Lottery Dream Numbers: How to Convert Dreams to Numbers?

Picking lottery numbers can be difficult because you want to choose the right numbers that can increase your chances of winning a massive jackpot. Some people use quick pick options while others decide to use numbers that have a significant meaning such as a birthday or an anniversary.

But there’s another way you can choose numbers to play your favorite lottery game. Lottery dream numbers combine modern numerology with images from your own dreams. So whenever you dream you can decode the images you’ve seen by using a specific method. Find out how in this guide!

What Are Lottery Dream Numbers?

People assume that lottery dream numbers are digits that appear to them in their dreams. While you can dream about numbers and play them, there is a different method to find numbers using the images in your dreams.

What Are Lottery Dream Numbers

There is a theory that each image in your dream represents a number. For example, if you dream about eating chocolate ice-cream on a hot summer’s day, the chocolate flavor could represent the number 25 while the ice-cream represents the number 12.

Therefore your lottery dream numbers will be 12 and 25. The more detailed your dream is the more numbers you’ll have to play around with. You can then use the numbers in lottery wheeling systems or pick 4 lottery or pick 5 lottery strategies.

Dreaming of the Right Lottery Numbers

Professional psychoanalysts have argued that dreams reflect our subconscious minds and what we truly want. Your subconscious uses dreams to release our real life concerns, fears and desires. Additionally, famous neurologist Sigmund Freud suggests that dreams are suppressed desires, wishes and fears.

Dreaming of the Right Lottery Numbers

Looking at the scientific study of dreams more closely you’ll realize that dreams of winning the lottery can have a different meaning. Experts suggest that money in dreams represents strong will and power as well as positive energy.

Furthermore, a dream can indicate the activity of your subconscious mind which can prepare you for your desired outcome (to win the lottery jackpot). When dreaming about lottery numbers you could possibly have predicted the outcome of a future draw.

There have been stories of winners who dreamed of their lottery numbers before winning. Retiree Alonzo Coleman won $250,000 in the Bank a Million lottery. Alonzo said that the winning lottery numbers came to him in a dream. Therefore, it’s possible to win the lottery when dreaming about the numbers but it’s extremely rare.

That’s why some players have found a way to convert their dreams into numbers to play different types of lotteries.

How to Convert Dreams to Numbers

If you dream often then you should try to convert every image you remember seeing into a number. In this section, we explain what this method is called and how to use it to your advantage. If you don’t remember your dreams you can always use a family member or a friend’s dream for this method.

How to Convert Dreams into Numbers

Explaining La Smorfia

La Smorfia is an Italian method of finding numbers in your dream. However, the word is derived from ancient Greek and linked to the God of Dreams named Morpheus. The word suggests that every image you see in your dream can be converted into a number. Depending on the context of your dream objects will have a code that translates into numbers.

This method can also be linked to the bible. There are people who believe that everything that happened in the old testament can be decoded.

La Smorfia is a popular method that many Italian players use to find numbers to play in the next lottery draw.

Use a Dreams Analysis Tool

To decode the objects and images in your dream you’ll need to use a dream analysis tool. You can find one online. Then simply follow these steps:

  1. Write down all the objects and images you remember seeing in your dream. Pay more attention to the most important section of your dream.
  2. Highlight the images that impressed you the most such as people, objects or activities.
  3. Exclude images or events that weren’t important in your dream.
  4. Using the dream analysis tool, search for your keywords. For example, cat, dog, car or escape. 
  5. Write down the numbers for each of the keywords you’ve searched for, next to it on your paper.
  6. Once you have all your numbers jotted down you can use your numbers to play your favorite lottery game.

Since La Smorfia is an Italian method, why not try playing your numbers for the next draw for SuperEnalotto?

On the other hand, using a dreams analysis tool will help you find the numbers you’re looking for quicker. Use the search bar to find your keywords quicker. Note the meaning behind each keyword too, so you can try to figure out what’s been troubling you as of late.

Objects, Events or People Related to Numbers

As explained before, each image you see in your dream will have a number associated to it whether it’s an event, object or person.

The table below gives you an idea of what numbers can be associated with whatever scene you see in your dream. If you’re using a dream analysis tool, you’ll get the meaning behind the keyword as well as the number.

