What To Look For To Win The Lottery

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you’re playing a game which is ideal for you.

Winning the lottery is all down to sheer luck. This is the mindset of a player who buys tickets, week-in, week-out, without anything to show for it. Ask Richard Lustig, a seven-time grand prize winner, and he’ll tell you luck has got absolutely nothing to do with it. Well, if it’s not down to good fortune, what is it then? Here’s what to look for to win the lottery in a few short and sweet steps.

What to Look for to Win the Lottery: 10 Easy Steps

The first thing you’ll want to do is get it out of your mind that the lottery is all about luck and sentiment. There are strategies one can use and different ways of selecting numbers. Hot streaks exist, cold numbers are losing numbers and syndicates are certainly a popular choice these days.

1. Choose the right Lottery

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you’re playing a game which is ideal for you. The major difference you’ll have to make is if you want to play a national lottery or state lottery. Keep in mind, the latter will not be worth as much but will not have as many players competing for the top prize either. This can be beneficial as you have a higher chance of winning compared to national lotteries and a lower chance of having to share a jackpot win with another player.

To help you out, we’ve reviewed some of the best online lotteries by location that you can play online.

2. Purchasing More Tickets

The UK Thunderball, which has a fixed jackpot worth £500,000, gives players the odds of 1:8,060,598 to win. That’s quite high, in comparison to other lotteries. However, by simply buying more tickets, you’re improving your own chances of winning that lump-sum. It’s all simple mathematics at the end of the day. An extra line gives you an extra chance of winning.

3. Join Syndicate Betting Teams

Buying more tickets is one way to go about your business. However, in order not to break the bank on purchasing lottery tickets, it is recommended to form a lottery syndicate.

Basically, this is a group that is legally bound by a signed contract to share lottery tickets with one another and, should a ticket pay-off, to share the prize claimed. If you’re unclear on how lottery syndicates work feel free to click on the link for further reference.

4. Lose the Sentiment

Many players pick numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries and other sentimental nonsense. Ridiculous. Especially when you consider that days can’t even go beyond the number 31 at max.

You’re here to win the lottery so you’ll have to toughen up and pick the numbers which are going to do that for you. Don’t pick numbers based on an emotional basis, go for numbers that give you that wow-factor.

5. Picking Hot & Cold Numbers

In order to know what to look for to win the lottery, you’ll have to do your homework. Take a look at the previous results. Perhaps you’ll find a few numbers reoccurring and some other ones which almost never show up.

6. Don’t Pick Consecutives

The chances of consecutive numbers coming out is extremely low. Your best bet is to try and pick numbers completely at random, ideally from different number groups. For instance, 5, 11, 23, 35, 48, 52 and 67 from a 6/69 game.

7. Avoid Quick Picks

Despite many players actually winning from Quick Picks – which is basically already filled out for you by a Random Number Generator (RNG) – many players actually lose from them. We would recommend you go with your gut feeling and try to use methods such as the hot and cold number strategy.

8. Play Less Popular Games

Now this one isn’t going to bring in the big bucks like a Powerball would but it’s certainly a good idea. By selecting games with less players, you have a greater chance of winning. There’s less chance of another player sharing the same numbers as you if you do happen to predict the jackpot draw.

9. Know what to Play

Depending on how you want to go about your business, it’s important to know what lotto you want to profit from. There are progressive ones, which can even enter the 10-digit-number fray, and non-progressives. The latter are not as popular but still have some pretty decent prizes.

10. Stick to your Numbers

If you’ve gone and selected some numbers and they haven’t paid off, you’ve got a better shot next week. This is the basic motto of Richard Lustig, the winner of 7 separate jackpots.

His logic suggests that the same numbers are extremely unlikely to hit for a second week coming. Chopping and changing is not an option for the late author, who believes that if you stick to the numbers, they’ll eventually reward you for it.

Final Word

Thus, now you’ve got a better idea of what to look for to win the lottery. We would advise you to try your luck at one of the best online lottery site reviews prepared for you.

Winning a lottery is no piece of cake by any stretch of one’s imagination. However, you can certainly boost your jackpot winning chances by using some of these tips. It’s crazy how many players just believe that the lottery is all down to fluke. In reality, you’ve got many different possibilities at your disposal and we believe that by using any of our winning lottery strategies, you certainly could be the next big winner.