10 Lotto Tips and Tricks To Win the Lottery Jackpot

Most working class people dream of winning a lottery jackpot so they can have the funds to do what they’ve always wanted to do. Some dream of traveling the world while others want a big house and to pay off debt. There are many tricks to help you win a lottery jackpot so you can experience these benefits, but not all of them work.

However, there are smart tricks you can learn that can boost your chances of bagging a jackpot prize! To help you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tricks you should know if you want to win a lottery jackpot. These tips are easy to follow and will make playing the lottery more exciting. Keep reading to find out more!

Pick a Lottery Game with the Best Odds

Bigger lotteries such as EuroMillions or the US Powerball have higher jackpots which is what attracts players to buy tickets for these games. But the odds of higher lotteries are also extremely low so it’s difficult to win a jackpot.

Consider choosing a lottery game with better odds of winning such as Mexico’s Chizpatso which gives you odds of 1 in 98,280. It should be noted that smaller lotteries may have the best odds but they also have smaller jackpot prizes. For example, Texas Cash Five has a top prize of $25,000 but the odds of winning is 1:324,632.

Here are other lotteries you can choose that have the best odds:

On the other hand, if you still want to play bigger lotteries to win larger jackpots, you can simply buy more tickets for a single draw to increase your chances of winning.

Learn the Rules of the Lottery Game

After you’ve chosen your preferred lottery game it’s important for you to read the rules and regulations before you buy tickets. This is especially true if you’re playing through online lottery sites such as LottoAgent or WinTrillions.

Learning the rules of the game will also give you information on:

  • How many numbers to choose per ticket
  • Drawing dates
  • The price of tickets
  • If the lottery offers second hand games

Most importantly, you’ll learn how you can claim prizes from the lottery and if it offers annuity or lump sum payouts. Typically there are strict rules for the age you must be to play and the time you have to claim prizes. All these factors are crucial because if you don’t follow the rules you may not get your lottery jackpot if you win.

Join a Lottery Pool/Syndicate

One of the most popular ways to increase your chances of winning a lottery jackpot is by joining a lottery pool or syndicate. You can either create your own lottery pool with friends and family or join one through an online lottery site.

The reason why people join lottery syndicates is because it’s an affordable way to buy more tickets and enter more number combinations. The more tickets you buy with combinations of numbers the higher the odds are of winning.

Top advantages of joining a lottery syndicate include:

  • You can play the lottery often on the same budget
  • A syndicate manager will handle buying tickets and collecting prize money
  • The potential to win more prizes in other tiers
  • The opportunity to build relationships with your syndicate

To play in a lottery pool or syndicate, everyone must place money into a pool to buy lottery tickets. There will also be a syndicate manager assigned who will collect the money and numbers from each player.

Choosing the Right Numbers

Another effective trick to win a lottery jackpot is choosing the right numbers. Quick picks are ideal if you’re in a rush and simply want to play for fun. But if you’re serious about winning a jackpot there are various ways you can choose the right numbers. Here are examples for you.


Hot numbers are drawn frequently in lottery draws. Some lottery sites will provide statistics on lottery numbers that have been drawn frequently over the past year or two. For example, the South African lottery provides the following details on its hot numbers:

  • Number 49 has been drawn 70 times
  • Number 14 has been drawn 69 times
  • Number 1 has been drawn 69 times
  • Number 28 has been drawn 68 times
  • Number 13 has been drawn 68 times
  • Number 6 has been drawn 64 times

If the lottery you’ve chosen doesn’t give you statistics on hot numbers you can always visit the draw history to see which numbers have been drawn frequently. Use these numbers in your combinations.


Cold numbers are drawn less frequently in a lottery but may appear again in the next draw. Every lottery is different and won’t have the same cold numbers. You can check your chosen lottery’s draw history to see which numbers are cold. Or check if they have stats on cold numbers that you can follow.

Include one or two cold numbers in your combinations or pick one as a key number if you do lottery wheeling.

Even and Odd Numbers

It’s less likely that the lottery will draw only odds or only even numbers. Therefore, you should have a mixture of both types of numbers to increase your chances of winning. You also want to use a combination of high and low numbers to cover more possibilities.

Number Mixing

Experts advise to mix up your numbers when creating your combinations. You should have some odd, even, high, low, hot and cold numbers. This is because the law of probability shows that you can increase your odds of winning if you choose numbers from all sections.

Use Different Lottery Strategies

For those who like mathematics and strategizing there are lottery tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning a jackpot. Some lottery strategies are easy and others are more complex. Here are tips to use when playing your favorite lottery game.

Lottery Predictions

There isn’t any program or method that can give you the exact numbers that will be drawn in a lottery. However, there are lottery prediction platforms you can use to generate numbers for you. Or you can generate your own by creating a lottery prediction algorithm in Excel.

Another method of lottery predictions is to use lucky numbers from your star sign. Find these numbers online or through magazines when reading about your horoscope.

Lottery Wheels

Lottery wheeling is one of the more complex lottery strategies to use. Essentially, lottery wheeling is when you use every possible combination with a group of numbers you’ve chosen. These combinations have the highest probability of winning a lottery jackpot.

It should be noted that the more numbers you have in your group the more number combinations you will get. There are different types of lottery wheeling systems to use such as:

  • Full lottery wheel: A full lottery wheel is when you play all possible combinations from the group of numbers you’ve chosen. However, this can get expensive because you have to play all these lottery combinations to win. Depending on how many numbers you have you could have hundreds of different combinations to play.
  • Abbreviated lottery wheel: This type of lottery wheel reduces the number of combinations you need to play which also allows you to save money on tickets. It won’t include all possible number combinations but you’ll still have a chance of winning a prize from other tiers.
  • Key number wheel: If you want to reduce the number of combinations in your lottery wheel then you can use a key number. The key number must be included in all the combinations you place on your ticket.

