The Mavis Wanczyk Lottery Scam

Many people wonder who Mavis Wanczyk is and why her name is attached to a lottery scam that has deprived hundreds of people of their money and savings. Let’s delve into her story and find out how the Mavis Wanczyk lottery scam works and how you can avoid it.

The Real Mavis Wanczyk

In 2017, Mavis Wanczyk won the largest Powerball jackpot up until that time. She was determined to spend the money wisely since she was well aware that many lottery winners go broke after winning huge amounts of money as she had. She didn’t see the harm in going public when it came to receiving her winnings, and before long her name and picture appeared all over the internet, magazines, and newspapers.

This windfall resulted in various people trying to scam Mavis Wanczyk out of her winnings. She was approached by various people asking for money directly, while others tried to convince her that they could help her manage her funds. Luckily Mavis Wanczyk didn’t fall for any of these tricks, which started a more aggressive approach on the part of the scammers.

How the Mavis Wanczyk Lottery Scam Works

Instead of targeting Mavis Wanczyk herself, scammers turned their attention to the general public. They used the name of the Powerball winner and sent out thousands of emails to people stating that they represented Mavis Wanczyk and that she was giving away a large portion of her winnings to people out of the goodness of her heart.

A small percentage of people fell for the scam. They were told that all they had to do was pay small amounts of money for transfer fees to receive the payments. This resulted in scammers accumulating large sums of money from unsuspecting people who never saw the cash they were promised.

This scam was conducted by different groups of people, and soon got the name, “The Mavis Wanczyk Lottery Scam” because of how widespread it had become. Since most people knew who Mavis Wanczyk was through the news, internet, and interviews, many people believed the scammers and paid a collective fortune to the scammers.

People that Were Affected by the The Mavis Wanczyk Lottery Scam

These scammers didn’t necessarily target a specific group of people with their scam. It’s common for lottery scammers to target a particular demographic like the elderly, poor people, etc. In this case, scammers simply sent out thousands of these fake announcements and waited to see who would respond.

The Mavis Wanczyk lottery scam affected people through email as well as social media platforms like Twitter. The scammers managed to make these announcements look legitimate by using certain language and appealing to those who needed the money.


Is the Mavis Wanczyk Scam Still Persisting Today?

Yes, the Mavis Wanczyk is still being attempted by various scammers. This is happening despite the fact that Mavis Wanczyk has personally announced that she is NOT giving away money to random people and that everyone should be made aware of the scam.

Was Mavis Wanczyk the Biggest Powerball Winner in History?

No, Other Powerball winners have won amounts much larger than the one Mavis Wanczyk won in 2017. The largest Powerball win in history was $2.04 billion which happened in 2022. At the time, Mavis Wanczyk’s Powerball win was the largest that had ever been won up until that time, which is why she received so much publicity after going public.

What is the Mavis Wanczyk Foundation?

The Mavis Wanczyk Foundation is a non-profit charity organization that aims to help people who are in need of financial aid due to medical circumstances. The foundation can be viewed on Facebook and depicts some of the people Mavis Wanczyk has assisted since the founding of the organization.

Where is Mavis Wanczyk Today?

Fortunately, Mavis Wanczyk has not gone down a familiar path as some lottery winners have. She is still a millionaire and enjoys her early retirement with family and friends. She has however tried to keep a low profile as she travels the world, vacations with family, and invests her money wisely.

How Can I Avoid the Mavis Wanczyk Scam?

People can avoid the Mavis Wanczyk lottery scam by recognizing it as a scam. Mavis Wanczyk has made it very clear that she is not offering financial assistance to people randomly so anyone claiming that she is, is lying. If you receive an email or see a social media post saying that she is giving away money, report it to authorities and avoid being taken in by this too-good-to-be-true news.