The best online lottery ticket shops

Finding your favorite online lottery ticket shop is the first step to start your fun-filled lottery adventure. There are many well-established, trustable online lottery ticket sites out there, as well as quite a few unlicensed, scam businesses. If you are wondering how to find the trustable one, we have good news for you.

You can check MyLottoGuide’s best online lottery site reviews and find a comprehensive list of the trustable online lottery businesses which we have tried and analyzed extensively. We regularly review the newest online lottery betting sites, where you can bet on a variety of national and instant lotteries, and the array of online lottery agents, where you can buy the national lottery tickets online.

We work hard to ensure that you find all the information that you are looking for at MyLottoGuide, such as the latest online lottery bonuses and the best online lottery payment methods available. We have reviewed online lotteries for every taste. You can find, for instance, Bitcoin online lottery sites and PayPal online lottery sites available in different languages simply browsing our website.

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You can buy national lottery tickets online

The lottery has been a part of daily life all over the world for several millennia. It is mainly because the lottery is a simple and fun activity which may result in a huge gain. So many dreams have come true thanks to lottery winnings. It, in a way, represents hope for a better future. Moreover, it is played by masses regardless of age, gender, profession, and income. Everybody loves the lottery.

Thanks to the main wonder of modern history, the internet, you can now buy tickets to all the best lotteries online. If you aim for the sky and your local lottery jackpot doesn’t even reach the top of a small hill, you can try your luck with the lotteries of other countries. For example, the US Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots reached over $1.5 billion previously. Can your local lottery jackpot beat that?

At MyLottoGuide, we aim to display the latest lottery news and prepare possibly the best online lottery guides available publicly. This is all to guide you to the right online lottery shop to buy your online lottery ticket using your desktop or mobile device. You can also check the honest reviews of the best online lottery agents before deciding where to buy national lottery tickets online.

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Increase your chances with the best online lottery syndicates

If you buy a thousand lottery tickets, your chances of winning are exactly a thousand times higher as if you bought just a single ticket. This is pure mathematics. More tickets mean better chances for success. And yes, you are guaranteed to win the jackpot if you buy all the tickets. This would make the game pointless though. Like any other form of gambling, a lottery is a zero-sum game. For you to win, someone should lose. And you want to be on the winning side, right?

The lottery syndicates offer just that. If you do not feel like buying tens or hundreds of tickets alone, you can join forces with other smart players and organize the pool, called a syndicate, to buy them. The chances of your pool of tickets to win are considerable and in case if it happens, you will share the winning money proportionate to your contribution to the syndicate funds. The logic here is very simple - you rather have 5% from million dollars than 100% from zero.

It is important to note here that you do not buy lottery tickets when playing in a syndicate. You rather buy shares in the syndicate which then buys the tickets from the money pooled by you and other players.

As part of our commitment to provide comprehensive lottery information, we pay special attention to the syndicates. In fact, we consider this lottery strategy to be so important that we have created a special section fully devoted just to identify the best online lottery syndicates available.

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Our rating criteria

We take certain criteria into consideration while creating the best online lottery site reviews. Every online lottery site and agency needs to have certain qualities in order to take its place among the best online lotteries. These qualities are as follows:

  • Available online lotteries and syndicates: A perfect online lottery site is expected to feature quite a few national lotteries with the biggest jackpots or run its own online lottery draws with a huge jackpot. The current leaders of the industry offer online tickets of the lotteries from the USA, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, Japan and more. You name one and they offer you the tickets online. Moreover, having plenty of online lottery syndicates is an essential feature that we look for.
  • Bonuses: One of the biggest perks of playing lotteries online is getting online lottery bonuses as you play. You can claim online lottery signup bonuses, match bonuses, deposit bonuses, and cashback bonuses. You can even claim free lottery tickets or get discounts on your purchases.
  • Payment methods: There are many online lottery payment methods out there. If we need to name a few, Bitcoin, Skrill, NetEller, and PayPal are among the huge number of deposit and withdrawal methods available for online lottery players. If you are more traditional, you can use your Visa and Mastercard debit or credit card. You can even use the bank wire transfer option.
  • Customer Support: Once you create an account at an online lottery site, you become a customer who has certain rights to enjoy a lottery experience with necessary safety. As a rightful customer, you may have questions, recommendations or problems. It is the online lottery operator’s responsibility to offer your multiple channels to contact including a live chat support, support via phone and email support. We test the efficiency of such support channels and give you detailed analysis in our reviews.
  • The design: Functionality of an online lottery site is what we care the most. However, who would want to spend time at an online lottery which looks ugly and chaotic? It is important that you’ll find your way around easily and enjoy a modern gaming experience both on your desktop and mobile devices. That is why we consider the design of online lottery sites among our review criteria.

