How And Where To Play Lottery Safely

It’s always a great disappointment when a player cannot enjoy the safety and security of playing the lottery online with comfort. This can be caused by illegal operating sites or by dodgy contracts. So, to make matters a little easier for you, we’ve compiled the basics about how to play lottery safely and some recommended sites. Let’s get into it.

How to Play Lottery Safely

First and foremost, you’re probably best off with getting accustomed to the basics. Lottery tickets can be purchased online or through a lottery retailer. In order to enter a lottery draw, you’ll need to fill in the numbers for each line and purchase the ticket itself. If you’re playing one of the major lotteries – such as the US Powerball, Mega Millions or EuroMillions – all the instructions will be listed clear as day.

It’s the lesser known lotteries that you’ve got to keep your wits about you. For instance, it’s important to know that if you want to play the Irish Lotto, you’ll need to purchase at least two lines. This is not too much of a nuisance, but the stipulation can certainly be irritating at times.

As long as you’re playing one of the major lotteries, you can rest assured that you’re not going to be scammed. However, you must make sure that if you’re playing online from a different country, you’re using a reliable and trustworthy lottery agent.

You can find a suitable online lottery agent from the best licensed online lotteries here.

The Use of Lottery Agents

Lottery agents are independent online lottery sites that help players form syndicate, purchase tickets online and, most importantly, allow players to try lotteries from other countries.

However, you’ll need to be sure that if you do purchase a lottery ticket with an agent that they are dependable. In a nutshell, here’s how a smooth transition should go through.

Let’s say that you wish to play the US Powerball but you’re living in Germany! By law, that means that you’re not able to play the lottery, as you’re not in the country at the time.

By contacting an online lottery agent, such as theLotter, you are able to play the US Powerball. The lottery agent will charge you for the ticket, plus an additional cost for handling, and keep the proof of payment secure on your account.

If your decision to play the US Powerball turns out to be a stroke of genius and you actually win the jackpot, here’s what should happen next. theLotter will contact you and congratulate you on your successful ticket. Then, you will just have to wait for the money to transfer over to your account and you’ll be all set.

Some online lottery agents may ask for a commission should you win the jackpot or cash-out a major amount in 24 hours. However, theLotter is a good example of an online agency that does not do so. You can read our complete list of the best online lottery agent ratings and reviews.

The Meaning Behind Safety

When selecting an online lottery or agent, you want to be sure that your pick has got great credibility. It’s no use having a winning ticket with a lottery site only for the agent to disappear and mysteriously claim your prize.

Thus, you will want to look for lottery sites and agents with a bit of reputation about them. A player will always feel more comfortable when playing the lottery online if they can depend on the site.

Another thing you’ll want to have a look at is the licenses which the site operates with. This could be a Curaçao eGaming license or, preferably, a UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority license.

Another thing you’ll want to be sure of is that you have got customer support if needed and an SSL encryption in-place. The security software is set-up to ensure that all personal details and banking credentials are kept confidential. However, it’s also true that lottery agents will want a bit of publicity should you actually win using their site. That doesn’t necessarily mean taking pictures holding a massive check and champagne. A few words would also do the trick if you wish to remain anonymous.

Avoid Scammers and Frauds

In case you’ve not heard, sadly, there are frauds out there who are trying to steal your money. Unfortunately, online lottery scammers do exist. So, if you receive a message telling you that you’ve won the lottery, but you’ll need to send a deposit first, do not make any contact with the sender.

This is a typical scheme which scammers employ to try and con you out of your hard-earned cash. If you haven’t entered a lottery, there is absolutely no way you will have won it!

It’s also recommended to look for the human-touch in the email/SMS or letter. For instance, a generic message saying you’ve won the lottery is not the same as a site like Lotto Agent informing you by your name that you’ve won. Typically, online lotteries and agents will tend to be more personal with you and friendly. After all, you’ve just won a massive amount for real and they couldn’t be prouder and more excited to get your thoughts on it.

Final Word

To conclude this analysis on how to play the lottery safely, we highly recommend you browse through our collection. On the hub page for the best online lottery sites, we’ve got the top-rated lotteries around the world and where you can play them. Moreover, you will also be able to find out which lottery agents offer the jackpots for players who are not residing in the designated country.