What are The Different Types of Lottery Games?

Are you really making the most of your time online when playing lottery games? Thanks to excellent technology and design, there are riveting lottery game options out there, known to entertain and lead to great payouts. Some you may not have heard of.

Our concise, thorough list provides you with all the different types of lottery games you’ll find these days. Try out something new the next time you play and use this information to determine which lottery platforms are the best. The market leaders offer a diverse range for your entertainment and to the benefit of your pocket.

Why Try Different Types of Lottery Games?

You may be content with what you’re currently playing online, but what if there’s more? The reasons for trying something different are vast.

Firstly, there’s so much to choose from, new vendors enter the market and all vendors continually create new lottery games. Because there’s so much available you could find games that are more entertaining and suited to your preferences.

Also, you could win more by trying something new. If you have developed certain strategies, they may work with other lottery game types you haven’t tried yet. You may discover games you’re naturally really good at, increasing your payouts. For the same reason it’s worth trying out lotteries with different odds to what you’re used to. Taking a bigger risk could pay off!

Furthermore, you can keep your game playing interesting by trying out a variety of options. If you’re never bored, you’ll stay focused and make smart decisions while playing.

Learning about the different lottery games will make you a better player, so here’s some insight on all the types you can find.

3 Types of Lotteries

Lotteries have been around for decades and have evolved over time. The common method is to use numbers machines, with some lottery types using one machine and others using multiple ones. They contain numbered balls and random balls get pushed out to create a sequence of numbers.

These days, most lotteries will fall into one of the following categories.

Numbers Game

These games are also called digit games. Players pick a few numbers, hoping their digits will be the ones the numbers machines produce during a draw. There are multiple numbers machines for each game. Most of these games require you to pick three or four numbers, though some vendors use a 5-digit system.

Unlike large growing jackpot lotteries, this type of lottery game usually has a standard payout. Each ticket holder who guessed the correct numbers will receive the same payment. However, to protect the vendor from paying out too many wins for a single draw, there’s a limit of how many people can purchase tickets with the same numbers.

The prizes are small in comparison to some lotteries, but since a wager doesn’t cost you much, players are more likely to bet multiple times on each game.


This is usually the type of lottery game people think of when considering state or national lotteries. For lottos there is one machine per game, with balls containing all the numbers players can pick. The machine then randomly produces a few balls to create the number sequence.

You win big when you get all numbers correct, but there are smaller prizes for guessing only some of the numbers. The odds of guessing two or three numbers correct are pretty good, so players feel confident they can at least experience some manner of victory.

However, the defining and attractive feature of lotto games is having a jackpot. Some jackpots are fixed, while others grow over time, becoming more after each draw where no one guesses the correct number sequence.

With progressive jackpots, lottery vendors must safeguard themselves against paying out too much in winnings. Therefore, if more than one person guesses correctly, winners share the jackpot, rather than the jackpot amount being paid to each winner. However, depending on the game’s guidelines, more than one person may be able to win the full amount of a fixed jackpot.

In most of these lottery games you have to pick five or six numbers. It’s a thrilling game for those willing to keep on trying until they win big – or if you have lucky numbers you believe will bring you luck.

Bonus Lottos

This type is closely related to the lottery game type above, but there will be two numbers machines:

  • The first will have a large number of balls. During the draw multiple balls come from this machine. Players who guess these numbers correctly may win a substantial prize.
  • A second machine contains fewer balls, from which only one ball is drawn. This is the bonus ball. In order to win the jackpot, the numbers you pick must be correct for both the first few balls AND the bonus ball.

Statistically, adding this extra ball lowers the chance of you picking the entire set of numbers correctly. It adds to the thrill of the game.

Another way the game is extremely attractive is that most of these bonus lottos have progressive jackpots. And because of the odds, jackpots grow and grow into very large sums – even as much as $590 million dollars as happened with US Powerball.

Conclusion: Should You Try Different Types of Lottery Games?

It’s worth trying out different types of lottery games, for your enjoyment, as well as for managing your gaming budget.

If you want a little more regular action, but you don’t want to spend too much, try digit games that may cost less than some lottery games. Combine this with lotto and bonus lottery games for that thrill of perhaps winning big.

Types of Lottery Games You Can Play Online

Going online can add even more thrill to playing the lottery. Thanks to the World Wide Web you have access to these exciting lottery types. A major drawcard of online lotteries is that you can enter 24/7 – no need to wait for a store to open. All you need is a device connected to the internet. Also, it’s easy to play on quality platforms that provide detailed help and guidance, so you can learn quickly.


Bingo is a social lotto game which started in the 1930s in Italy. Basically, the game is a game of crossing off numbers represented on a grid, on a card. When you have a row or column or sometimes an entire card of crossed out numbers, you shout ‘Bingo’, and you win a prize. The numbers get crossed off when you have the same number a ‘caller’ calls out, after he or she receives numbered balls from a ball machine.

Now you can play this game online and a benefit is that numbers can be automatically crossed off your grid. No chance of missing out on a prize!

People who play this are normally people who love socializing, and if you like a level playing field, try it!

Standard Lottery

If you’re already playing a local state or a national lottery, you can do this online now. No need to go to a brick and mortar outlet! Buy your lottery ticket online!

As discussed above, you need to pick a series of numbers and some lotteries also allow you to pick a bonus ball. The bonus number lowers the odds, but wins can be big.

Some lotteries’ draws only take place on certain days of the week, and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to win a large jackpot. The benefit with online standard lotteries is that you can place your wagers any time of the day, not just during business hours. So, if you didn’t get to the store this afternoon, buy your ticket on the go.

