Jackpot.com Review – Is It Worth It In 2024?

  • Fast loading times
  • User friendly interface
  • Instant deposit without paying fees
  • 30+ lotteries available
  • Multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Different promotions every week for VIP members
  • Offers side games such as slots and scratch cards
  • Multiple ways to contact support
  • Limited hours for customer support
  • Restricted in many countries
  • No app for Android

Jackpot.com is a popular site that lets people from around the world bet on high prize lotteries. The lotteries that this site offers are impressive so you’ll have a chance to win big. To help you decide whether this lottery site is best for you we’ve provided an extensive review below

Find out what features and games Jackpot.com offers and well as how the site is designed for the ultimate user experience. We’ll also give you an in depth overview of its payment and withdrawal features so you can see if the site provides convenient methods for you. Continue reading to find out if Jackpot.com is worth the hype. 

Features and Games

Jackpot.com Lotteries You Can Play With

The Jackpot.com site’s main offer is online lotteries that gives you the opportunity to win huge jackpots! You’ll find some of the biggest American and European lotteries on the platform. With Jackpot.com you can bet on the most popular lotteries such as USA Powerball, Euromillions and Megamillions

If you want to try your hand at other lotteries on the site there are 30 more for you to choose from as you can see in the image below. Simply click on the lottery you want to play then choose your numbers, pick your draws and then go to the checkout. 

Here is a list of the popular lotteries you can choose from: 

  • Euro Millions 
  • Mega Millions 
  • Powerball
  • Super Enalotto 
  • Jackpot Millions 

Jackpot.com Lotteries

Online Scratch Cards

The lottery games on Jackpot.com isn’t the only way you can win on the site. There’s also instant win scratch card games for you to choose from. You play these scratch card games the same way you play the ones you get at your local store. 

Simply pick your card and then scratch the numbers off to reveal the images underneath. If your images match up you’ll have a winning combination. Some scratch cards offer rare jackpots. The cheaper cards can be bought for €0.05 per card. For bigger games you can expect to pay €5.00 per card. 

The site offers discounts for multiple card purchases between 5 and 30 cards. There are some cards such as the Royal Charm that have a max jackpot of up to €50,000

Online Scratch Cards

The scratch card games on Jackpot.com are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. So you can rest assured that the scratch card games are not rigged and are truly random for a fair win.

In total there are 20 scratch card games for you to play on Jackpot.com and every scratch card offers 10 different prize levels. These prize levels range from small payouts of €0.10 to larger jackpots of €50,000 depending on the game you choose to play. 

Is Jackpot.com Legit and Safe?

Since Jackpot.com is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority the platform has gone through a series of inspections to insure its legitimacy. Furthermore, the site is monitored to ensure that it adheres to the rules and regulations of these licenses. 

You’ll appreciate that the Jackpot.com site has extensive online security such as Thawte SSL encryption to keep your online data secure. Jackpot.com also has a privacy policy that stipulates what data is collected for record purposes and how your data is protected. 

Therefore, all transactions and withdrawals are secure at all times to ensure your sensitive data such as banking details are never leaked to cybercriminals. 

Jackpot.com license

Jackpot.com Winners

First things first and that is, you don’t have to travel to claim your winnings! This is a bonus if you hit the jackpot on any of the lotteries played on Jackpot.com. Legit winners are posted on the website as well as on YouTube and this is what some of them have to say.

Maria Dolores from Malta won €97,000 after playing the EuroMillions in 2018. She used the Jackpot.com subscription facility for six months before becoming a winner. Valentin Zafirov from London became a big winner after winning the second prize of €248,000 on EuroMillions. It was his first Euromillions entry ever! This was one happy Jackpot.com winner whose story was published on the DailyStar news website!

Another Jackpot.com winner was Sililat, a student from Laos who won $50,000 after playing the US Powerball through the lottery website in September 2017. All Jackpot.com winners can be found on the lottery website’s blog page.

Jackpot.com Sign up Process (Step-by-Step)

One of the benefits of Jackpot.com is that the signup process is effortless. In this section, we’ll show you how to sign up to Jackpot.com and we’ll provide images so you can see exactly where to go when you register on the site. 

  1. Go to the Jackpot.com website and click on the register tab on the top right-hand corner of the page. 



  1. Fill in all your details such as your name, email address, and your password, and then click on the continue button at the bottom of the registry page. 
Jackpot.com registration
  1. On the second page of the registration form, fill in your home address, contact details and date of birth. Then click the Finish Registration button at the bottom. 
Jackpot.com Sign-up Process
  1. After registering you can choose the amount you want to deposit into your account. Or you can choose the lottery you want to play first before making a deposit. Click on the tab that says “choose your lottery first” before you deposit money. 
Jackpot.com deposit confirmation

Unique Player Protection Feature

The reason why so many players choose to use Jackpot.com is because of its unique player protection features. When you make deposits you can set daily, weekly or monthly deposits or wagers on your games. 

