Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools

Is there a way to guarantee a lottery win? There are many tips on how to win the lottery and some may increase your chances slightly. But using technology may be an even smarter option and these days you have so many options to pick from.

From mobile device apps to computer software, with algorithms you can at least narrow down the options of which numbers to pick. These prediction tools are available for all popular lotteries and could set you up for winning a jackpot sooner than you think.

Based on historical statistics and complicated calculations that none of us can do on our own, the best lottery software and prediction tools can see you win more this month than last. Some tools even use astrology.

But which ones should you trust and invest in and which ones are scamming their users? We’ve got the latest feedback to help you make a smart choice before your next play.

Quick Summary of the Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools

We picked the following software and prediction tools as the best of the lot. Here’s a quick guide to help you pick.

  • Lotto Pro: Efficient software tool for Windows users, for lotteries from around the globe.
  • WinSlips Ultimate: A popular number reduction system created by Stefan Vandevelde
  • Samlotto: Robust set of prediction tools, available for a once-off payment
  • Pick3sniper: Make it 600% easier to pick the right numbers whenever you play Pick-3 lottos
  • SmartLuck: Software and books that show you how to analyze and predict lottery numbers
  • LotWin: A more expensive tool offering a large amount of information for those who want to learn
  • ChangeLotteryRules: Downloadable book that may give pools and syndicates valuable information
  • Beat Lottery: Online prediction platform with helpful tools like results checkers
  • Lotto Logic Pro: For Pick-3 up to Pick-10 games, a user-friendly prediction tool

Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools

Lotto Pro

Lotto Pro


Lotto Pro is a name you’ll come across a lot on top 10 reviews for this niche, for good reason. The developers – Data Solutions – created an extremely user friendly tool to help you pick numbers. Windows are clearly labeled and easy to navigate and fill in with relevant information.

And if you’re still unsure on how to use it, there’s a manual and multiple video tutorials to download from their website, free of charge.

This software and prediction tool is specifically designed for Windows users, and Lotto Pro is compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

The developers upload drawing results daily and keep the software up to date. You can download an update for free after checking on the website if there’s anything new available.

With this prediction tool, the software does calculations using historical drawing results. They call it their Smart Number Wizard and it tells you which numbers are most likely to help you win big in the next draw. It works for well known games like Powerball and Mega Millions but also Keno, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7.

This is a prediction tool almost any player from around the globe can use, since they can cater for lottery options from various countries, using up to date drawing data for all of them. For the US, there are many state lotteries’ data already loaded. That means, you don’t have to supply data to get your predictions. The tool has all it needs, saving you time and effort.

The countries’ whose lottery data is kept up to date include:

  • Australia
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • US
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • France
  • Turkey
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Brazil
  • South Africa

The company is even willing to help players who play lotto games not included in their general database. You simply email them your requirements.

If you’re interested in this prediction tool you can purchase it online using your card, PayPal or a few other payment options.

Another way this prediction tool saves you time and effort is helping you print out bet slips, so you don’t have to do it by hand. You simply have to use bet slip definitions to get the printing done right and there’s a detailed information page available to guide you through the process.

Lotto Pro lottery software

The diverse options include applying filters, all in order to help increase your chances of winning.

This is a tool one can use whether you trust prediction tools or not, because it makes playing so easy. Even if you want to play random numbers, or use your own numbers, there are relevant options on the Pro Lotto menu to help you create and print them out.

After a draw, the software can check your tickets for possible wins, so you won’t ever miss out on your winnings. Just remember to save your ticket selections!

Some do wonder at the outdated name and website ‘’, but that’s simply a remnant of one of the changes to the program a few years ago. This brand has been around since the 1980s, first as a MS-DOS option and then as a Windows-compatible tool. From there the name, and it’s still going strong years later.

Note this is software you can purchase and download to use on your PC.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Updates are free
  • Print out tickets
  • Checks ticket results for you
  • Relevant for multiple countries
  • 30 day money back guarantee available
  • Not mobile device compatible
  • Not Mac compatible

WinSlips Ultimate

WinSlips Ultimate


Winslips Ultimate is another brand that caters for players the world over. Whether you’re interested in lotteries from Europe, the US, South Africa or New Zealand, chances are you’ll find them featured on this lottery prediction platform.

It also states that if your local lottery matches another lottery in terms of its format, the tool will work for you too.

Game options include Pick 4 up to Pick 7. However, when you have to pick between three and five digits from a total of 10 options (0 – 9), this tool won’t work.

WinSlips is marketed as a number reduction system. This gives you fewer numbers to pick from for the next lottery, making it easier to pick the right ones. And the brand’s claim is that winning numbers are always part of their set of reduced numbers.

Your options are given to you thanks to a combination of lottery systems created by Stefan Vandevelde, namely ‘One Ticket System’ and ‘Inverted Lottery System’. The math used in these systems narrows down the list of numbers to pick your lottery sequence from.

