Best Lotto Strategies – 13 Tips to Boost Your Chances of Winning

When you buy your lottery ticket, do you pick random numbers without thinking about it or do you play with a strategy? Although there is no way to predict which lottery numbers will be drawn, there are ways that you can strategies playing the lottery to boost your chances of winning.

You don’t have to buy a lottery ticket, pick your numbers and then hope for the best. There are ways that you can make playing the lottery fun with complex or basic strategies. What’s more, there are lottery strategies for all types of players and you may experience different results with each one.

To assist you, I’ve done the research and picked some of the best lottery strategies for you! Keep reading to find a strategy that will boost your chances of winning.

Look at the Odds Before Playing the Lottery

1. Look at the Odds Before Playing the Lottery

Before you decide what strategy you’d like to try, I would recommend you first pick a lottery with the best odds. Some lotteries have an extremely low chance of winning because they’re so popular which decreases the odds. Additionally, some strategies don’t work well with certain lotteries. For example, one approach may work with MegaMillions but not with Powerball.

So let’s take a look at the most popular online lotteries from around the world and see what their odds are so you can pick a lottery where your strategy might work.

Lotto Prize Odds of winning
Powerball $40 million 1 in 292,201,338
MegaMillions $400 million 1 in 302,575.350
EuroMillions €220 million 1 in 139,838,160
EuroJackpot €10 million 1 in 95,344,200
SuperEnalotto €100 million 1 in 622,614,630

As you can see by the table above you’ll have the best odds with EuroJackpot. Ideally, you want to choose a lottery that has the best odds to increase your chances of winning with the strategy you choose.

Utilize the Wheeling System

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2. Utilize the Wheeling System

The wheeling system is a strategy that uses mathematics to increase the odds of winning a lottery. This strategy is widely used by single players or syndicates to secure wins.

The advantage of using the wheeling system is that it can increase your odds of winning on multiple tiers. So even if you don’t win the jackpot you still have a chance of winning prizes from the other tiers the lotto game offers.

Although the wheeling system seems like a complex strategy it’s easy to learn. If you select the correct group of numbers for your wheel you may win a prize. Let me explain more about how the wheeling system works in this next section.

How the Wheeling System Works

Although lottery wheels can’t guarantee a jackpot win, this strategy can help you win smaller prizes from other tiers. Lottery wheels help you cover the set of numbers from any lottery you play.

To use the wheeling system, all you have to do is pick your set of numbers and play all possible combinations of those numbers. For example, if you pick 8 numbers on a 6 lotto game that can generate 28 combinations. Let’s say you’ve picked 25, 15, 45, 09, 31, 05, 37, and 23. With those numbers, you can now start creating combinations such as:

  1. 05, 09, 23, 25, 31, 37
  2. 05, 09, 23, 25, 31, 45
  3. 05, 09, 15, 25, 21, 31

By playing all 28 combinations, if all 6 lotto numbers are among the 8 numbers wheeled you may get:

  • A ticket to win the jackpot
  • 11 tickets to match 5 of 6
  • 15 tickets to match 4 of 6

You can also use a wheel generator to help you create your lottery combinations. But most players create graphs, or charts to work on their strategy instead.

3 Types of Wheeling Systems Explained

Want to know the good news about wheeling systems? There are three types to choose from! Although you are free to create your wheeling system, the three types in this section are the most common and used by many expert lottery players.

1. Abbreviated Wheel System

An abbreviated wheeling system reduces the number of combinations used. This means that although the numbers you’ve chosen can have 30 combinations you may only want to use 15 of those combinations. The advantage of this type of wheeling system is that it’s more affordable as you don’t have to purchase too many lines.

The downside of an abbreviated wheeling system is that it won’t increase your chances of winning because you’re only playing half of the combinations available. You can guess all the numbers but if you don’t play the right combination you won’t stand a chance to win the jackpot.

2. Full Wheel System

A full-wheel system is when you use all the possible combinations for the numbers you’ve chosen. This will boost your chances of winning but it can get expensive especially if you’re working with 28 or more combinations.

