Law of Attraction to Win the Lottery in 2024

There are many methods and strategies you can use to win the lottery jackpot prize. But did you know there are lottery players who’ve won using the law of attraction? Once you learn the concept of manifestations there’s no limit as to what you can bring into your life, including a lottery win.

Not many lottery players know about manifesting their reality and how it works. To help you, we’ve provided valuable information about what the law of attraction is and how you can win the lottery using this philosophy. If you want to try a completely different lottery strategy then you may find this post interesting. Keep reading to find out more.

What is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a philosophy that suggests whatever you focus your attention on can become part of your reality. People use this philosophy to attract their desired outcome in life. Whatever you give all your energy and attention to, it will come back to you whether it’s positive or negative.

For example, if you always believe that you have bad luck and you can never get ahead in life, that’s what you’ll attract. You will always have negative experiences and outcomes because of your limiting beliefs.

On the other hand, you can have positive experiences if you change your mindset and focus on believing that you’re a lucky person and everything works out for the best.

Why The Universe Uses Law of Attraction

The law of attraction suggests that like attracts like. Therefore if you have optimistic feelings you’re sending out positive energy to the universe and you could attract your desired outcome. Positive feelings include:

  • Happiness
  • Excitement
  • Calmness
  • Appreciation
  • Abundance
  • Love

Your feelings of happinesses, abundance and love will attract the resources and opportunities that will improve your quality of life. But if you have negative feelings you can create blockers and it will be difficult to attract what you want. Negative feelings include:

  • Boredom
  • Anxiousness
  • Resentfulness
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Sadness
  • Ungratefulness

These feelings send out negative energy to the universe which will attract undesirable outcomes such as pessimistic people and a lack of abundance.

Common Beliefs That Will Limit Your Chances of Attracting a Win

You won’t win the lottery with the law of attraction if you have limiting beliefs. When you have negative beliefs you’re reducing your opportunity to win the lottery using the law of the universe. Here are some negative thoughts that you must change before you decide to manifest a lottery win. 

I’m Unlucky

If you always believe you’re unlucky you’ll never have the opportunity to win anything. However, there is something called learned helplessness which can develop after experiencing repeated stressful events. You may have had years of financial hardships that have led you to believe that you’re unlucky.

In this case, it can be difficult to change your mindset to believe you’re lucky and are capable of winning the lottery. If you’re finding it difficult to change this limiting belief you can practice meditation or practice affirmations such as:

  • I am always lucky
  • I am worthy of being lucky
  • I am lucky enough to win the lottery

Daily affirmations can help change your mindset and rewire your brain to start believing that you are a lucky person.

I Will Never Win The Lottery

Another limiting belief is telling yourself that you will never win the lottery. While the odds of winning the lottery are low, there are ways that you can boost your chances of winning. If you adopt strategies such as lottery wheeling systems you can make the game fun and exciting.

The excitement you get when you adopt a strategy creates a positive feeling when you play the lottery and gives you hopefulness. It will change your mindset and you’ll start to believe it’s always possible to win the lottery no matter how low the odds are.

Nothing Good Ever Happens to Me

Believing that nothing good ever happens to you will bring about more hardships, especially financial ones. Everyone experiences hardships but that doesn’t mean you will never have anything good happen to you.

No matter what your situation is, your life can always change for the better. But you have to rid your mind of any thoughts of helplessness. When you do this you’ll start to see a positive change in your life and you could even start winning smaller amounts from the lottery.

I’m Wasting My Money on Lottery Tickets

If you always feel like you’re wasting your money on lottery tickets then you shouldn’t be buying them in the first place. You should always feel like the money you’re spending on lottery tickets is worthwhile and brings you closer to a win!

You could always set a budget to play your favorite lottery games so you don’t overspend. Lottery tickets are cheap so you can limit yourself to buying one a week or three tickets per draw.

When you set a budget to buy lottery tickets you’ll eliminate the belief that you’re wasting money and thus removing that negative thought from your mind.

I Never Have Enough Money

One of the biggest limiting beliefs is telling yourself that you never have enough money to have fun or buy the items you want. If you believe you never have money you’ll always find yourself short of funds.

With the law of attraction it’s always better to be grateful for the money that you have no matter how little there is in your account. When you show gratitude the universe will give you more. You could win the lottery simply by being grateful for the money you already have.

How to Manifest Winning the Lottery through The Law of Attraction

The advantage of the law of attraction is that it’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of work to attract a lottery win. You’re simply changing your mindset and using various methods to attract your desired outcome. Here’s how you can make the law of attraction work for you.

