Numbers 1:1,592,937 $28,500
4 Numbers + Mega 1:197,221 $1,650
4 Numbers 1:7,585 $100
3 Numbers + Mega 1:4,810 $55
3 Numbers 1:185 $10
2 Numbers + Mega 1:361 $10
1 Number + Mega 1:74 $2
Mega Number 1:49 $1

Price of Tickets

You can have access to the California SuperLotto Plus lottery for just $1 per play and you can play up to five times on one slip. Tickets are available at your local retailer or online.

When Draws Take Place

The California SuperLotto Plus takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:57 pm (PST) California local time. Ticket sales close at 7:45 pm.

Where can You Play the California SuperLotto Plus

The California SuperLotto can be played online at lottery agents like WinTrillions as well as at any credited lotto retailer throughout the state of California.

The Biggest Jackpot Ever Won on the California SuperLotto Plus

The largest jackpot in the California SuperLotto Plus happened in 2002. A lucky player hit an incredible $193 million jackpot!

4 Steps for Beginners to Play the California SuperLotto Plus

Playing the California SuperLotto Plus is as easy as it sounds. With two draws per week and nine exciting ways to win, beginners will be happy to learn that the actual playing process is quick and easy.

Furthermore, the jackpot rolls over if the individual draw isn’t won, which means prizes can get quite big. Non-winning tickets can be entered into a weekly SuperLotto Plus 2nd chance draw, giving you another chance to win! All you have to do to play this exciting game is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Pick Your Numbers

Start by deciding if you’re going to be playing via a lottery agent like WinTrillions or if you’ll be choosing an accredited local retailer. Keep in mind that playing online is quicker, safer and also poses no risk of losing your ticket.

Pick five numbers between 1 and 47 and one Mega number between 1 and 27.

Mark your horoscope lucky numbers on the blank lottery play slip or opt for the Quick Pick which randomly generates numbers for you.

California SuperLotto Plus quick picks

Source: WinTrillions

Step 2: Decide if You Want to Opt For the Advanced Play Option

The California SuperLotto Plus offers players the option to play the same numbers in up to 20 consecutive draws. Keep in mind that you will pay extra for each play, but regular winners admit this is a great way to improve your odds.

Step 3: Watch the Draw

The SuperLotto Plus draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:57 pm PST. Alternatively, The SuperLotto Plus lotto results can be checked on the betting site you used or the lottery’s official website. Local news outlets will also broadcast the evening’s winnings. Keep in mind that if you played online, the lottery site will send you an email if you’ve won.

Step 4: Claim Your Prize Winnings

When your ticket has been verified, winners have one of two options to claim the larger payouts.

  1. While you have 180 days to claim winnings, you need to choose a cash value of the jackpot prize within 60 days–keep in mind that the winnings are subject to steep tax applications. This means you have 60 days after verification to decide if you want a lump sum or an annuity payout.
  2. Prizes up to $599 can be collected at all participating Lottery retail locations in California.
  3. Jackpot winnings can be paid out in 30 graduated installments–this makes it easier for winners to enjoy their winnings for longer!

Tips on How to Win the California SuperLotto Plus

Many avid lottery players opt for a range of different strategies to improve their odds of winning one of the prizes on offer. Fortunately, there are a wide range of different strategies that you can try. In fact, you can try some of the best online lottery tips and tricks to see which provides you with the best chance of getting lucky. Here are a few tips that seem to be working for local Californian players.

Opt for the Advanced Play

Choosing to play the Advanced Play will increase your chances of winning because you’ll be betting on 20 consecutive draws. It’s no secret that the more you play, the better your chances are of winning one of the top prizes.

Odd-Even Number Picks

When you’re choosing numbers, keep in mind that all odd numbers or all even numbers are seldom drawn. Therefore, it’s recommended to have a healthy mix of odd and even numbers. In the California SuperLotto Plus that means having a 3/2 or 2/3 mix. So, you’ll have three odd and two even or two odd and three even. These patterns occur about 65% of the time.

