Best Free Online Lottery Sites in Pakistan 2024

The Pakistan lottery environment is interesting, with laws, religion and culture creating some grey areas for those who enjoy games of luck. With limited options, players want to know where their best opportunities to win big while paying less – or nothing at all.

Prize bonds are welcome, since you technically don’t lose money and get a bond for the amount you pay. But for those wanting something different and more exciting, online lottery sites are a welcome option. To help you have more fun with your lottery budget, we found platforms that have free offers and promotions with great discounts. We list the top three options below.

Best Online Lottery Websites in Pakistan 2024:

  1. Lotto Agent – Online lottery tickets that Pakistan players will enjoy
  2. theLotter – Let’s Pakistan lottery fans purchase bulk tickets online
  3. LottoLand – Over 25 international lotteries available to Pakistan lotto players
  4. – A variety of lotto subscriptions available to Pakistan players
  5. WinTrillions – Pakistani lotto fanatics will love the raffles offered here
Top Online Lottery Sites with Free Features to Use in Pakistan

The online lottery sites below allow you to take part in lotteries from around the globe, from Pakistan. It’s free to create accounts and some of their promotional offers enable you to get lottery tickets for free.

Lotto Agent – $1,500 Bonus with Every New Account

Lotto Agent has impressive offers in terms of helping new players make the most of their money and time on the platform. Most free offers relate to free spins in their online casino, rather than lottery plays. But make use of it to enjoy many games of luck you may not have tried before:

  • Up to $1,500 welcome bonus and 200 free spins.
  • 50 bonus spins that don’t require a deposit to claim.
  • Receive 50% of your deposit amount when making a payment on a Monday, as well as 50 free spins. This is available weekly.
  • The more lines you buy in your favorite lotteries, the more you’ll save. For example, you can save up to 12% in Mega Millions tickets when buying 20 lines.

Lotto Agent - $1,500 Bonus with Every New Account

Source: Lotto Agent

The platform continually adds new bonuses and communicates upcoming ones, so you can plan your lottery playing around it. Refer to their Promotions page on a regular basis so you don’t miss out.

Pros Cons
  • Many Bitcoin payment options
  • Offers JazzCash mobile wallet from Pakistan
  • Live chat support
  • Zero commission on various deposit options
  • Mostly casino bonuses
  • Commission on withdrawals
  • Number of lotteries: 30+ lotteries
  • Standout feature: Pakistan’s JazzCash is supported

theLotter – 7th Tickets Free on Lotteries

theLotter is a world renowned platform and trustworthy. For Pakistan players who often hear about local lotteries not paying out winnings, this can give you peace of mind. When playing on theLotter players can enjoy discounted or free offers, that are especially beneficial when you play regularly:

  • 25% cashback on our first play. Note that you must play at least five lines to be eligible.
  • Lottery subscriptions result in every 7th ticket being free.
  • You can save up to 25% when using Multi-Draw offers where you buy tickets on more than one draw at a time.
  • It’s budget-friendly to play raffles, since buying two shares or more can help you save as much as 20%.

Over a long period of playing, all these small savings can add up to a substantial amount.

theLotter - 7th Tickets Free on Lotteries

Source: theLotter

A bonus feature for Pakistan players is that theLotter offers a Scratchcard feature that’s not available in all regions. Navigate to the ‘Low Cost’ category and you’ll see that bulk buys can get you up to 10% discount. This may not be free, but it can save you a lot in the long run.

Pros Cons
  • Welcome bonus available
  • Scratchcards offered in Pakistan
  • Buys real tickets on your behalf
  • Doesn’t offer Pakistan-based mobile wallets
  • Fewer payment options than some other sites
  • Number of lotteries: 50+ lotteries
  • Standout feature: No commissions on withdrawals

WinTrillions – Up to 30% Off with Syndicates

WinTrillions isn’t big on free offers, but does offer chances to save on tickets with almost every lottery you play. Budget-friendly options are:

  • The more draws you enter your lines for, the less you’ll pay for each draw.
  • Buying shares with WinTrillions syndicates come with savings as much as 30% off. These specials include tickets on major lotteries like Powerball and Eurojackpot.
  • WinTrillions also offers raffles to Pakistan players and you’ll get discounts when buying multiple tickets.

