8 Best Secrets & Tricks of Winning the Lottery Jackpot in 2024

Winning the lottery almost seems as mission impossible for most people. But then again, most people have never heard of Richard Lustig.

Winning the lottery is no easy game by any stretch of one’s imagination. However, using certain strategies and techniques, you can certainly boost your jackpot winning chances. Today, we look at the 8 best lottery secrets you need to know in order to score the grand prize.

Best Lottery Secrets from a Pro

Winning the lottery almost seems as mission impossible for most people. But then again, most people have never heard of Richard Lustig. The American state-run lotto player had won different jackpots on seven separate occasions. In total, he’s raked up more than $1 million in lottery prizes between 1993-2010. Moreover, Lustig went on to write the book, ‘Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery’. You can read more about that on our page for famous lottery books.

Lustig had many different ideals one could implement to improve their jackpot winning odds. Many of these tips are found in his book and in most lottery guides and suggestions.

1. Select the Right Game

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you’re playing the right game. A brilliant way of doing this is by reading what odds you’re up against. All lotteries are subject to providing players with such information. You can read more about these figures in our page for lottery odds explained.

Having identified the lottery odds of each game, you will have a better idea of what you are to overcome. We would advise you to stick to games with less main-game balls to choose from and with less choice. Obviously, a game with six balls is more difficult than one with 5 balls. Moreover, you’ll want games with numbers 1-50 rather than 1-60/70.

2. Do Your Homework

The popular belief is that the lottery is solely based on luck. Therefore, one can select any numbers – with their eyes closed – and pray for a lucky strike. However, coming from the words of Lustig himself, the game has got far more about it than just dumb luck.

Lustig advises players to take a look at the outcome of the previous lottery draws. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify which of the numbers have got more chance of being drawn as opposed to others.

3. Avoid RNG Lucky Dips

Although many players have won by using Random Number Generator lines, Lustig suggests players to avoid them. The Lucky Dip – or Quick Pick – was introduced to make purchasing tickets easier and faster. But according to Lustig, you’re better off with sticking to your gut feeling than letting a computer fill out your numbers.

4. Forget about the Sentimental Meaning

If you decide to play the lottery, please steer clear of nostalgia. Many players decide to pick numbers with a sentimental meaning. For instance, let’s say a player’s father was born on May the 31st. Picking the numbers 5 and 31 would have a great sentimental feeling. What about all the other numbers from 32 to 60?

In order to improve your chances of winning the jackpot, we advise you to avoid picking numbers just because they mean something to you. Play the game with an eye on which numbers you believe will pop-up again.

5. Stick with your Numbers

According to Richard Lustig, you’ve got to insist on sticking to the same numbers you play. The chances of having winning numbers more than once are slim by any means. Thus, if you keep the same lottery numbers and lose, you’ll have a better chance of winning the following draw.

6. Watch Out for Scammers

It’s very easy to fall to the clever tricks of lottery scammers. If you’re familiar with the ‘Nigerian Prince’ tale, this is not all that different. Lottery scammers are professionals in fooling players to conning them out of thousands of dollars. The most common trick they use is to announce that you’ve won the lottery, but you need to send a deposit before claiming the jackpot. This is totally and utterly a con. It is simply not possible to win a jackpot without having purchased a ticket prior.

In this case, you can trust our list of the best safe online lotteries to play.

7. Exposing the ‘Lottery Curse’

There are many players that don’t play the lottery simply because they know about all the following steps. Many lottery winners end up bankrupt or in-debt after winning a staggering amount of cash. The main reason behind this is the belief that the money is endless.

Lustig tells players to avoid believing in this lottery curse as winning the jackpot is a blessing and can be handled financially with the help of professionals. If you bring in the right advisors, you’re not going to blow all the money away.

8. The Dream Works

Another popular lottery secret is the belief of attracting numbers in your sleep. The idea is quite simple. If you play the lottery, and have seen some numbers in your dreams, play those numbers every single week.

An American mother of five had such an experience back in 2007. She claims to have seen several numbers in her dreams and used methods of attraction to help boost her chances. Eventually, she won a jackpot worth $112 million by using those same numbers.


Thus, if you’re keen to put our 8 best lottery secrets to the test, you can do so by playing at the best online lottery sites available to you. Many of these are tips and tricks which are given by Lustig. After all, using the experience of a 7-time-jackpot winner says a lot.

However, you can still find some alternative rituals to try out. Waving a lottery ticket over a black cat or pregnant woman’s belly is a superstition. Another one for you could be carrying a horseshoe whilst purchasing your ticket or entering the betting shop with your left foot.

There are many different lottery rituals that players try out to help them win the jackpot. So long as you stick to a clear strategy, we believe you’re already heading in the right direction.