Successful Pick 4 Lottery Strategy Guide

Pick 4 lotteries are easy and fun to play. But if you don’t have the right strategy you may lose opportunities to win big prizes. Choosing the right pick 4 strategy can help make the game more interesting and it can enhance your skills at lottery playing.

In this post, we’ve provided some of the easiest and successful pick 4 lottery strategies that actually work. If you want to get better returns and want to know how to win the Pick 4 consistently, we can assist.

Below you’ll find valuable insight into Pick 4 systema and a detailed guide on how to develop a strategy using various methods.

What is a Pick 4 Lottery Strategy?

A pick 4 lottery strategy is an advanced way of playing this type of lottery game. where all four numbers picked fall into the number range 0 to 9. It’s simply a lottery strategy that helps you choose your numbers in various ways so you can win the game. If you reduce the list of possible results to play, it may increase your chances of winning. To do this, you will analyze past lottery draws and avoid using a quick pick option which is completely random and doesn’t improve your chances of winning.

What is a Pick 4 Lottery Strategy

With a proper pick 4 lottery strategy you can avoid poor number combinations and potentially boost your odds of winning the game. But your plan will only work if you choose the correct strategy.

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Best Pick 4 Lottery Strategies to Try

There are plenty of pick 3 lottery strategies out there, but when you look for Pick 4 lottery system secrets, you’ll realize there are very few Pick 4 options. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out how to win Pick 4 lottery games more often. You just need an expert approach, using the limited resources available.

In this section, we’ve provided three of the best pick 4 lottery strategies that can take your lottery playing to the next level. These methods of how to win Pick 4 are easy and will create an intriguing game to play.

Rundown Pick 4 Strategy

To create your Pick 4 rundown strategy you can use a strategy that feel comfortable for you to use:

  • Record numbers on a piece of paper.
  • Use an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Do your Pick 4 rundown prep work on Google Docs so you know you won’t lose the information.

Either method can be the best way to play Pick 4 and the goal is to help you properly reduce combinations or find possible numbers that might show in the next draw.

Note that whenever a strategy results in the number ‘10’, simply use the ‘0’ (zero) and carry on with your technique. We have summarized some of the best Pick 4 rundown strategies to try.

+1 Rundown

The +1 rundown strategy is by far one of the easiest lottery strategies Pick 4 players can try out. You’re simply adding 1 to each of the numbers on your list. The first step is to write down the numbers from previous draws on your document. Now simply add 1 to each of these numbers.

For example, if the previous numbers were 1,2,3,4 they’ll become 2,3,4,5. You’ll need to repeat this method until you get to your original set of numbers. Here is a table below to assist you:

Winning numbers from the last draw 1,2,3,4











You can see where we used ‘0’ whenever the ‘+1’ resulted in a double digit answer.

1234 Rundown Pick 4 Method

Another popular pick 4 method is the 1234 rundown strategy. Follow these easy steps to start the rundown process:

  • Analyze the number from previous draws. For this example we’ll use 2,5,1,3
  • For this method to work, you must add 1 to the first number, 2 to the second number, 3 to the third number, and 4 to the last number.

Here’s an example of how the 1234 strategy works:

If the original numbers are 2,5,1,3  you’ll add the numbers in the following manner:





The new number after adding 1234 to each digit will be  3, 7, 4, 7.

Check the table below to see additional combinations when you add 1234 to each set of numbers. Continue with the method until you reach your original number.

Winning numbers from the last draw 2,5,1,3 











You now have many best Pick 4 numbers to play, but you can narrow down the list even further. Do this if you don’t want to play so many combinations, or want to make your strategy even more efficient:

  • Calculate a number by using the digits of the draw date from where you got your lottery numbers from.
  • Scan the results of your Pick 4 rundown strategy so far.
  • Underline the lottery combinations that show the same sum of the lottery date number.