Mathematical Sequences

Lottery wheeling is one type of mathematical sequence. However, there are other ways you can use mathematical sequences. The Delta lotto system is another example where you only choose numbers between 1 and 15. Here’s how you can use the Delta system:

  1. Choose three low numbers preferably below 8. According to the Delta lotto system at least two numbers below 8 may be drawn.
  2. For your fourth number choose one that’s closest to 8 for example, 6, 7, 9 or 10
  3. Now pick two more numbers that are higher than your four numbers but not higher than 15. 
  4. For your final number add up the five numbers in the group to get your last one. For example, if your numbers were 1, 2, 3, 7, and 11 and you add them up your last number will be 24. This number shouldn’t be more than 15 numbers bigger than the number you picked in the previous step.
  5. Now take your numbers and mix them up or use them in a wheeling system.

The Quick Pick Option

There are lottery players that simply rely on luck to win the jackpot. So their only lottery strategy is to use the quick pick option. You could also use this option if you want to generate random numbers quickly.

You could also choose multiple draws so you can keep playing without having to do any of the work. The quick pick option is for those who don’t have time to choose numbers or create combinations.

Using the Same Numbers for Every Draw

A winner from Gauteng, South Africa won R38 million in 2020 by using the same set of numbers for years. He claimed that he had been playing the lottery since he was 19 years old and never changed his number. His winning set was 06 16 23 26 33 48, and bonus number 07. The anonymous player also stated that he almost changed his numbers at the last minute. If he’d done that he wouldn’t be a millionaire today.

However, this result could be a slow process because the man from South Africa had been playing the same numbers for many years before he won. So if you simply want to play the lottery for fun there’s no harm in playing with your same lucky numbers every week.

Budget So You Can Play Every Week

One of the best ways to improve your chances of winning the jackpot is if you play the lottery often. But to do this you’ll need to budget to buy your lottery tickets. Decide how many tickets you want to buy a week and set money aside for it.

Joining a syndicate is ideal if you want to work on a strict budget when playing the lottery. This is because you’ll put in the same amount of money when it’s time to buy another ticket.

Play Second Hand Games

If your numbers didn’t show up in the lottery draw there is still a way you can play with a losing lottery ticket. This is called a second chance or second hand lottery game. It’s a second drawing that gives you higher odds of winning with your losing lottery numbers.

Any losing lottery ticket can be entered into a second chance game. But you still need to hand in the ticket to play. Some lotteries may require an extra fee so you can be entered into the second chance lottery. But it’s worth it if you get to play another draw with better odds of winning.

Go with High Numbers

If you want to win a lottery jackpot then you should spend some time choosing your numbers carefully. Experts suggest that you should pick high numbers as opposed to lower ones because they have higher odds of appearing in a draw.

For example, if the numbers of the lottery are between 1 and 56, choose numbers closer to the higher number such as 49, 34 or 51. You should also consider having more high numbers in your group than low ones. So if you have a 6/58 game, choose four high numbers and two low numbers.

Buy More Tickets

To increase your chances of winning a lottery that has odds of 1 in 292,201,338 you simply need to buy more tickets. The advantage of playing the lottery is that tickets are affordable so you can easily buy 2 to 5 tickets for a single draw. However, this will depend on your budget and how much you can afford to spend. The more tickets you buy the more chance you have of winning the jackpot!

Consider Playing Through Lottery Sites

If you want to play lotteries with better odds or higher jackpots in stronger currencies then we suggest you play through reputable online lottery sites. There are many licensed lottery sites you can play through that have popular lotteries from Europe and the United States. Here is a lost of the most popular online lottery sites that have hundreds of games from all around the world:

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Each of these lottery sites have their own benefits, bonuses and features that you may enjoy such as subscriptions or multipliers. Choose one that has multiple payment methods and lotteries you enjoy playing.

Conclusion: What Are the Best Lottery Winning Tricks & Tips?

As you can see, there are various tips and tricks you can use to win a lottery jackpot from any game. It all comes down to how you choose your numbers, your odds of winning and the strategies you use to win. Use this article to find a reputable lottery site to play through and use the advice we’ve provided to boost your chances of becoming a jackpot winner!


What would you do with your millions?

Whatever you decide to do with your lottery jackpot, you should consider investing and not spend your money on high end goods. Expensive cars and houses are great but they need extensive upkeep that can be expensive. In the long run these expensive items and frivolous spending can make you bankrupt.

Is it best to choose your own numbers or a quick pick?

It’s better to choose your own numbers because then you can use various lottery strategies such as wheeling systems to create combinations. By choosing your own numbers you have a higher chance of winning especially if you play various number combinations on a single draw.

Does the time you buy tickets affect your odds of winning?

No, there is no proof that buying lottery tickets at a specific time can increase your odds. However, some players buy their tickets a few minutes before a draw closes for an extra bit of luck. You can try this method too but it won’t guarantee a win.

What is the best lottery strategy to win the jackpot?

The best lottery strategy to win a jackpot is playing every possible number combination with the numbers you’ve chosen. This is called a full lottery wheel. It may be expensive to play the lottery this way but it does boost your chances of winning a jackpot better than any other strategy.