Start with a small quantity of numbers first because picking as many as 15 numbers will give you a whopping 5000 combinations. If you pick your 8 numbers there will be 28 possible combinations. Or if you pick 9 numbers you’ll have 84 combinations.

On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to win the Jackpot with your combination of numbers you also stand a chance to win prizes from the other tiers too!

3. Key Digit Wheel System

A key digit wheel system has a key number that will appear in all your combinations. If you choose 9 numbers, one of those numbers must be your key digit and appear in all 84 combinations.

This is a more economical wheeling system because it reduces the number of combinations. The downside is that a key digital can significantly reduce your chances of winning. If the key digit doesn’t get picked you won’t win the draw.

Analyze Previous Lotto Sessions

3. Analyze Previous Lotto Sessions

Another easy way to strategize your gameplay is to analyze previous lottery numbers that have been drawn. Most lottery sites will provide past data on lotteries that have been drawn over a month or two. But there are certain numbers and data you must pay special attention to when analyzing past draws. Take a look at the data you need to pay extra attention to below.

What to Look at When Analyzing Previous Lotto Draws

  • Overdue numbers: These are numbers that haven’t been drawn in a while and may make an appearance again in the next draw. The further you go back to see previous draws the more overdue the numbers will be. Try to play numbers that haven’t been drawn in over a year.
  • The last jackpot won: This strategy uses the law of probability to boost your chances of winning. Take a look at when the last jackpot was won. Sometimes jackpots are won in intervals such as 1 winner in a month or 2 winners every 3 months. If you notice that it’s been 3 months since the next jackpot win you could try your luck then. The law of probability suggests that the next jackpot may be won in the next drawing.
  • Cold numbers: Cold numbers are chosen when you want to play against the statistics. These types of numbers are drawn less frequently or the number of times they’ve been drawn is below average.
  • Hot numbers: These types of numbers appear more frequently in draws and some consider them their lucky numbers. For example, if a number was drawn in every game over the past 6 months it’s considered a hot number.

Picking Strategies

4. Picking Strategies

Picking strategies work with your wheeling system. This helps you pick the quantity of numbers you want to play with. Let’s take a look at the advantages of each picking system.

Pick 3

A pick-three system is ideal for beginner players. This involves using three numbers per combination. It’s easy to play and the odds of winning are higher. It requires simple math on past winning numbers to find recurring patterns.

The patterns reduce the pool of numbers you pick which in turn increases your odds of winning. You can pick three numbers from hot, cold, or overdue numbers.

Pick 4

The pick-four system is the same as pick-three but you’re simply adding an extra number. This requires you to add four numbers to every combination. It’s difficult to guess four numbers correctly, that’s why some players increase their numbers to include the pick-four system.

If you have over 100 combinations you may want to choose a key digit. There are many various combinations with a pick-four system so you’ll want to try other strategies to reduce the number of combinations such as choosing more key digits. 

Pick 5

Now that you know more about picking numbers you may have to pick five numbers because the lottery you’ve chosen requires it. One factor to remember is the more numbers you choose, the quantity of combinations increases. To decrease the combinations you can use other strategies such as Rundown which is a combination of patterns you can use.

For example, you can use the Rundown pick 5 strategy. With this example, I’ll use a Rundown pattern of 1,2,3,4, and 5. So let’s say you have numbers such as 12, 21, 23, 31, and 36. Using the Rundown pattern you will add 1 to the first number, 2 to the second, 3 to the third, and so forth. So your numbers will then look like this: 14, 23, 26, 35, and 41.

Choose the Quick Pick Option – Does it work?

An easy way to play the lottery is if you choose the quick pick option. This option automatically chooses your numbers for you so you don’t have to. However, this is purely leaving it up to luck to win any kind of prize from the lottery you’re playing.

The quick pick machine will typically mix your numbers so you’ll have a combination of low, high, odd, and even numbers. The benefit of the quick pick feature is that it generates numbers for you quickly. It’s an ideal option if you need to choose numbers minutes before the draw closes.