Objects Events People
Cup – 70 Birthday – 52 President – 73
Chair – 35 Christmas Day – 64 Mom – 52
Pen – 69 Easter – 52 Father – 9
Ticket -29 Anniversary – 16 Sister – 26
Microphone – 21 Wedding day – 63 Brother – 89
Fridge -18 Baptism – 1 Singer 32
Table – 86 Parade – 12 Actor – 53
Glass jar – 11 Military ceremony – 33 Friend – 19
Framed picture – 28 Baby Shower – 55 Enemy – 8
Rolled mat – 2 Hen party – 43 Aunt – 87
Money – 26 Award ceremony – 13 Uncle – 20
Lost wallet – 30 Olympics – 35 King – 76
Shoes – 5 Lottery win – 18 Queen – 79

It should be noted that there may be some objects, people and events that may have the same code. Consider these numbers as hot or cold numbers. Use the numbers that appear more frequently throughout your analysis.

Additionally, if the numbers are too high, you can use lottery math to minimize the number. For example, if the lottery you’re playing only has 56 balls but the number you got was 79, then add the two numbers together for a lower digit: 7+9=16. You can then use the number 16 instead of the number 79.

On the other hand, you could simply find a lottery game that has a higher number of balls such as Mega Millions with 70 balls or SuperEnalotto with 84 numbers.

Books to Read on Lucky Dream Numbers

There are many books out there that will provide information on the different interpretations of lucky dream numbers. Some books simply tell you what to do if you’ve dreamed about numbers. Other books will explain La Smorfia in more detail. With that being said here are books you should read if you want to know more about lotto numbers in dreams.

Books to Read on Lucky Dream Numbers

Smorfia Napoletana

Smorfia Napoletana is an Italian book that explains the same concept we’ve been discussing throughout this article. Each event, object, person, place or animal has been given a number between 1 and 90.

There have been several versions of the book and older novels contain images to illustrate how to decode your dreams. The book suggest that the more unusual the dream is the more its a sign or warning. Anyone can buy this book on Amazon but to get the translated version you may need to buy the ebook. 

Lottery Numbers Dream Book

The Lottery Numbers Dream Book was written by Doctor Golder. Essentially, the book teaches you how to remember your dreams and how to transcribe proper nouns. Similar to Smorfia, this book teaches you how to create combinations of numbers from your dreams.

What’s more, the book is said to have tables that are compatible with Mega Millions, US Powerball, and the UK National Lottery. The book was released in 2020 so you may get the same information that’s in the Smorfia book.

The Lucky Dream and Number Book

The Lucky Dream and Number Book was written by Robert Andrew and was published in 1966. This book includes lucky numbers based on your birthdate and it provides a quick guide into dream interpretations. You’ll also find a guide to lucky numbers associated with names.

On the front cover of the paper back it states, “A fascinating guide to the clues to the future hidden in your dreams”.

This book may give you a fresh take on how to interpret your dreams so you can find the right numbers to play the lottery.

Does Using Lottery Dream Numbers Work?

Many players turn to various methods to try and win the lottery such as lucky horoscope numbers or using the law of attraction to win the lottery. Although there are many lottery strategies that are fun and unique none of them can predict the future.

No matter what system you use, you won’t know the exact outcome of a lottery draw and no system can predict it. Using the lottery dream number method is a unique way to pick numbers but it won’t guarantee a win. It’s simply a fun way to play your favorite lottery games.

People Who’ve Won the Lottery Using Numbers from Dreams

Dreams and your subconscious mind are mysterious things. Sometimes a phenomenon happens when people dream about numbers and then play them and land up winning massive jackpots. This means that it is possible to win the lottery using numbers from your dreams. Here is a list of people who’ve won the lottery using the numbers they dreamed about:

  • Olga Beno – $ 5,366,704
  • Mary Wollens – $16 million
  • Deana Sampson –  £5.4 million
  • The Smith Family –  $189 million

People Who’ve Won the Lottery Using Numbers from Dreams

Other ways people have won the lottery through divine intervention asking a psychic to help win the lottery. These are extremely rare cases but not impossible.

Final Thoughts

If using the quick pick option is starting to become mundane then try using various methods to choose your lottery numbers. Although lottery dream numbers can’t guarantee a win, it’s a chance for you to try a brand new method that can take playing the lottery to a whole new level. Use this guide to help you find your numbers based on the dreams you’ve had.