Additionally, for adults that share their devices with minors Jackpot.com has a protection service called NET NANNY that you can install onto your device.

Only players who are 18 years or older may use Jackpot.com and the user’s age will be verified upon sign-up to ensure minors don’t use the site. 

Jackpot.com App on Your Mobile

Jackpot.com has a mobile app for iOS users who can download the app onto any Apple mobile device. However, there is no mobile app for Android users. On the other hand, some users state that the mobile app doesn’t work as well as other lottery sites because it’s not updated regularly. 

So the best way to use Jackpot.com on your smartphone is to visit the site on your mobile’s browser. It works just as well as your desktop browser and has all the games available. The mobile site is formatted to fit any smartphone screen and it offers a smooth user experience. 

The mobile site has swipeable menus and the lotteries as well as the online scratch cards are easily accessible. 

Design and User Experience

The Jackpot.com website is extremely fast and you can find the type of game you want to play at the top of the page. Click on the game you want to play to get started or click on the results tab to see winning lottery numbers for the week. 

Jackpot.com design

You’ll find all important information about the site at the bottom of the web page such as contact information, terms and conditions and even links to the site’s social media pages. 

Jackpot.com webpage

Additionally, there’s a tab at the top where you can access your account, cart and inbox easily. The site doesn’t have any downtime but if you do experience technical difficulties you can contact Jackpot.com support. 

Jackpot.com support

Jackpot.com Tickets Pricing Comparison

When using jackpot.com it’s often worth playing subscriptions, since you’ll pay much less per line. So, take your time checking out these special offers. 

Jackpot.com is flexible, allowing you to pick just one line to play – unlike some lottery agents that expect you to play two or three lines. 

Of course, the cost per ticket may still be a little higher compared to what you’ll pay in store at local lottery retailers, since the platform requires a service fee. But, the small additional expense helps you take part in lotteries around the world.  

Lottery Original Price jackpot.com TheLotter Price LottoAgent WinTrillions
US Powerball $2 £4.75 $5/ line (minimum 3 lines) € 5.00/line € 4.75/line
MegaMillions $2 £3.50 $5/ line (minimum 3 lines) € 5.00/line € 4.75/line
EuroJackpot €2 £4.50 $5/line (minimum 2 lines) € 5.30/line  
Euro Millions €2.50 £3.50 $3.50/line (minimum 2 lines) € 5.70/line €12/line

Bonuses and Promotions 

One of the ways other lottery sites lose users is because of their lack of bonuses and promotions. Fortunately, Jackpot.com offers plenty of discounts, prizes and bonuses. Find out what they are in this next section. 

Subscription Discounts

When you register to Jackpot.com the site doesn’t offer you a sign-up bonus. On the other hand, the site does offer subscription discounts on lottery tickets if you subscribe for a certain time. 

For example, if you choose the Powerball lottery and you pay €3.50 for a single ticket, you’ll get a 20% off discount for a monthly subscription or a 30% annual discount. Euromillions offers a 15% monthly discount and 20% off annual discount

If you want to subscribe, simply choose the lottery you want to play and then click on the Subscribe tab to get your discount. Take a look at the following table for lotteries to find out what their monthly and annual discounts are.

Lottery Game  Monthly Discount  Annual Discount 
Mega Millions 20%  30%
Powerball 20%  30%
Euromillions 15% 20%
EuroJackpot 10% 15%
German Lotto 10% N/A
SuperEnalotto 20%  30%
Irish Lotto 10% 15%
Polish Lotto 10% N/A
Oz Powerball 10% 15%
Oz Lotto 10% 15%
UK Lotto 10% 15%
French Loto 10% 15%
Thunderball 5% 10%
Sat Lotto 10% 15%
Canada 649 10% 20%
Mon Lotto 10% 15%
Mega Sena N/A N/A
Wed Lotto 10% 15%
Jackpot.com draws

VIP Club Bonuses

Subscribing to any of the lottery tickets for a time will automatically put you into VIP status. As a VIP club member you’ll get exclusive bonus rewards such as weekly or monthly prizes, birthday gifts and VIP customer support. 

It should be noted that the VIP rewards such as birthday gifts, weekly and the monthly bonuses may change but this always keeps things interesting. As a thank you for your support, each year on your birthday you may get a small bonus for being a loyal user.  


For each lottery the prize money is shown at the bottom of the logos. You stand a chance to win the full prize amount if no one else has the same matching numbers you do for jackpots. If you win the lower prizes and there are others who won the same tier as you, all players will get the same amount. 