The Odds and Evens Strategy

5. The Odds and Evens Strategy

This strategy requires a combination of odd and even numbers. The theory suggests that draws are unlikely to have all odds and even numbers. Most winning lottery numbers have a combination of odd and even numbers therefore you should pick some odd and even numbers when playing.

All or Nothing Lottery Strategy

6. All or Nothing Lottery Strategy

Playing any lottery game requires you to make rational decisions. Some players may spend their entire earnings to play the lottery and don’t make their money back. That’s why an all-or-nothing approach is never a good idea even if you have extra money to spend.

Most lottery strategies aim for any kind of win and not simply the jackpot. The money you spend on your lottery ticket is the funds you’re prepared to lose if you don’t win a prize. Purchasing more tickets may increase your chances of winning but only if you do it strategically. For example, you don’t want to buy many lottery tickets and use the same combination on all of them.

The trick is to budget for your lottery tickets and analyze all lottery strategies to find the one that works the best.

Use the Same Lucky Numbers for Every Draw

7. Use the Same Lucky Numbers for Every Draw

Some players choose a combination of lucky numbers and play them on every lottery ticket they buy. You may pick numbers from birthdays, anniversaries, or even life numbers. However, it’s not always ideal to use the same combination of numbers on every ticket.

The theory suggests that if the combination of the same numbers didn’t come up they are most likely to appear in the next draw. But from a probability view, this isn’t the truth. On the other hand, people have won using their lucky numbers so you can try this strategy if you believe it will work for you.

Buy Lotto Tickets at Different Times

8. Buy Lotto Tickets at Different Times

Don’t buy all your lottery tickets in one day. Buy a few lottery tickets tomorrow and then more the next day. Statistics show that jackpot times are random. Therefore, the law of probability indicates that it’s better to buy lotto tickets every few days instead of buying them all at once.

The same can be said for mixing and matching physical and online vendors. Buy lotto tickets from various places at different times to increase your chances of winning.

Second Chance Drawings

9. Second Chance Drawings

A second chance draw gives you another chance to win during the drawing time. However, these draws don’t only involve cash prizes, but vacations and gift cards too! This will depend on the game you play as some lotteries will automatically put you in the draw when you buy your ticket.

Use a Software to Pick Numbers for You

10. Use Software to Pick Numbers for You

If you don’t have the time to develop and structure your strategy you can always use AI systems to assist you. There are plenty of lottery programs on the internet that help you generate number combinations or quickly wheel numbers.

One such program is the lottery prediction algorithm using excel, where you can quickly increase your chances of winning. To learn more about this, read our guide on creating your own lottery prediction algorithm in excel.

Play Unpopular Lottery Games

11. Play Unpopular Lottery Games

With unpopular lottery games, you have more chances of winning because not everyone buys tickets for the game. But the downside to unpopular lotteries is that the jackpot prizes aren’t as large as US Powerball or SuperEnalotto. If you aren’t too fussed about the amount you want to win then choosing an unpopular lottery game is your best chance of winning using your preferred strategy.

Join a Syndicate

12.Use the $25 a Week Strategy

This is a strategy that may improve your chances of winning because of your consistent playing. In addition, it’s a method of playing responsibly and ensuring balance between your life, personal budget and your lottery playing hobby.

So, what is the $25 a week lottery strategy? It’s an approach that was strictly implemented by a lucky South Carolina player who eventually bagged $100,000. It started with him watching ‘Lottery Changed my Life” on television. A specific strategy shared by a lottery winner caught his attention and he decided to give it a go. Called the ‘$25 a week lottery strategy’, players opt to spend $25 on games every week for three months. 

The South Carolina player stuck to this simple strategy and won the following:

  • In the first week his winnings amounted to $500.
  • In the seventh week, he scored $100,000 on the US Powerball game.

As a bonus, playing consistently for three months and budgeting $25 a week for games turns this strategy into a routine that’s easy to remember and follow. So, you won’t have regrets about forgetting to get your tickets for a draw.

