How to Scan a Lottery Ticket After Playing It

It seems that there is an app for everything nowadays. Not only can you use the best lottery apps to purchase your lottery tickets, but you can even get apps now that scan your ticket after you’ve played your lucky numbers. This is helpful for many reasons, not the least of which is to verify if you’ve won! Let’s look at some of the apps available for scanning lottery tickets and how to use them.

Apps Available for Scanning Lottery Tickets

App Name Operating Software Instant Results Given? Public Rating
Fastscanner Android Yes 3 Stars
Lottomonkeyapp iOS Yes 4 Stars
AMLlite Lottery iOS Yes No rating available
Lottery Results Android Yes 4 Stars
LottoSnap iOS Yes 2 Stars
Barcode Scanner Pro Android Yes 5 Stars
Lottery Ticket Checker Android Yes 3 Stars

Now let’s look at how these scanners work to give you instant lottery results for Powerball, Mega Millions, and other international lottery games.

How to Use an App for Scanning a Lottery Ticket

Once a lottery has been drawn you may not be able to watch the draw live on television. But if you have a lottery ticket scanner, you’ll be able to see whether or not you have won based on the draw that has just taken place. That’s because the Mega Millions results for example will be available on the app, showing you if you’ve won based on the numbers you’ve played. Other popular lotteries are also included in the apps, so take your pick!

This is especially convenient if you have played multiple lottery tickets for one draw and want to quickly scan your tickets without having to check all of them manually. It speeds up the process and also makes it easier to work out smaller tier prizes and add them up. Here’s how you can use an app to scan your lottery tickets.

Download and Install the App of Your Choice

From the list provided above, choose a lottery scanner that is compatible with your mobile device (Android or iOS). Follow the installation prompts and wait for it to install. Once it has been installed, open the app and follow the next step.

Use the Right Feature of Your Application

Within the app itself, you will notice some features which may not be directed at lottery tickets. Find the feature that allows you to scan your lottery number picks and activate it. You may also need to give the application access to your camera once you’ve done this.

Use Your Camera to Scan the Ticket Numbers

Now that you’ve found the correct feature and activated your camera on the app, you can take a picture of the lottery numbers you’ve played. This needs to be done after the draw times of the lottery you’ve played. For instance, if you’ve played the US Powerball, check when the Powerball draw times are. As soon as the draw has taken place, you’ll be able to scan your lottery ticket numbers and receive the Powerball results on the app.

Verify Any Winning Tickets Manually

If you’ve scanned multiple tickets and filtered out the non-winning tickets from the winning ones, you can take the ones that give you winning results and check them according to the broadcast draw that took place. This saves you a bunch of time because you don’t have to check the rest of them unnecessarily.


Can I Scan a Lottery Ticket Before Playing It?

Because the draw has not yet taken place, you won’t be able to scan a lottery ticket to verify a win. You can scan the ticket if you wish, but this will not give you any results until the draw has taken place. These lottery scanners claim to provide results immediately after the draw results are in, so you can put a reminder on your device and do the scan at those times.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning with Lottery Tickets?

Many people claim that they use strategies and methods which increase their chances of winning. While these strategies have not been verified, you’re welcome to try them yourself to see if you can statistically get more wins—even if they’re just lower tier wins.

Which Lottery Ticket Has the Best Odds of Winning?

The lottery that has the statistical best chance of winning is the French Lottery. There are multiple smaller prizes and lower tier prizes which you will likely have to share with others, but in terms of prize accumulation, the French Lottery pays out the most prizes to the multitude of people who play it.

Can I Buy Bulk Lottery Tickets Online?

Yes, you can buy bulk lottery tickets online from theLotter, an online lottery ticket vendor that gives you safe access to multiple international lotteries. When you buy in bulk, you also earn VIP points, discounts, and bonuses for doing so.

Which Lottery Sites Offer Bonuses for Buying Tickets?

Lottery sites that offer bonuses for buying lottery tickets include theLotter, Lotto Agent, and others which have been reviewed on this site. Check out our lottery reviews and choose one that offers the bonuses that suit you best based on your lottery ticket purchasing habits.