Set Your Intentions

The first step to using the law of attraction to win the lottery is setting clear intentions. This is the process of describing what you want and what you actually intend to do with your winnings. If your intentions are clear you have a higher chance of manifesting a win.

You can start by determining what kind of lottery you want to win and why. Here are some examples:

  • I want to win the US Powerball jackpot to support my family
  • I want to win the Mega Millions jackpot so I can travel the world and pay for my studies
  • I want to win the EuroMillions jackpot so I can buy the house of my dreams
  • I want to win the EuroJackpot so I can be financially free and independent

The universe responds to thoughts and energies and will give you results that match your vibrations. So if you intend to win the lottery simply to be higher than others, your manifestation may not work. You are more likely to attract a win if your intentions are good.

Have Positive Beliefs

The next step in manifesting a lottery win is having genuine positive beliefs. For some lottery players this can be difficult, especially if you experience intrusive thoughts that force you to think negatively.

Furthermore, you should never force yourself to be positive. So it may take time for you to change your mindset from thinking negatively to believing everything is possible. You may have to spend some time meditating and practicing positive affirmations to start changing the way you think.

Changing your mindset can raise your vibrations and this will signal to the universe that you are ready to receive blessings in your life.

Get Rid of Your Thoughts of Lack

The law of attraction won’t work if you’re always in a state of lack. When you’re in a state of lack you may complain about the following:

  • I don’t have enough money
  • I’m always broke
  • I never have money to enjoy life
  • I always have to spend my savings

If you have money in your purse or wallet whether it’s $2 or $100 you still have money. The universe responds well to those who are grateful even for the smallest amount of money they have. So instead of thinking what little you have, start practicing gratitude for what you do have. Here are examples:

  • I always have money to have coffee with my friends
  • I have the finances I need to buy the food I want
  • I always have money to pay my expenses
  • I am grateful for the $2 I have to buy a lottery ticket

As soon as you change your beliefs from a negative to a positive you’ll start seeing changes.You may notice that you’re winning smaller amounts from the lottery. Soon those amounts may get bigger.

Remain Faithful

The last step on how to win the lottery with the law of attraction is to remain faithful. You may not win money from the lottery even though you’ve practiced your intentions diligently. The key is to remain hopeful and be patient. Keep having fun whenever you play the lottery and don’t let losses discourage you from playing.

Law of Attraction Methods That May Help You Win The Lottery

Now that you know the steps of using the law of attraction, there are a number of methods you can try to manifest winning the lottery. In this section, you can find a law of attraction method that may work wonders for you.

Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a collage of pictures, descriptions and ideas that are used to manifest your outcome. The collage helps you set your intentions and visualize exactly what you want to attract. Vision boards are useful for those who struggle to set clear intentions.

You can create a physical vision board on a piece of cardboard and draw pictures or paste images from magazines onto the surface. Or you can create a digital vision board using Pinterest or Google Docs.

However, the best vision board is one that you can see every day. So it’s best to create a physical board so you can hang it up on your wall. To create a vision board to win the lottery you can:

  • Paste pictures of cash onto the board and write down how much money you want to win
  • Include pictures of all the things you want to do with your lottery win such as traveling or buying a business
  • Paste pictures of the lottery numbers you want drawn
  • Add images of how excited you’d be if you win the lottery

When you look at your vision board, think of how happy you’d be if you had lots of money. Imagine how much freedom and independence you’ll have if your dream of winning the lottery came true. Looking at your intentions can create powerful manifestations.

Think of the Amount of Money You Want

Be clear with the amount of money you want to win. Do you want to win $250,000 simply to buy a car and fix your house? Or so you want a larger jackpot of $5 million so you can have more financial freedom? Be clear with the amount of money you want to win and then play the lottery whenever you feel happy and excited about winning.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude is important if you want to manifest financial freedom. A gratitude journal allows you to write down all the things you’re grateful for in your life such as:

  • Your home
  • Family
  • Transport
  • Friends
  • Your job
  • The blessing of food every day
  • The opportunity to buy lottery tickets every month

If you aren’t grateful for the little things in life you won’t be able to handle the big things such as larger sums of money from the lottery. So take some time to write down what you’re grateful for and thank the universe for your blessings.

Use Sensory Visualization

Sensory visualization is the use of descriptive language to create vivid mental images. It explores the five senses:

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Taste
  4. Touch
  5. Smell

This type of manifestation helps those who lack imagination or have a difficult time visualizing their dreams and goals. Using all your senses can create a powerful manifestation when you’re trying to attract winning the lottery.