In addition, there are apps to use and features on these online platforms that save your numbers. The software helps you compare it with numbers from the draw, so you get notified when you win. No chance of missing out on claiming your prize.


You may know raffles in the traditional way. Players buy tickets and if your ticket’s number is drawn, you win a prize. Thanks to technology, this can now happen online, instead of only in person.

Online raffles may use communication methods like SMS or email to send your virtual ticket to you. You can view the event of drawing the tickets online and if you have a winning ticket, you’ll receive your prize. You can win money, but the system also allows for the prize to be a physical item that will get shipped to you.

Because it’s such a versatile system, lottery vendors host raffles, but private individuals or companies can also use it. Many use it to raise funds in an exciting way. Now they can do it while ticket holders aren’t even in the same room.

This is a fun lottery game that has evolved thanks to raffle software to become an online phenomenon. It’s attractive because rather than picking numbers as is the case for a lottery ticket, you get assigned a ticket. It’s an exciting risk of not knowing what your ticket will be and players enjoy the interesting prizes some raffles offer.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery box lotteries combine the joy of shopping and playing the lottery. Luck determines if you’ll get the products you’re after!

With this concept, you create an account with a vendor online. Then you browse the range of mystery boxes on offer. You may be shown mystery boxes from famous brands, or you can pick between different types of products, from clothing to tech gadgets.

A mystery box description gives you an idea of what’s inside. You’ll definitely get one of the options but you don’t know which one. You pick a box, pay the displayed amount to open it and you’re shown what you’ve bought. If it’s a physical product, the vendor ships it to you and many have services to courier it to players worldwide.

A major attraction of mystery boxes is that you may strike it lucky and obtain a very expensive item at a fraction of its retail price. And, if you don’t exactly love the item the box gave you, you can always sell it.

Some mystery box platforms will also give you the chance to buy exactly what you need via the site. But of course you’ll pay the regular price. So, why not take a chance on a mystery box first?


Keno is a game where you obtain a card with numbers written in rows and columns. Usually, you select between one and twenty numbers, and bet on them. Make sure you cross those numbers off on your card. You have to decide how much you want to wager on each number, and how many games to play.

Then wait for the machine to draw out 20 balls. If any of the machine numbers match your numbers, you win a prize. You can view the draw online and this online lottery version has many advantages to doing it in person:

  • You can play at any time, 24/7
  • Register to play the same set of numbers for multiple draws, saving you time and energy
  • The online platform keeps track of your winnings for you

The kind of person who enjoys this game is someone who likes winning, especially small prizes.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a low-cost way of gambling. You buy a card on which there is a given set of numbers or images covered by silver foil. You scratch off the foil and what’s beneath determines what you win. For example, there are lottery scratch cards where what’s underneath must match a sequence of numbers for you to win a prize.

You can do this online. You don’t scratch off silver foil, but you can use your computer mouse pointer or a reveal button to see what your scratch card holds. The action depends on the software and platform’s design.

People who enjoy this game usually enjoy the thrill of potentially winning a big prize without spending a lot of money.

Conclusion: Should You Try Different Online Lottery Game Types?

Lottery games can become much more than guessing a few numbers on balls in a machine. Variety keeps playing interesting, so adding these lottery games to your repertoire makes sense!

Lottery Sites that Offer Different Types of Lotteries

You can see that today’s online lottery arena caters for many of an individual’s gaming needs. Add some excitement by hoping to win a massive jackpot and while you wait for the draw you can unbox some mystery boxes!

Instead of using multiple vendors and wasting time navigating back and forth, it’s helpful to have one lottery site that supports all your needs. There are various market leading lottery sites that host multiple lottery games for their members to enjoy.


WinTrillions is a popular site to play lotteries and bonus lotteries. You can bet on lotto games from around the globe, including well-known brands like US Powerball and EuroJackpot. Added to this is the fun feature of raffles.

WinTrillions members appreciate the many payment options available, as well as good security. They also have friendly customer service, accessible even via live chat.


TheLotter also offers you the chance to bet on lotteries from around the world, even more than WinTrillions. And because they support multiple languages it’s user friendly for players from many countries. Here as well you can add raffles to your lottery game experience.

From being well regulated to offering good customer service and a variety of payment methods, TheLotter is well respected. You can also access it via Android and iOS apps, which makes it more user friendly on mobile than some other platforms.


Multilotto started in 2012 and did attract a following. As a lottery gambling platform it enables members to play lotteries from the US, Europe and more. Unfortunately the platform has deteriorated in recent times, but it’s an excellent platform to try out scratch cards for the first time.

Conclusion: Should You Try Different Lottery Sites?

You’re missing out if you don’t try different lottery sites. Each has its strengths and by registering with multiple ones, you gain access to all the best features. This is especially true for different types of lottery games, because you won’t necessarily find all of them on one platform.

It also makes it more interesting and exciting if you use sites that look and function differently. Simply opt for the best ones that are user friendly so it doesn’t take long to get used to their layout and features.

Lastly, by using different lottery sites you have more options for using bonuses and special offers. This will be more fun and also increases your chances of winning and having higher payouts.

Final Thoughts

Your experience of lottery games at the moment may be far less than what is possible. With games like Bingo, Keno, raffles and more, there are more ways to play and win than many people realize. This can keep lottery playing more exciting and even more rewarding. Just think of how many of your favorite brand’s items you can get through mystery boxes. And thanks to technology and excellent online security, so much of this can happen online now.

Pick one of the lottery game types listed here and try something new. It’s how lottery sites are making the experience better. Who knows, you may even win more than you’re used to.