10 Lottery Tips That Will Help You Win Big

It’s no secret that millions of people around the world regularly play different lotteries. Everyone has one real goal – to win big! Many people have a series of different strategies that they believe will pay out “one of these days”.

But, how effective are your strategies? Do you need a few more streamlined tips to get you closer to your big payday? Are there tips that other successful lottery winners have followed? Keep reading for a detailed list of the most common tried and tested tips that will help you win big at the next lottery!


1. Pick Games That Pay Big

One of the top tips to consider is picking games that pay big. You will never win big if you’re dabbling around with small games that have smaller payouts. Do your research and compare the different lotteries that could pay big. Remember, the idea is to win big all at once.

2. Play Less Popular Lottery Games with Less Competition

Popular lottery games that regularly win big might seem like a big attraction. However, these types of lotteries minimize your chances of winning big. The trick is to opt for less popular games with less competition.

So, lotteries that have fewer people playing (therefore, less competition) will improve your chances of winning. Playing these lotteries regularly will increase your chances even more.

3. Think About Joining A Lottery Pool to Get More Entries While Saving Money

Another popular trick that has shown significant results in winning history is joining a lottery pool. Often referred to as a lottery syndicate, this type of arrangement allows you and a few other people to share funds to buy a bigger quantity of tickets.

More tickets will always increase your odds of winning. While this saves you money on the initial tickets, bear in mind you’ll have to share any winnings! It’s worth noting that an estimated 1 in 5 lottery wins takes place by people in a lottery pool. 

4. Avoid Getting the “Quick-pick” Tickets

Many lotteries have “quick-pick” options where you allow the system to generate random numbers for you. While about 70% of all lottery players choose “quick-pick” numbers. Placing your luck in the hands of a random, computer-generated machine will reduce your odds because you’re likely to end up with smaller numbers.

It’s very uncommon for big wins to pay out from “quick-pick” numbers. So, while you’ll win enough to cover the money you spent on your weekly tickets, it’s not really a smart move if you’re hoping to win big!

5. Avoid Choosing Consecutive or Birthday Numbers

Most people have one or even a series of lucky numbers that they swear will at some point bring them the luck they need! Whether it’s birthdays or special occasion dates, these types of numbers are the most common numbers people choose!

Studies have shown that most lottery winnings have occurred from numbers that have nothing to do with your special anniversary dates. In fact, about 70% of lottery jackpots feature numbers that total anything between 104 and 176.

This means if you’re playing a lottery with an average of five numbers, opt for higher numbers as opposed to single-digit numbers. Ideally, some lottery experts suggest choosing numbers above 31 as larger numbers improve your odds.

A common tip from many winners is that you shouldn’t opt for consecutive numbers or patterns. While it’s not unusual for two consecutive numbers to appear, it’s very unlikely to see three, four, or even five consecutive numbers.

6. Don’t Choose Recently Drawn Numbers

It’s very unlikely that the same lottery numbers will be chosen in two, three or even four consecutive payouts. Opting to choose last week’s numbers actually decreases your odds of winning. You’d do much better with choosing a general set of new numbers. This is one of the fundamental rules on how to win the lottery when using a strategy.  

7. Use Statistics to Improve Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

Players who don’t feel comfortable relying solely on luck to win big, often rely on statistics to improve their odds. When you’re considering statistics, you’re looking at how often a particular lottery pays out, the most popular numbers that win as well as how often “quick-picks” win.

To get a clearer understanding of popular statistics to consider, we’ve listed the most common:

  • Hot numbers: Numbers that are drawn often within a certain period, usually over a 3 – 6 month period. Review how many times they’ve been drawn and determine if there’s a pattern between the times they win.
  • Cold numbers: Numbers that have never been drawn in the same period. If there are numbers that are very rarely drawn, it might be a good idea to keep them out of your options.
  • Overdue numbers: Numbers that have been drawn previously, but haven’t been drawn in recent months. With these numbers, you should research the last three times they were in fact chosen. Analyze the period between the times they were chosen. Check to see if there’s a pattern that forms. This will give you an idea if the number should be played regularly because it’s “due” for an appearance.
  • Number mixing: This refers to choosing different numbers from all sections that could increase your odds of winning. If you see several numbers between certain numbers are chosen often, it’s a good idea to include them. For instance, if numbers between 32 and 45 are chosen every week, it’s worth considering the combination.
  • Mixing of even, odd, high, and low numbers: Here you’ll consider how often mixed numbers appear. Does the trend for the particular lottery you’re playing lean toward mixed numbers or more toward majority even or odd numbers. Compare these number combinations before you choose your next numbers.

8. Try Playing With Different Lottery Strategies

You might feel that relying on one type of strategy will prolong your chances of winning big, but, another expert tip is to consider different lottery strategies.