On the other hand, if you’re part of a syndicate the winning prize money will be divided between each syndicate member. But remember, the more shares you have the bigger your portion of the prize money will be. 

For VIP members you may get rewarded with vouchers or appliances for your home. These prizes change weekly so it’s always exciting to see what’s up for grabs when you subscribe to lotteries. 

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

There are various methods you can use to make deposits and to withdraw any prize money you win on Jackpot.com. Use your debit card to make a deposit either using Visa or Mastercard

You can also use eWallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Sofort or Webmoney. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t support PayPal for deposits or withdrawals.

Jackpot Payment Methods and Withdrawals

All you have to do is click on the currency icon at the top right-hand of the page, select the amount you want to deposit and then click the deposit tab. Then choose your deposit method by using your credit card or eWallet. 

Deposit confirmation
Jackpot payment methods

Jackpot.com Payout Rules

Jackpot.com deposits your winnings directly into the account that’s registered on the platform. It may take some time for larger jackpots to be deposited into your account. This is because Jackpot.com must collect the funds from it’s insurance carrier so the company can deposit your winnings into your account. 

The maximum withdrawal amount is €1,000 using your preferred method such as debit card or eWallet. However, you’ll have to contact Jackpot.com if you’ve won a larger jackpot. 

Fortunately, collecting your prize money is effortless for smaller wins because you don’t have to continuously contact the company to receive your money every time you win. 

Are There Any Applicable Fees or Commissions?

One of the advantages of Jackpot.com is that the platform doesn’t charge you any fees or commission on your winnings. Whether you win  €1,000 or €50,000 you don’t have to pay to withdraw your prize. 

However, for Mega Millions and Powerball, Jackpot.com deducts 39.6% of your winnings for taxes. This is only for these two lottery games. All other games on Jackpot.com will pay out your full winnings without deductions. 

Customer Support

If you’re having any technical issues with the site you can contact Jackpot.com’s live support. However, live support is only available between 11:00 CET and 23:00 CET.

You can also email Jackpot.com if you’re having problems with the site, deposits or withdrawals on support@jackpot.com and the company will respond to your messages within 24 hours. Additionally, you can call support on +441515414507 available times are between 11:00 CET and 22:00 CET. 

Lastly, you can also contact Jackpot.com through Facebook messenger. Simply visit the site and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to find the “Contact Us” tab. Click on the tab and select your preferred method of communication. 

Jackpot.com Customer Support

Most Common Complaints in Jackpot.com

The biggest and most common user complaint on Jackpot.com is the company’s right to pay out a lump sum of money or to use the annuity option which pays you annually for 30 years. But this is only for the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries which pay out larger prizes. 

Another complaint is that Jackpot.com doesn’t allow you to collect large prize winnings discreetly. The company reserves the right to have you participate in advertising and marketing if you win big prizes

Jackpot.com – Worth Taking a Shot?

With all the lotteries, scratch card and casino games available and the ease of deposit and withdrawals with no hidden fees, we’d say it’s worth using Jackpot.com. What’s more, the site offers you immediate VIP status when you subscribe to their lotto draws. Being a VIP club member gives you an opportunity to win prizes weekly, monthly and annually. 

Most of all, the site is user friendly with little to no downtimes and if you do have problems with the site there are four ways you can contact support to fix the problem. You’ll also appreciate that the site has multiple deposit and withdrawal methods for you to choose from. 

Pick one of the 30+ lotto games to play or one of the 20 scratch cards. Or try your hand with online casino featuring a wide variety of slots and table games. 


Does each lottery on Jackpot.com have specific rules? 

Yes, if you click on the lottery you want to play, all the rules for that specific game will be stipulated at the bottom of the page. 

How does the lotto subscription work? 

You can buy a number of lines in advance for a certain period of time. Your preferred numbers will be selected for a draw after subscribing. Your numbers are then automatically placed in every lotto draw for as long as you’re subscribed. You can change these numbers at any time in your account. 

How do I make a withdrawal from Jackpot.com? 

Go to your account on Jackpot.com and click the withdraw button to deposit your winnings into your banking account. The minimum amount to withdraw is €5 and the maximum amount is €1000. 

How will I know whether I’ve won a prize? 

The best way to know whether you’ve won a prize is to set up SMS alerts. Simply register your phone number with Jackpot.com in your personal details. Then simply click on the SMS box under notifications to receive alerts directly to your mobile device.

How does jackpot.com work?

Jackpot.com is an online lottery platform that allows global players to purchase tickets for different games worldwide. The company has offices situated around the United States and Jackpot.com agents go out to physically purchase official lottery tickets on the player’s behalf. All ticket purchases are processed and stored securely, safeguarding your personal information.

Jackpot.com Details

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Restricted Countries:
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