Frequently asked questions

The lottery is a game where you to pick the numbers from a certain range. The numbers do not repeat.

The winning numbers are then selected by the lottery organizer employing random draw. You will receive the main prize, called Jackpot if you have guessed all the winning numbers correctly.

Lottery Jackpots regularly reach tens of millions of dollars or euros.

The lottery tickets can be purchased online for most of the world's biggest lotteries. There are only two conditions. You have to be older than 18 and you must do it through licensed online lottery sites.

Lottery betting offers an alternative way of playing lotteries online. Instead of buying the lottery ticket through an agent, you place the bet on the outcome of the lottery draw. If your bet is correct, you are paid the same amount as if you have purchased the lottery ticket directly.

The lottery betting is a licensed form of gambling.

A lottery is gambling. There is no doubt about that. It is, however, a truly unique form of gambling as, unlike any other game, offers life-changing winnings compared to the cost of the ticket. For the price of a cappuccino, you can win millions or even tens of millions of euros or dollars.

The truth of the matter is that lotteries with bad odds offer sky-high Jackpots and lottery with better odds have to be combined with lower winnings. There are always choices you have to make here.

If you you are after good odds, we recommend Austria Loto 6 of 45. With the only a maximum of 8 million winning combinations possible, and minimum Jackpot of €1.5 million you are looking at probably the best value for money in the world of online lotteries.

Syndicate is a pool the money by the lottery players to buy a high number of tickets and boost the chances of winning. In case of success, the syndicate players split the resulting winnings proportionately.

Lottery syndicates are the only reliable way to increase the probability to win. We have devoted a full section of our website to this innovative way of playing lotteries online.

The order of the winning numbers does not matter. You will receive the Jackpot prize irrespective of the order the numbers have been selected by the random draw.

Tickets to the national lotteries are sold in outlets only in that particular country. There are two ways foreigners can buy them: by visiting the country personally, or by using an intermediary.

These intermediaries operate online and are called lottery ticket agents. They buy lottery tickets on your behalf and arrange payouts in case your ticket wins

Most of the lotteries are organized by national governments or licensed lottery operators. The licencing ensures that the winning numbers are selected by truly random draw and there is no way anyone can predict the numbers in advance.

When buying your lottery ticket online, please make sure it is sold by the licensed operator. The best way to do this is by visiting the best online lottery sites vetted by us in advance.

Lottery odds show the likelihood of winning the prize.

If a maximum of 10 million number combinations are possible in your favourite lottery and you have purchased one ticket, the likelihood of win is 1 in 10 million. Single ticket with one combination picked by you against 10 million combinations possible theoretically.

The maximum number of combinations can be calculated mathematically for each lottery. For instance, there are 292.2 million winning number combinations possible in each draw at the US Powerball lottery.

The only way to improve your odds of winning is to buy more tickets, either yourself or in syndicate with other lottery players.

Most countries tax lottery winning as an income.

If you win the foreign lottery, you might be obliged to pay tax there. Later your home country might also want some piece of action however depending on the laws, they normally will take the difference between their tax and the tax already paid by you abroad. This way you (normally) should not be taxed twice on your lottery winnings.

Yes, normally there is a deadline when you have to come forward and claim your winning. We, therefore, advise you to check the numbers immediately after the draw. This way you will make sure your winning is not forgotten.

Another great alternative is to play the lottery at best online lottery sites which not only make the purchasing experience much more enjoyable but which will also inform about your success immediately after the draw.