Here’s an example to clarify the process:

If the lottery date is 2/07/2023: 2+7= 9. We’ll use the same combination of 2513 – determine which ones contain ‘9’. 











Use the combinations that contain the results of your date sum as an efficient method to reduce number combinations . As you can see , your list of possible results shown in the table above are now reduced:

  • 4971
  • 6339
  • 8797
  • 9921
  • 1389

Now simply use these numbers when playing a pick 4 lottery game.

Rundown Hot and Cold Numbers

One more Pick 4 rundown method is to use hot and cold numbers for the game you’re playing. Here’s the strategy:

  • Start with four hot numbers.
  • Take four cold numbers and use them as the rundown that you’ll apply to the hot numbers, by adding their value.
  • Repeat the process, of adding the value of the cold numbers, to produce a list of possible combinations to play.

As an example, imagine your hot numbers are 3,5,7,9 and the cold numbers are 2,4,6,8. Here’s how you can enter it into your spreadsheet:

Hot numbers Cold numbers First addition Second addition Third addition Fourth addition
4 2 6 8 0 2
9 3 2 5 8 1
0 9 9 8 7 6
1 2 3 5 7 9

Keep adding the numbers until you have enough combinations to play or you reach your original set. Also apply the rule of ignoring the ‘1’ if adding the cold numbers’ values results in double digits.


To use the tic-tac-toe method you’ll need a 4×4 grid which isn’t your traditional 3×3 tic-tac-toe method. Now write down the numbers from the last four draws in the game you’re playing. Enter your numbers from the last four draws horizontally on your grid. Here’s an example:

4 5 6 7
2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4
3 4 5 6

So your numbers are:

  • 4567
  • 2345
  • 1234
  • 3456

You can now start choosing your desired combinations from the grid. Start with diagonal choices which can give you combinations such as:

  • 4336
  • 7423
  • 3247
  • 6334

Additionally, you can pick a hot number from your grid and use the combinations that contain that number. A hot number is a digit that appears more frequently in your grid. In the grid above, you can see that the hot number is 4. So, use all combinations that contain the number 4.

Choosing a Key Digit to Minimize Combinations

One of the reasons people love playing pick 4 lotteries is because they have better odds of winning compared to some lotteries like Powerball or Eurojackpot. Also, there are fewer combinations you can create, so it’s easier to pick your next play. However, you may want to decrease the number of combinations even more by choosing a key digit.

Choosing a key number can significantly reduce the cost of tickets because you won’t have as many combinations to play. Put simply, you can change other digits in your combinations but your key digit stays the same and must be present in all sets of numbers.

For example, if your key digit is 5, then use this number in all your combinations:

  • 2572
  • 5722
  • 7225
  • 7257

As you can see in the examples above, we’ve provided some combinations of numbers, and the key number 5 is in all of them.

Tip: you can use this approach as part of another Pick 4 method. For example, once you have the results of your 1234 Pick 4 method, use the Key Digit method to reduce your list of combinations some more. This is especially helpful if your budget only allows you to buy a minimal number of tickets, but you want to increase your chances of winning.

Pick 4 Advanced Options

For the most part, the various Pick 4 advanced options include the “Box” and “Straight/Box” options, but there are additional games to choose from. Here are the Pick 4 options:

  • Straight in Pick 4: This refers to matching all the winning numbers in their exact order.
  • Box in Pick 4: In this instance, you can match the winning numbers in any order, not just the order they’ll actually win.
  • Pick 4-24 way box: With this option, you can select all 24 ways to arrange the numbers that could be the potential winners. 
  • Pick 4-12 way box: Here you choose a box play and opt for numbers with 2 digits being the same. In this option, there are 12 different instances in which you can arrange the numbers.
  • Pick 4-6 way box: Choosing a box play and picking 2 identical pairs makes up the 6-way box option. As the name suggests, there are 6 ways to arrange the numbers.
  • Pick 4-4 way box: Choosing this box means you also need to pick 3 identical digits, which means there are only 4 ways to arrange these numbers.