You can imagine what it will look like if you win the lottery such as what clothes you’ll wear and house you’ll buy. What will you hear when you win your lottery? You can visualize what the taste of fancy food will be like. Or the feel of quality clothing that you’ll be able to afford. You can even do guided meditation to tap into your senses.

Manifestation Affirmations

One of the most powerful ways to manifest anything in your life is using affirmations. These are simply words you write down or speak aloud every day to manifest your desired outcome. For example, if you want a bigger house you can say “I have enough money to buy a large house”.

Or if you want to win the lottery you can practice these affirmations:

  • I am worthy of a lottery win
  • I will win the lottery jackpot
  • I am strong enough to manage a large lottery win
  • I deserve to win the lottery jackpot

Some believe that if you practice affirmations every day you’ll manifest the outcome faster.

How Long Does It Take to Win the Lottery Through Law of Attraction

Although the law of attraction is easy and doesn’t require a lot of work, it still takes a lot of patience to make your manifestations more powerful. Depending on your vibrations and how much work you have to do to change your mindset it could take months or even years to manifest a lottery win.

Some people still struggle to get rid of limiting beliefs and it makes it difficult to manifest their outcome. Our advice is to treat the law of attraction the same way you do the lottery. Don’t expect anything and always have fun with it.

It’s possible to attract a lottery win within weeks or months of practicing the law of attraction. But it could take longer. We suggest attracting smaller amounts first such as $10 or $30 before trying to manifest larger amounts.

Winners Who’ve Won Using Law of Attraction

You may think that it’s impossible to win the lottery with the law of attraction. But what if we told you there are winners who manifested their winnings? Here are four famous lottery winners who were blessed with jackpots using the law of attractions:

  • Neal Wanless: This winner lived in a town called Winning which could have been the reason his subconscious mind attracted his $232.1 million prize. To choose his numbers Neal used the birthdates of people he was close with thus raising his vibrations.
  • Pearlie Mae Smith: She won a whopping $429 million and says it was divine intervention that blessed her with the winning numbers in a dream she had. She then went on to invest 10% of her winnings to help her community.
  • Shane Missler: Before Shane won the jackpot, he created a detailed vision board about what he’d like to do if he won the lottery. He’s quoted as saying “the power of positive thinking should not be underestimated”.
  • Mark Haughton: This lottery player used positive affirmations to manifest his lottery prize. He said that he would practice his affirmation everyday and then go about his day. He wouldn’t dwell on winning. He used the power of letting go to manifest his outcome.

Books That Teach You About the Law of Attraction

If you still want to learn more about the laws of attraction here are three books that will be of great value to you. These novels will teach you how to manifest faster and to start believing in the power of manifestations.

The Secret

The Secret was written by Rhonda Byrne and was released in 2006. It’s a self-help book with teachings of manifestations and how to use the law of attraction. The book describes how thoughts alone have the power to change your life forever.

In the book, you’ll discover how to visualize your goals clearly in order to attract what you want. The key to successful manifestations is perseverance and believing in yourself.

The Game of Life and How to Play It

Before The Secret there was Florence Scovel Shinn, the author of The Game of Life and How to Play It. The book was published in 1925 and teaches its readers what may happen if you don’t use the laws of attraction correctly. She also speaks about the power of the spoken word and how you can use it to manifest your desired outcome.

This is the perfect book for those who want in depth information about the law of attraction and those who are new to the philosophy. 

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

In this book, the author provides 22 powerful techniques to manifest your goals.  Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks wrote over 9 books about the law of attraction and how to use it. But this novel provides the fundamentals of how to manifest your outcome. Esther is also a public speaker and does seminars on the concept of manifestation and laws of attraction.

You can learn more from Esther by listening to her podcasts as she speaks more about her experiences with the law of attraction.  

Final Thoughts

The law of attraction is believed to be a pseudoscience because there is no science that can prove it works. However, if you read the testimonies of many people who’ve used the law of attraction you’ll see that there are certain things in this world that can’t be explained through scientific methods. There are people who’ve won the lottery with the law of attraction and they continue to manifest positive outcomes in their lives.

If you want to try and attract a lottery win, consider the methods we’ve mentioned in this post. Combine your manifestations with various lottery methods. But most importantly, have fun with the process of manifesting and playing the lottery because it could raise your vibrations and increase your chances of winning!