While many beginners are tempted to always play their lucky numbers, special anniversary numbers, or a variation of special astrological numbers. It’s a good idea to mix these numbers up and don’t be afraid to play options that you wouldn’t normally consider!

Consider Lottery Pools or Syndicates

Many of the jackpots won over the last several years involved lottery syndicates. Essentially, a lottery syndicate or group involves a group of people pooling their money to buy more tickets. By sharing the cost, they can buy much more tickets and instantly increase the odds.

It’s also an excellent idea to draw up an agreement with fellow group members to ensure that each player receives their fair share of winnings. Group syndicates can be found online and in your local community.

Consider Lottery Wheels

A balanced wheeling system allows a player to bet on a large group of numbers (usually more than 5) by playing calculated, scientific combinations. For the most part, Balanced Wheels force a range of winning numbers in your group to come together to provide you with at least one prize.

Experts advise that the more numbers you wheel, the higher the chances of picking the winning numbers. However, to get the most leverage for the money spent, the best amount of numbers to wheel is four or five. This will ensure that you aren’t spending more money than you’re winning on smaller prizes.

Avoid Same Last Digit Combinations

Believe it or not, many people opt for very obvious patterns. One such pattern is choosing numbers with the same last digit combinations. For instance, 4-14-24-34. However, this pattern has occurred in less than two-tenths of one percent of all drawings in the California SupperLotto Plus. On average 90% of all drawings never have more than one repeated last digit.

Opt for Choosing Your Own Numbers

While the Quick Pick option may work well for some lotteries, the California SuperLotto Plus isn’t one of them. In fact, players have a better chance of winning a prize when they take the time to select numbers.

If as a beginner, you’re not sure about the patterns to follow, consider choosing a combination of random and lucky numbers until you start understanding how to identify patterns.

Choose Lottery Number Generator Apps

Many players also opt to invest in Lottery Number Generator applications. These apps generate a series of numbers based on previous lotto combinations and the law of probability. It’s a wonderful way for beginners to get the hang of choosing numbers and identifying patterns. If you find success with a particular app, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it all the time!

Final Thoughts

With an average minimum jackpot of $7 million and 9 other prizes to win, it’s easy to see why the California SuperLotto Plus is a firm favorite among local players. Choosing the Advanced Play option gives you additional chances to win the jackpot. Additionally, with the option to have your jackpot prize paid out as an annuity, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy your winnings for a long time!


How long do prize winners have to claim SuperLotto Plus prizes?

Winners have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prize. However, players have to decide within 60 days how they would prefer their winnings to be paid out. Option one is a cash payout that may come with a steep tax requirement. Option two involves receiving the prize in 30 graduated annual installments.

Can a prize won in the SuperLotto Plus be claimed in another state?

No. Since the California SuperLotto Plus is a state lottery, it can only be redeemed in California.

Are winnings taxed in California?

All prize money in the California SuperLotto Plus is taxed. Essentially, players who win $600 or more must comply with the US Federal tax of 24% for U.S. players. Foreign players in California will be subject to 30% foreign players.

How does the Advance Play option for the California SuperLotto Plus work?

With Advance Play, you can play multiple draws with one ticket purchase. It’s available for up to 2 to 8, 16, or 20 consecutive draws on the play slip. Choosing this option is also available on the lottery self-service terminals.

Why is the California SuperLotto Plus referred to as a “pari-mutuel” lottery?

A pari-mutuel lottery means the specified prizes for each category are divided depending on the sales and number of wins. Essentially then, the money from ticket sales is split among the prize categories, meaning the weekly prizes will differ.

How many matching numbers do you need to win a prize?

Another reason that makes this lottery so popular is that you can win money by even matching the Mega ball only. While it may not be the jackpot, it’s a sure way to start! From there on you’ll need to match at least two numbers and higher for greater prizes.

Does the California SuperLotto Plus have a rollover limit jackpot cap?

The California SuperLotto Plus has no jackpot cap which means the jackpot continues to grow until the prize is won. With no cap, it’s possible for prize money to run into very high numbers.