The Simplest Pick 4 Lottery Strategy

Pick 4 lottery strategies are very similar to the ones used for Pick 5. While the Rundown and Tic-Tac-Toe strategy are easy to use, another firm favorite is  Lottery Wheeling.

The lottery wheeling system is currently the most applied strategy. Since it can be applied from scratch it’s extremely easy to generate dozens of possibilities by just using a few combinations. Furthermore, opting for this strategy in the Pick 4 lottery is quite useful in that it can be used to narrow down more possibilities when a different option has generated more possibilities than you can play.

Essentially,  lottery wheeling arranges your chosen lotto numbers into various combinations that will ultimately give you better odds of winning.

There are different wheeling systems, and you can decide which ones you feel most comfortable using. Some may be easier to implement manually, while others may require the assistance of software:

  • Full wheel: play all combinations containing certain numbers. This requires a bigger budget than some other wheeling systems.
  • Key number wheel: Identify key numbers – ones you view as lucky – that must appear in all your combinations. Using results from a different Pick 4 method, now only play the combinations that include your key number/s.
  • Refined lottery wheeling: Reduce (refine) your list of possible numbers to play by implementing a rule of choice. For example, only play the numbers from that list that are viewed as lucky under your Zodiac sign. It’s up to you which rule to implement, so have fun with it!

How to Choose a Key Digit and How it Affects the Combinations

The key digit is the ideal way to reduce the overall cost of just about any lotto strategy. Essentially, it uses the idea of featuring a single number in all the combinations chosen. Even if you change the other digits, the key digits remain the same. The top benefit of this is that you’ll pay considerably less when implementing the strategy. However, guessing the key digit is crucial for this to work. Choosing the wrong key digit drastically reduces your odds of winning anything.

One of the easiest ways to choose a key digit is to review the last six drawings to see if there is a common number which becomes your key digit. Since this number appears so often, it’s known as a “hot” number and increases your odds of landing a winning combination if you include it in your own combinations.

Tips To Create Your Own Best Pick 4 System

Before you start playing your favorite pick 4 lottery game, you should develop your strategy to choose numbers carefully. Here are tips to help you create a strong strategy that will work for your pick 4 lottery game.

Analyze Past Drawings For Key Digits

The best way to create a pick 4 strategy is to look at the numbers from past draws. Looking at the numbers that were previously drawn will provide key digits to use in your methods. To find key digits you can use one of the following:

  • Mirror numbers: These numbers are also referred to as sister numbers. You can create a mirror number by adding the number 5 to it. For example, if the digit is 4 when you add 5 the digit becomes 9. Therefore, the mirror number of 4 is 9.
  • Lottery math: This is similar to regular math but with a slight difference. You won’t carry over numbers using lottery math. For example, if you have 6+6 the answer is 12 but instead of using the whole number, you’ll use the last digit which is 2. This helps to reduce numbers to a single digit, which is vital for Pick 4 games that only use numbers 0 to 9.

Mix Your Strategies

There are hundreds of lottery tricks you can use to choose your numbers instead of a quick pick. Consider trying all the possible lottery strategies you can as opposed to sticking to one method, because:

  • You’ll identify strategies that bring you the most wins.
  • Some strategies may be easier and faster to implement, making your lottery playing more fun.
  • Each strategy contains a feature that helps you get closer to the best combination to play.

And remember, the advantage is that these methods aren’t simply designed for pick 4 lotteries. They can be used for any type of lottery game you choose such as a 5/69 or 6/70 game. So, practice them when playing your favorite European or US lotteries.

By trying various strategies or mixing them up every time you play a game you could increase your odds of winning a jackpot or lower-tier prizes. For good reasons, the most popular strategies include lottery wheeling systems or calculating lottery probability

Finding Best Pick 4 Lottery System That Works

It should be noted that not all pick 4 lottery strategies will work for you. Some methods you use might earn you a decent prize while others can sabotage your game. That’s why finding the best way to play Pick 4  works for you is crucial to your lottery game.