It’s clear the brand is continuously aiming to improve and deliver a good product, because you’ll find recent test results to view on their website.

The brand also understands its customers’ needs in terms of privacy. If you purchase its product, the bank statement description will be STEFANVANDE, instead of the brand name, helping players keep their hobby decisions private.

When you purchase Winslips Ultimate, you’ll gain access to the web-based tool for 365 days. Many players appreciate that it’s not yet another piece of software to download and you can access it from anywhere by using your login details. And yes, although the smaller screens are a bit limiting, you can view and use Winslips from mobile devices, desktops and tablets.

Note that this tool was created for a specific niche – mostly players with a limited budget. You can use it to play between 1 and 8 tickets.

We appreciate that the Winslips Ultimate service doesn’t auto renew. So it’s up to you if you want to secure the tool for another year. You can purchase with a credit card or PayPal.

Pros Cons
  • Web based tool – no downloads
  • Fewer numbers make it easier to pick winning numbers
  • No auto renew feature
  • Doesn’t help you purchase or print tickets
  • Mobile responsive design is limited




SamLotto is another lottery prediction tool that’s a good option for Windows users. And it’s a robust set of tools, thanks to wheeling tools, the ability to filter tickets and using historical results to predict the best numbers to pick. It will analyze past outcomes to help you make wise choices now. And thanks to the filters, you can easily remove bad lottery tickets from the list of possible options, increasing your chances of winning.

And note, thanks to a free edition being available, you can test it out before committing to a purchase. Furthermore, specials, like $50 off on all products, make this pricier tool more affordable. A welcome fact is that you only pay once, instead of monthly or yearly subscriptions like some other tools. So, the price may seem steep at first, but once paid you can use the software forever.

There are different products and packages available:

  • SamLotto
  • SamP3P4, which is meant for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries
  • Both suites purchased together, giving you assistance with over 350 lotteries

You should find it fairly easy to start using, and if you’re unsure the provided screenshots and tutorial videos on the platform come in handy.

SamLotto lottery software

SamLotto allows wire transfers, Western Union and MoneyGram if you’re battling to pay via credit card or PayPal. So, just contact the brand if you have problems finalizing your purchase.

Pros Cons
  • Winner of multiple awards
  • Access to tutorials
  • Free edition available
  • No monthly fees
  • Big initial capital expense
  • Need both products for best results




First off, note that this is a lottery prediction tool for a very specific niche, since it works when you have to pick 3 numbers from a list of 10 (0-9). So, it may not work for all your lottery endeavors, but it’s a crowd favorite.

Some of the attractive features include it being a web based tool. So, no need to download extensive software and this makes it a safer option for users. Simply log into your account and use it. Bonus – this means you can access its features via many mobile devices too.

Interestingly, this is another tool backed by Stefan Vandevelde that’s also behind Winslips. So, if you already like Winslips, this may be a good option to add to your arsenal of prediction resources.

In practice, the tool reduces your options from 10 numbers to only 6 from which to pick. Technically, that makes your decision 600% easier!

Layouts are simple and you should be comfortable using it in no time.

Pick3Sniper lottery software

The brand states that you get quick feedback thanks to advanced AI technology. So, it can make your lottery picking faster, which is helpful if you’re running out of time just before a draw.

Pros Cons
  • Online tool – no downloads
  • Use it via mobile
  • Mostly meant for Pick-3 games
  • Must commit to 1-year membership




This lottery prediction tool’s name is a play on words. Why only trust ‘dumb luck’ if you can have some influence on your luck by playing a little ‘smarter’? The person behind it is Gail Howard, who has won lotto prizes herself.

While you can simply use the software to get your next numbers, this brand’s focus is different. Both their software products and lottery books are designed as teaching resources for lottery players. It shows you how to analyze data and use formulas to calculate what the best number sequences are to play. It’s done by following trends, creating and viewing charts of data and becoming a lottery predictor yourself.

We really like SmartLuck’s website, because it has a wealth of information on an easy to navigate platform. For example, there are free tips for everyone to access.

Gail Howard

You can also read up on Gail Howard to give you some peace of mind about whose advice you’re trusting to help you play the lotto. Here’s where you’ll discover that this lady has made it her mission to help others by providing tools that optimize their chances of winning. You may also appreciate that this is another long standing brand in this niche, since the SmartLuck software has been available since 1988. 