13. Join a Syndicate

If you want to boost your odds of winning without eating into your budget then joining a syndicate is the better option. A syndicate is a group of people who all put money toward buying a lottery ticket. They play the game together and then split the prize money with everyone. Here are some benefits if you join a syndicate to increase your chances of winning:

  • Covers more combinations: When you join a syndicate you’re able to include more combinations of numbers to boost the odds of winning. The bigger the syndicate the more number combinations there will be.
  • Sharing costs: Sometimes you want to buy a bigger lottery ticket with more numbers but you simply don’t have the budget for it. When you join a syndicate you’re able to share the cost of the ticket which will be a more economical choice.
  • Potentially win more prizes: When you join a syndicate it’s not only the jackpot you could win. With more number combinations from other players, you stand a chance of winning prizes from other tiers.
  • Sit back and relax: If you play syndicates online the only thing you have to do is pay your portion of the ticket cost and then let the syndicate team leader do all the work.
  • Socialize: Whether you start a syndicate with friends or family it’s a way for you to socialize with the people around you. You can use this opportunity to discuss strategies or what you’d do with the winning lottery money should your syndicate win.

Ways To Improve Your Odds of Winning

Do you want to learn more about lottery strategy terminology and other ways to increase your odds of winning? There are plenty of resources on the internet that you can study to learn more about strategies and how they work. Let’s take a look at what the best resources are on the internet.

Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube isn’t simply for cat videos or makeup tutorials. The platform is also for avid lottery players who want to learn more about the game and how to play it. I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos explaining the wheeling strategy and pick-three or pick-five strategies. There are thousands of YouTube videos that can teach you more about the lottery.

What’s more, there are lottery videos that teach you how to increase your chances of winning on popular lotteries from around the world such as US Powerball or EuroMillions. The advantage of using YouTube as a resource is that it gives you plenty of examples of how the best strategies work.

Read Lottery Strategy Books

Did you know there are lottery strategy guide books that are written by people who have won prizes with their strategies? These books are simply guides so they can’t guarantee a jackpot win. But you can read them to find different ways to play your favorite lottery games.

It’s important to note that some books can provide misinformation so you must find ones that provide quality data. To help you pick a book that’s not going to get your hopes up I’ve selected the top picks for you to choose from such as:

  • Gail Howard – Lottery Winning Systems
  • Richard Lustig – Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery
  • Kentrille L Lamar – Three-Digit Lotto Strategy Planner Full Pick 3 Sequence

Try new lottery strategies on Wintrillions!

Conclusion: What Is the Best Lottery Strategy to Pick Numbers & Win?

Did you find a lottery strategy you liked? The best lottery strategies are to analyze past numbers and formulate your pick-three, pick-four, or pick-five system. If you don’t enjoy spending the time to find various number combinations you can opt for a system that generates your combinations for you.

For those who struggle with maths or don’t care for sequences or combinations, you can choose easier options such as quick picks or using your preferred lucky numbers. To increase your odds of winning, why not consider joining a syndicate?

There are so many options for you to choose from, but it should be noted that these strategies can’t guarantee a jackpot win. The best thing to do is have fun with the strategy you choose.


What Is the Best Lottery Strategy that Work for Beginners?

The best lottery strategy for beginners is analyzing past lottery numbers to find numbers that could potentially be chosen for the next draw. Another easy strategy is the pick-three system.

Has anyone with a quick pick ever won the lottery?

Yes, there have been people who’ve won using the quick pick method. 70% of lottery winners won their prizes with quick pick numbers. So using this method doesn’t decrease your chances of winning.

Are There Any Tricks in Addition to Strategy to Win Lotto?

There are strategies you can choose but they don’t guarantee a jackpot win. However, some systems can increase your chances of winning prizes from other tiers on the lottery you play. These include the wheeling system or using various combinations with the numbers you’ve picked.

What lottery has the best odds of winning?

The lottery with the best odds of winning is EuroJackpot with your chances being 1 in 95,344,200.