While no lottery strategy guarantees a win, you should continue using a method that gives you consistent wins every time you play even if you only win $4 or $10 for a game. If you find that the system you’ve chosen isn’t working out for you, try another pick 4 lottery game or change your strategy to one that other people have found success with.

Lastly, you want to choose a pick 4 lottery strategy that’s easy to understand. Some methods can get complicated which will take the joy out of playing the game. The easiest methods are rundown and tic-tac-toe strategies.

Pick 4 Lottery Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

It’s natural to make mistakes when you’re trying out a new lottery strategy. But, sometimes players will continue making the same mistakes and not realize that it’s affecting their chances of winning. Here are some common mistake to avoid when creating your pick 4 lottery strategy.

Choosing Too Many Numbers

More numbers mean more combinations which will cost you a lot of money in the long run. You may think that choosing as many numbers as possible will increase your chances of winning. But , unless you’re playing ALL combinations all the time, often it can have the opposite effect. Also, you’re spending a lot of money in the process.

Instead, use fewer or smaller groups of numbers and play them consistently. And a Pick 4 strategy chart or other technique described above is designed for exactly this purpose!

Not Playing Consistently

Some lottery players will only play once every three months or when they feel lucky. We recommend playing consistently if you have the budget to buy tickets.

You should budget every month for the lottery. For example, spend $10 per month and spread out your purchases, so you can buy tickets every week or for every draw. Don’t spend more than your budget allows because you don’t want to put yourself in a financial trap simply to play the lottery.

With that being said, the more you play the lottery the better your chances will be to win the jackpot or any prize. So it’s worth allocating a bit of money to this hobby on a regular basis.

Avoid Choosing Numbers from One Group

Randomly choosing numbers has proven to work for players because there are people who’ve won using quick pick options. But not using a system at all can be a waste of money especially if you’re playing easy games such as a pick 4 lottery.

Use patterns, lottery math, mirror numbers, or date sums to get the numbers you need to play your game.

Lastly, you should avoid choosing numbers from one group. Try splitting your numbers into groups of three. Then, avoid  selecting numbers from one group alone. Mix numbers from your different groups to boost your chances of winning.

Software That Can Help You with a Pick 4 Lottery Strategy

If you don’t want to create your pick 4 lottery strategy manually then consider using software. There are apps that can do all the hard work for you so you don’t have to manually calculate combinations. Lottery software is able to crunch large numbers and identify patterns faster.

Additionally, there are apps that can pull up numbers from past draws with a tap of a button so you don’t have to search for them. It should be noted that software can’t predict numbers for you, but it can provide hundreds of number combinations for you to choose from.

Tip: once you have a list of combinations from software, use a Key Digit strategy to reduce that list.

When choosing software ensure you:

  • Read reviews to make sure the software is legitimate
  • Pick a software that’s easy to use 
  • Use software that’s affordable or free
  • Choose a software that has efficient support 

There may be software on the market that’s not licensed and this comes with risks. You must choose lottery software that is legal and legitimate to avoid potential cyber hacks and theft of money or even your identity.

When you’re wondering ‘is there software that can help you with a Pick 4 lottery strategy that REALLY works’, the good news is that there are advanced ways that are easy to use. We’ve compared a few options and two of the more popular software tools to check out are listed below:

1. Lotto Pro

This is a tool Windows users will absolutely enjoy and it may be the best way to play Pick 4 games! Since this tool is designed for wheeling systems, it makes creating the perfect lotto strategy relatively simple. An extensive game library feature ensures that the lottery numbers are always updated shortly after each draw. While there’s a slight learning curve, the good news is that the instructions are helpful.