Apart from Gail’s various books, the brand has multiple software products to consider, with most of them using lottery wheeling for number predictions:

  • Advantage Gold software, helping you with lottery strategy charts
  • Wheel Six Gold software that can give you certain minimum win guarantees on Pick-6 and Pick-7 games
  • Wheel Five Gold offering Pick-5 balanced lottery wheels
  • Wheel Four Gold
  • Wheel Ten Gold for Pick-8, Pick-9 and Pick-10 Keno games
  • Filtering Full Wheel Generator

So, you can buy according to your favorite games, though it’s unfortunate there’s not one solution for all your gaming options. Advantage Gold is a great tool to select numbers, but without one of the wheeling software programs, it’s not as efficient. Luckily, there are various special combo offers that make it easy and affordable to get the prediction tools you need.

You can purchase with a credit card or using PayPal. Note that quoted prices don’t include shipping or media charges. You can simply download the software, or ask for the medai (a CD or flash drive) to be sent to you.

It’s helpful that the software’s usefulness isn’t dependent on where you’re playing or which lottery you’re playing. You simply use the tool appropriate to the pick size. Therefore, it’s a versatile option that can work for players around the globe, no matter the lotteries you have access to.

SmartLuck does track certain games, but you can create your own charts for the ones not supported yet.

There are no guarantees, but thanks to the demo programs you can try out SmartLuck first before making a purchase. You can keep using the demo indefinitely, but it has limited features. So, for optimal impact on your lottery plays, you need the full software pack.

Unfortunately, while the product is PC compatible, you can’t access it via Mac or mobile devices.

Pros Cons
  • Extensive web FAQ section to assist
  • Fun and interesting to become a better lottery player
  • Available for download and instant access
  • May need to purchase multiple products for best outcomes
  • Shipping not included in price




While the Lotwin website uses a lot of marketing content to try and look the best, take your time vetting this brand, because a lot of it is just talk.

Benefits include the many lotteries from around the world it supports. Also, they do have an informative site if you want to learn more about these tools. You can learn about filters, statistics, entry reduction and more. 

However, we’re very surprised to see their Order page mentioning prices from back in 2018. And for certain options you need to log in to see the relevant costs. That’s not user friendly and doesn’t spark much trust.

There are some reviews from users saying how impressed they are, so it’s worth a try. Unfortunately, it’s one of the more pricier tools on the market. They do offer both subscription and fixed term options, so at least you can decide how much and when you want to spend.

After payment you’ll be given access to download the software – not good news for lotto players who prefer keeping everything online or want to use their mobile devices from time to time.

Pros Cons
  • Syndicate version released
  • 5 minutes to install and start using
  • Multiple package options to pick from
  • Informative website
  • Expensive product
  • Only Paypal payments seem to be available




This prediction tool comes in the form of a book. So, although it will teach you about the topic, be prepared to do a lot of the work yourself, unlike the apps and software that make it effortless to find your new sets of numbers.

You’ll learn about lottery wheeling, which many players find effective in improving their odds. This does make it more appropriate for syndicates and pools than single players though. You’ll need to play a large number of sequences to truly affect your odds.

You can download the book, so luckily no time or money is wasted on postage.

Unfortunately, the book isn’t widely available – you can only get it on the brand’s own website. And guess who is behind the book? You guessed it! Stefan Vandevelde. One can’t help but wonder whether it’s just another way this one individual is making money off other players. That makes it difficult to trust the contents.

Pros Cons
  • Once off payment
  • Can make you a better player
  • More interesting than having software do all the work
  • Only a real asset for pool and syndicates
  • Doesn’t speed up your betting process

Beat Lottery

Beat Lottery


This browser based prediction tool is quite comprehensive, so it can be helpful to have a shortcut to it on your PC. For example, it has a Results Checker as part of its features. Also, rather than algorithms, this brand says its key to success is using machine learning.

We appreciate its user friendly layout and it does help with quite a few lotteries from around the globe – not all though. To use it, you need to register, which comes free, but then upgrade to an Ultimate Membership if you want access to all the helpful features.

Pros Cons
  • User-friendly platform
  • Uses machine learning
  • Efficiency not proven
  • Fewer lotteries supported

Lotto Logic Pro

Lotto Logic Pro


With Lotto Logic you have a one time expense and then you can use it forever, which is not a bad deal in our books. You can pick between three different options, Lotto Logic, Lotto Looper and Lotto Effect. There are also bundles that make the products a bit more affordable, but it’s unfortunate they don’t sell all their tools in one solution.

Lotto Logic specifically is a popular one from this brand. It uses historical data with its Range Finder to tell you which numbers are best to select from. You can use it for games ranging from Pick-3 to Pick-10 and even if there are bonus numbers.

The free test is welcome, so maybe try it first if you’re not sure this is value for money.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Colorful layout
  • Once off expense
  • Multiple products to buy

How Lottery Prediction Software Works

The lottery prediction system works on the premise that although you can’t accurately predict what exactly will happen in a random system – like lotteries – you can gauge what is most likely to happen.

For example, it’s not very likely that a random system will produce the exact same number sequence in consecutive draws. Therefore, that’s already one set of numbers one can rule out when you try to pick the best set for the coming draw.

