Powerball vs SuperLotto: Which Is Better?

The best option between the US Powerball and the SuperLotto is often a matter of preference for those who live in the state of California. But there are some differences between the two that may help you make up your mind before playing the lottery on theLotter or other online platforms and buying a ticket. Here we’ll give you a comparison of these two popular lottery games and help you decide which one is the best for you.

An Overview of Powerball vs SuperLotto

US Powerball SuperLotto
Price per ticket $2 per play $1 per play
Largest prize pool $2.04 billion $542.5 million
Popularity More popular Less popular
Available in the US Available in 45 US states Available in California
Largest jackpot won up to June 2024 $2.04 billion $193 million

Powerball vs SuperLotto By Criteria

When choosing between the US Powerball and SuperLotto Plus results, don’t just look at the jackpot. There are several criteria to consider when comparing these two games, and the following will guide you based on your preferences.

Popularity of the Lottery

You’ll find by calculating the odds of winning that the more popular a lottery is, the lower your odds of winning. This is because popular lotteries sell way more tickets than smaller ones. So even if you do strike it lucky, you may end up sharing your prize money with someone else who picked the same numbers you did.

But winning smaller tier prizes are more common with big lotteries like the US Powerball, so the choice is up to you! SuperLotto has paid out some big prizes, but they have a much lower jackpot payout history than the US Powerball.

Price of Each Ticket

The price of a Powerball ticket is $2. Many online lottery sites like theLotter and Lotto Agent also offer bonuses and discounts if you end up buying tickets in bulk. This increases your chances of winning a great deal, and in many cases you are even guaranteed a certain winning amount if you buy more than 250 tickets in one go.

The price for a SuperLotto ticket is only $1. But bear in mind that you stand a chance to win a smaller jackpot most days if you opt for this game. On the other hand, your odds of winning are higher since ticket sales are significantly lower than the US Powerball because you can buy more tickets.

Lottery Game Accessibility

Of course the main reason Powerball is so much more popular than SuperLotto is because it’s available in 45 states across the US, while SuperLotto is only made available to those in the state of California. But SuperLotto can still be played online via websites like Lotto Agent.

Draw Frequency of US Powerball vs SuperLotto

Remember that Powerball draws take place three times a week whereas SuperLotto only has draws twice a week. Powerball showcases their draws on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. SuperLotto draws only every Wednesday and Saturday each week. So for the sake of more weekly excitement, you may want to opt for Powerball over SuperLotto if playing the lottery is something you want to enjoy more often throughout the week.

How to Play the US Powerball and/or SuperLotto

If you’re ready to buy one or both of these lottery tickets, here’s a quick overview on how to play one versus the other.

How to Play SuperLotto

SuperLotto tickets will each give you three panels to play from. For each of these panels you can choose five numbers from 1 – 35. You will also need to choose one number from a separate pool of numbers from 1 – 10. This second pool is where you’ll pick your Superball number. If you select the Superball number along with the correct primary numbers, you’ll win the jackpot!

SuperLotto also has a Quickpick option which chooses the numbers randomly for you. So opt for this Quickpick if you’re buying lottery tickets in bulk, or choose your lucky numbers yourself for each ticket and try your luck.

How to Play US Powerball

Powerball works with different rules because there are more numbers to choose from. This makes the odds of winning lower compared to SuperLotto ticket players. With Powerball you must also pick five numbers, but from a pool of 1 – 69. Then you must choose a Powerball number from 1 – 26. Powerball also has a quick pick option if you don’t want to come up with the numbers yourself.

Powerball vs SuperLotto: Which Jackpots Are Higher?

There are several big winners who have won the Powerball or the SuperLotto respectively. Check out some of these winners’ stories and get inspired to play the game of your choice by visiting theLotter and purchasing tickets online. As you’ll notice, the US Powerball has a general history of paying out much more than the SuperLotto in California, even when the latter has rolled over many months in a row.

SuperLotto Jackpot Won by Calfornia’s M. Shadoian

In October 2023, M. Shadoian won the SuperLotto jackpot of $82 million by guessing all five numbers as well as the Superball number. This jackpot rolled over over a period of nine months and accumulated a lot during this time, but nowhere near that of the US Powerball.

The Biggest Powerball Winner in History

Ironically enough the biggest US Powerball Winner in History was ALSO from CaliforniaThis player won a whopping $2.04 billion by matching all five numbers as well as the elusive Powerball number. This jackpot was won in November 2022.

So, Bottom Line on Powerball vs SuperLotto?

Playing the California SuperLotto is a great way to buy and play more tickets, but remember that your wins will be significantly smaller than that of the US Powerball. Clearly the odds of winning the SuperLotto are higher, but the prizes are also lower. The numbers to choose from are fewer, but again you may walk away with much less if you hit the jackpot or lower tier prizes.

These two lotteries are simply not in the same class, because the one is international and the other is limited to Californians. We’d recommend you try both if you do find yourself in the state of California, so be sure to visit sites like Lotto Agent to buy your tickets online.


Can I Play the SuperLotto Online?

Yes, you can play the SuperLotto online by visiting theLotter and purchasing one or more tickets for $1 each. You can also increase your chances of winning the SuperLotto by purchasing multiple tickets in one go and choosing different combinations of numbers for the same game.

Are Online SuperLotto Tickets Cheaper than Store-Bought?

No, online ticket purchases are the same as buying your tickets physically. But online sites like Lotto Agent do provide players with bonuses, conditional discounts, and free tickets based on how often they play. So if you play the lottery often, you should buy your tickets online to take advantage of these bonuses.

What Bonuses Are Available to Online Powerball Players?

Various online lottery ticket vendors offer different kinds of bonuses to online players. For example, theLotter gives you a 25% discount when you play their multi-draw option. You also earn VIP points which can be cashed in for free tickets over time.

What’s the Largest SuperLotto Payout in History?

The largest SuperLotto Plus jackpot ever won was $193 million which was claimed in 2002. This is only 10.5% of the largest US Powerball jackpot ever won in history which was $2.04 billion!

How is the SuperLotto jackpot Paid Out?

If you win the SuperLotto jackpot, you can opt to take the lump sum and receive it within 60 days of the claim. Alternatively you can have the amount paid in 30 installments. These installments start with a certain amount and are increased little by little each month over the 30 month period.