How to Play the US Powerball Lottery – 6 Steps for Beginners

Because the US Powerball Lottery pays out one of the largest wins in the world, it’s no wonder so many outside of the US long to participate in this exciting lotto opportunity. Familiarizing yourself with how to play and what steps to take is your doorway to potentially winning a tremendous amount of money each month.

Let’s explore the basics of what you need to know about playing the US Powerball lottery, and how you can easily do so.

Where Can You Play the US Powerball Lottery?

Lottery fans across the globe can purchase their US Powerball lottery tickets online. A simple internet connection is really all you need. A number of countries (most likely yours included) will allow you to purchase a US Powerball ticket via a local website that acts as an agent for overseas lotto games. Do, it’s possible in many countries to buy your US Powerball lottery ticket even if you are not in the US or even US citizens.

* Recommended sites to buy your first US Powerball tickets:

For US locals, tickets are available in 45 states and other jurisdictions. You need to purchase from licensed retailers.

Age to Play the US Powerball Lottery

In order to buy a US Powerball ticket, you must be 18 years or older. This is the case in most countries, including the US. In fact, there are strict rules about selling lottery tickets of any kind to anyone who is younger than 18 years. For this reason, the site you choose to buy your ticket from will confirm your age before allowing your purchase.

How Many Ways Can I Win with the US Powerball?

There are nine different ways you can win with the US Powerball. Payouts range from $4 to the big jackpot prize. Here’s a breakdown of all tiers.

Numbers Powerball Number Prize
5 1 Jackpot
5 0 $1,000,000
4 1 $50,000
4 0 $100
3 1 $100
3 0 $7
2 1 $7
1 1 $4
0 1 $4

Odds of Playing the US Powerball

According to the latest research, the odds of winning the US Powerball are one in 292,201,338 (two-hundred-and-ninety-two-million-two-hundred-and-one-thousand-three-hundred-and-thirty-eight).

Despite these odds, lotto enthusiasts play the US Powerball regularly, because there are so many lower tier prizes up for grabs for guessing even some of the correct numbers in the draw.

Price of One US Powerball Ticket

Another reason so many across the world choose to play the US powerball is the relatively low ticket price compared to the prizes one can win. A mere $2 will give you the opportunity to win your share of a prize that’s never less than $20 000 000.

When Does the US Powerball Draw Take Place?

The US Powerball draws happen three times a week. You can play this lotto any time between these draws which happen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 pm Eastern Time.

The Largest US Powerball Win in History

To further entice players, it’s worth mentioning that the largest recorded win in US Powerball history was a whopping $2.04 billion! This jackpot was also a recent one taking place in November of 2022. And yes, a single person won this jackpot by buying only one ticket.

Interested in playing the US Powerball and standing a chance to win jackpots like that one? Read on to learn exactly how to play the US Powerball in 6 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose How to Play the US Powerball Lottery

Your first step is to decide how you want to play the US Powerball. This is just the planning phase of your purchase. There are a number of options to consider, such as:

  • How many tickets to buy in order to increase your chances of winning (see step 5)?
  • Whether or not you will purchase the ‘Powerplay’ option to increase your possible winnings (see step 4).
  • Whether you will buy your ticket in person or online.
  • Whether or not you want to group buy your tickets with other individuals based on winning rules you have all agreed upon.

Step 2: Consider which Draw Dates to Play On

You don’t necessarily have to play on the next draw date coming up. You can choose to play on either the Monday draw, the Wednesday draw or the Saturday draw. Whichever draw you choose, remember to stay tuned for that draw when it happens. If you do miss the draw, you can always check results online.

Step 3: Pick 6 Numbers from 2 Pools

It’s time for the fun bit; picking your lucky numbers. The rules are simple:

  • Choose six numbers between 1 and 69 for the first 6 lottery number slots.
  • Then, pick a powerball number between 1 and 26.
  • These seven numbers will appear in numerical order on your ticket, but the draw will likely NOT be in numerical order since it’s completely random.
  • Your next step is to choose a US Powerball site from where you want to buy your ticket, or a vendor to buy it in person.

Step 4: Add Powerplay for an Extra Dollar

For only $1 more, you can increase your winnings by multiplying them with Powerplay. Powerplay doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of winning, but it will multiply those winnings if you land the prize.

Step 5: Choose How Many Boards You Want to Play

A typical US Powerball lottery pick will have more than one board. Each board represents one chance for you to enter the draw, and US Powerball allows you to buy as many tickets as you want. Each board you play increases your chances of winning, and of course it goes without saying that each board you play should represent a different set of numbers from the other boards.

Choose How Many Boards You Want to Play

Step 6: Pay for Your Ticket

While you may opt to buy your ticket at a lottery vendor, most people now do their lottery ticket purchases online. Paying for your ticket is as simple as entering your credit card details after you have selected your numbers and the amount of boards you want to play.

Final Thoughts

All that’s left now is for you to buy your ticket, wait for the draw and check the results once they are published online!

Good luck!


Is the US Powerball Available in All US States?

The US Powerbal lottery is officially available in 45 states, leaving five states where the Powerball is not available.

Which Countries Are Excluded from the US Powerball?

The majority of countries around the world allow their residents to purchase US Powerball tickets. To find out if the US Powerball is available in your country, online resources will clarify for you.

Can I Purchase a US Powerball Ticket for Someone Under 18?

It is considered a misdemeanor in most countries and all US states to buy or sell a US Powerball ticket to anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

How Many Ways Can I Win with the US Powerball?

There are nine different ways you can win with the US Powerball. Payouts range from $4 to the big jackpot prize.

How Much Tax Gets Deducted Off a Powerball Jackpot Win?

In the US, you can get taxed up to 39% of your Powerball winnings. However, tax on winnings differs in every country. For example, in South Africa the tax on lottery winnings is 0%.