2. Winslips

With more than 20,000 active users, Winslips has been around since 2011. An attractive aspect of this software is that it supports a wide variety of games such as Powerball. With simple graphics, this tool is designed to focus on functionality and ease of use. Additionally, there’s a 24-hour free trial period for the user to test the program.

Even with these strategies counting in your favor, it’s still beneficial to utilize the greatest bonus offers available on the market. For instance, theLotter offer their players up to 20% off while playing the world’s biggest lotteries.

Conclusion – Should You Use a Pick 4 Strategy?

So the big question is should you use a pick 4 lottery strategy and is it worth your time? We recommend always using a strategy to choose your numbers no matter what type of lottery game you’re playing.

The advantage of the pick 4 strategies we’ve provided is that they’re easy to understand, they don’t cost you money and they make playing the lottery more exciting. With these strategies, you can increase your chances of winning and they can even be used for pick 5 lotteries, lottery syndicates or to get at least four numbers with the potential to win, when playing bigger lotteries that require six or seven numbers in total.

Yes, a Pick 4 strategy chart can even help you win big in your next SuperEnalotto or Cash4Life game!

Use the information in this post to help you develop a strong pick 4 lottery strategy that works. Get it right and you may win Pick 4 lottery everyday!


How to Win Pick 4 Lottery Guaranteed?

No, a pick 4 lottery strategy can’t guarantee a win. These methods are designed to increase your chances of winning a pick 4 lottery but they can’t predict what the exact numbers will be for the next draw.

Can You Use a Pick 4 Lottery Formula for Online Games?

Yes, you can use a pick 4 lottery strategy for any type of lottery game, and can even be used for a pick 3 or pick 5 lotteries. The methods will simply change slightly. For example, for a pick 5 lottery, you will use a 12345 method instead of a 1234 method.

What is the best pick 4 lottery strategy?

The best pick 4 lottery strategy is the rundown method. There are about four rundown methods such as the +1, 1234, 7135, and +1/-1 that you can use and all of them are easy to do. The rundown method gives you accurate combinations of numbers for a pick 4 lottery.

What does combo mean in Pick 4?

A combination play in Pick 4 refers to playing all “Straight” combinations of all your numbers. The winning numbers can be matched in any order. However, this is slightly different to a Box play in that you have to pay the price of each combination.

How many numbers do you need to win Pick 4?

In a standard play, you will have to match all the numbers to win Pick 4. Additionally, these numbers must appear in the exact order drawn. This is unless you’re opting for a box play. Choosing to play “pairs” enables you to win by matching only 2 numbers.

Can I win a Pick 4 Lottery with the right strategies?

The short answer is YES! No matter what strategies you opt for, there’s always a very good chance that you could win. It’s all about playing the strategy that you feel the most comfortable with.

Are Pick 4 strategies expensive to play?

Cost of playing lottery and using strategies largely depends on how many different combinations you want to play. The more combinations you choose, the more costly the strategy will be.

Can you apply Pick 4 strategies when playing the online lottery?

Yes you can use strategies when playing online! Whether buying in a store or using your phone or PC, you have the same flexibility and you can choose how you want to play. We do recommend that you always opt for credible online lotto providers.

What is the best number to win Pick 4?

As with other lotteries, from Mega Millions to Eurojackpot, Pick 4 games require luck to win. So, there's an equal chance of any numbers ending up in the winning combination. However, some of the biggest payouts have taken place when people play the number 1 (one).

What are the best Pick 4 numbers to play?

Although this is a game of luck, real life scenarios have shown it’s helpful to pick certain numbers and repeat them in your selection of numbers. For example, huge payouts have been made to players using number combinations like ‘1,0,1,0’.

How to play pick 4 lottery?

Pick 4 lotteries are often daily games and they’re popular in many US states. With a Pick 4 lottery game you have to pick four numbers. All numbers are between 0 and 9 and you can pick the same number for some or all four of the digits on your lottery ticket. If some or all four numbers match the numbers of the draw, you win a prize.