While choosing random numbers is one of the more popular methods, there are a few ways to choose these random numbers. Some of these include the following:

  • Wheeling system: This system uses math to increase your odds. The general idea is to increase your odds by covering all your desired numbers. Play all possible combinations of your selected numbers. This is ideal for lotteries of different tiers where there are different winnings up for grabs. So, in short, if you have 28 combinations created by six numbers, you can spread them across the different tiers.
  • Pick 3 combinations: For this strategy, you use three numbers per combination. An example of this would be to choose nine numbers and apply every possible combination of three numbers. Using this strategy can involve hundreds of combinations, increasing your odds quite considerably. 
  • Using apps: Using lottery software in the form of different apps is another way to choose your weekly numbers. The good news is, there are several options to choose from.

9. Trust Your Intuition And Play Consistently

A common piece of advice offered by many previous winners is to play consistently. Playing regularly will increase your lottery odds of actually winning big. 

While not everyone has the time or resources to spend hours designing a fool-proof system, it’s important to still play consistently. Use our general tips on selecting numbers and make sure you play as often as you can without compromising your living allowance!

Some frequent winners also rely heavily on their intuition or the famous old gut. If your number strategy kicks out numbers that you don’t have a good feeling about, change them. Always go with your gut. Only play numbers you have a good feeling about!

10. Purchase More Tickets With Your Lottery Winnings

A tip that’s common among all previous lottery winners is to buy more tickets with some of your smaller winnings. On weeks where you win smaller amounts, use some of the money to buy a few more tickets. Buying more lottery tickets will definitely improve your chances of winning big! 

Set up a system to control this. If you don’t want to use your entire winnings from a small win to purchase additional tickets, set up a limit based on a certain percentage of your winnings. This will cover the cost of your tickets and still leave you with a small amount to use as winnings.

Notably, the more of your winnings you re-invest in tickets, the better your odds are of winning a bigger amount the following week.

Are There Some Tricks to Win the Lottery?

Many serious lottery players research tips and tricks offered by previous winners to increase their chances. Some of these common tips include the following:

  • Establish a lottery budget: Since winning big requires playing often, try to set up a dedicated monthly budget for your lottery tickets. Stick to it and ensure it doesn’t dip into your living allowance. Stick to this budget!
  • Buy more than one ticket: If your budget allows, buy more than one ticket. Play different numbers on each ticket to increase your odds.
  • Be consistent: Previous winners claim another trick to winning is being consistent. Play your favorite lotteries as often as your budget allows.
  • Stick to a general combination: Many lottery winners have revealed that it might take years, but it sometimes pays off to pay the same combination over and over!
  • Avoid following lottery fever: When a particular lottery is exceptionally high, it’s no secret that people will swarm to buy tickets because everyone is looking for that very elusive “big payout”. When this happens, regular lotto players’ chances are reduced.

General Advice

All precious lottery winners agree that you should play responsibly. Never over-extend yourself. Find a system that gets you winning. Even winning small amounts is a place to start. If you’re winning smaller amounts, chances are you just need to be consistent and have a little patience!

Research different lotteries as well as their rules and payout frequencies. This will help you identify the small-time games from actual potential true winners. If you have funds to play several tickets, consider playing them in different lotteries with a reputation of paying out big. Don’t expect to win immediately. Be patient, but don’t give up!

FAQs on Winning the Lottery

Does the time when you purchase the tickets affect your winning odds?

Some avid lottery players believe that buying your ticket immediately after a huge payout will increase your odds. As if you’re soaking up some of the luck! The truth is there is no science to prove this actually works!

What you could do to increase your odds is to spread the purchases of the tickets across a few days. Or, at different times of the day. The general idea is that you will cover different times of the day and increase your odds. Buying online tickets allows you to purchase at any time of the day or night.

Do you have to play lotteries with lower or higher odds to win the jackpot?

Again, there’s no science that says lower or higher odds will make you win quicker. Lotteries with low odds have paid out just as many times as those with higher odds. Frequent lottery players prefer to play both types, to increase their chances!

What are the 5 most common winning lottery numbers?

Part of the research many people do involves checking the most common winning lottery numbers of the particular lottery they’re interested in. The good news is, there are a variety of websites that track the numbers that are drawn the most, making it easy to create a pattern.

The 5 most common winning lottery numbers for Mega Millions and Powerball include the following:

Mega Millions: 22, 11, 9, 10, 4

Powerball: 66, 23, 61, 53, 21

Do lottery numbers follow patterns?

While not all combinations of numbers have a similar probability of occurring, it’s true that many lottery numbers follow patterns. The PowerBall for example has 105 consecutive sequences. Keeping track of winning lottery numbers over a period of time will help you get a better idea of the patterns. Basing your number choices on these patterns could increase your odds!

Can you predict the lottery by using math?

Many lottery winners, (for small and big winnings) have revealed that using different mathematical formulas for successful lottery prediction is a strategy they’ve tried. Since math can be quite complex, it’s recommended to research the different methods and success rates of each theory. Focus on the math theories that have proven successful by big winners.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to win big, you should have a plan in place of how you’re going to go about it. Having a carefully thought out system is more likely to be successful than just leaving everything to random chance! And make sure you know what to do if you win the lottery.

If you’re an avid lottery player who hasn’t won big yet, it might be time to change your tactics. Use a few of our tried and tested tips to improve your chances of winning big at the next lottery! Remember to stay consistent and play regularly! Good luck and keep playing!