In similar, but of course much more complicated ways – using historical data, math and algorithms – prediction software tells you the most likely numbers to appear by removing the less likely ones and looking for patterns. AI and machine learning technology are also used by some platforms, while others state that using ‘wisdom of crowds’ approaches work well.

Can You Trust Lottery Software Prediction Tools?

As mentioned on most lottery prediction tools’ marketing material, none of them can give you a 100% guarantee of winning a jackpot. However, there are benefits. Firstly, they add a fun element to the process. Also, players often appreciate having fewer options to pick from. In this way, it streamlines your workflow, which is a massive benefit if you’re submitting large numbers of tickets.

Furthermore, there can be some truth in using historical statistics to narrow down the possibilities of what future draws will look like. And you need difficult mathematical equations and algorithms to determine what those number sequences would look like. So, having a tool do this for you is a benefit of modern technology for the average lottery player.

Finally, with software doing the hard work for you, your next number sequence may have better odds. Just remember that because number draws are random, there’s no guarantee. This is why it’s always important to bet responsibly.

How to Choose a Lottery Software and Prediction Tool

The following aspects of a lottery software and prediction tool affects whether you get value for money.


Don’t use lottery software and prediction tools that haven’t been proven to give accurate advice. You can usually gauge this from other users’ reviews. Also, the tips should be based on math, algorithms and the power of technology, not just guesswork.


Especially if the prediction tool requires you to log in online, make sure they have all the necessary security protocols in place, such as an SSL certificate. You shouldn’t spend time on websites that make you an easy target for hackers.


Prediction tools are supposed to make life easier for you and speed up the process of picking numbers. Therefore, pick tools that have user friendly interfaces and make sure it’s easy to navigate between windows and menus before you make a purchase.

Furthermore, if you know you usually enjoy playing the lottery via your mobile device, find out if the lottery prediction tool is mobile friendly. If it’s browser based, it should be mobile responsive so you can easily view the numbers it advises you to pick.

Lastly, look at all the different functions and features. Some tools have add-on features, such as helping you print out bet slips or checking results, so you never miss out on claiming your winnings. It’s worth paying a little more for these helpful tools if it will make lottery playing more fun and effective.


With any tech product these days, there’s bound to be a snag now and then. In what way can the prediction tool’s creators help you? Scan their website for contact details, so you’re sure you can get hold of them if there’s a problem with a product you paid for.


The cost of the prediction tool is important, because it doesn’t help you pay all your winnings to a company that’s running a scam. This can very easily happen with automated renewals. Therefore, read the fine print before you make a payment for a subscription service.

Otherwise, compare a few of your favorite ones from our list above and decide which one gives you the most value for money.

Lottery Prediction Software to Avoid

Lotto Sorcerer

Some may think of picking Lotto Sorcerer because of its low price tag. But remember, it’s a monthly subscription and over time that amount adds up to a considerable expense. And even though this one dating back from the 1980s promises help with over 600 of the world’s lotteries, it’s clear they make promises they can’t keep.

Added to this, it would help if they update the look, tables and windows to be more user friendly, And, the brand’s security features aren’t up to date with modern requirements.

Lastly, you can only use it on Windows devices.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Smart Play Lotto Wheels has one website which is a very simple WordPress website and that should already give you some clues about how much effort goes into this prediction tool. Their archives only feature information from 2012, so it’s difficult to believe they’ll keep up with what the modern lotto environment requires for accurate predictions.

The page to purchase the actual tool is a long-winded page of marketing jargon, with no real proof that this tool will work. The only benefit is that it’s really cheap and requires a once off purchase. Then you can access the tool online, since it’s not a software download. But there’s no refund policy and with support contact not even having a company email, it’s obviously not of the same caliber as our winning lottery prediction tools reviewed above.


LotoXP seems impressive in terms of the number of global lotteries it can help with. However, unlike many of the top prediction tools we’ve looked at, there are no lotto players confirming that this brand’s tools have helped them at all.

Furthermore, the tools and the website aren’t that user friendly. You can log in online to use the tools, but don’t expect too much. You may even find free tools with similar functions.

Final Thoughts

Why not make your lottery playing a little more interesting with software prediction tools? If you’re already doing well, this can improve your winnings even more. And if you want to improve your odds, some of our featured tools may just be able to give you an edge.

Even though these tools can’t give you a 100% guarantee of a jackpot win, you might hit a few numbers with this weekend’s draw. Why not give it a try?


Does lottery software really work?

Every lottery software program works differently with the mainaim being to improve your chances of winning a prize. Some programs usemathematical analysis while others incorporate various strategies to predict winning lottery numbers. However, lottery software doesn’t guarantee users that they’ll win but ratherhelps them to pick potential winning numbers.