WinTrillions - Up to 30% Off with Syndicates

Source: WinTrillions

Also keep an eye out for messages the platform may send to you. From time to time you can get access to exclusive offers, such as 10% discounts on Powerball draws.

Pros Cons
  • Raffles available
  • Explanatory videos for newbies
  • Different game types, including Bingo
  • No signup bonus
  • Fewer lotteries than some other platforms

Comparison Table

Lottery site Welcome Bonus Buys real ticket Big jackpot payouts License
Lotto Agent Yes No € 78,108.02 – EuroJackpot Curaçao
theLotter Yes Yes $30 million – Florida Lotto jackpot Malta
WinTrillions No No $250,000 – Mega Millions Curaçao

6 Ways to Play the Lottery for Free or Cheaper in Pakistan

Being a responsible player is vital, because playing the lottery online shouldn’t put your budget under pressure. Luckily, if you know where to look, there are multiple ways of enjoying playing lotteries like Powerball or Euromillions, but paying less than before.

Experienced players know to use these methods when playing on online lottery sites in Pakistan:

  • Discounts: Some lottery sites offer discounts on tickets, especially when you buy in bulk. There may also be bundle deals where you purchase tickets for different lotteries and draws. A subscription will also often include substantial discounts or getting free tickets as part of the deal.
  • Referrals: You may receive discounts, or even cash in your player account, if you refer a friend to the lottery site and they start playing.
  • Bonuses: A bonus package can include a variety of benefits. Apart from discounts, the platform may match your deposit up to a certain amount. You can use this to play, which is as good as playing for free. If platforms host casino and slots games, you may also get free spins.
  • Syndicates: With syndicates you still pay for your share of the tickets, but you can benefit from the wins on many tickets without covering the cost of all of them.
  • Cheaper lotteries: Save money by buying tickets for less expensive lotteries. A benefit here is that there may be fewer people playing the less popular ones, so you end up sharing your prize money in a certain tier with fewer players.
  • Compare online platforms: As is apparent from our list, there are multiple online platforms you can buy lottery tickets in Pakistan. You’ll find more apart from the ones we reviewed. Before registering and playing, compare ticket prices and use platforms that offer cheaper ones, as long as you know they’re trustworthy and licensed.

What are the Laws on Online Lottery Playing in Pakistan?

In short, it’s not strictly illegal to sell or buy lottery tickets online in Pakistan. However, this topic is a gray area, because in addition to legislation, culture and religion also play important roles in Pakistan communities.

Therefore, to have proper context about online lottery playing in Pakistan, let’s discuss culture and the law.

Lottery History and Culture in Pakistan

Firstly, Pakistan never had clear legal stipulations on lotteries. But, most people in Pakistan are Muslims. The Islam belief system forbids gambling and a game of luck, like buying lottery tickets in the hope of winning, is seen as a form of gambling.

Despite communities’ opinions, the government has considered forming a state lottery and using the revenue to benefit the economy.

However, many people in the Pakistan community are against gambling. Some people are so passionate about this point of view that they would like the country’s official laws to support their beliefs.

As mentioned by The Nation, in 1989 this passionate viewpoint led to a petition being filed. This petition was against any form of lottery culture, in the hopes of changing the Pakistan constitution to support their beliefs. Documents were submitted to the Federal Shariat Court.

Lottery Laws in Pakistan

Although gambling in general is prohibited, certain actions have been legalized, including prize bonds, which are raffles and promotional lotteries. Furthermore, despite citizens’ views, playing the lottery online isn’t officially banned in the country, so people who do pursue it will rarely be prosecuted.

The country’s laws therefore have some loopholes and the government never took any action after receiving the citizens’ petition. They also didn’t take steps to form a state owned lottery but there is a possibility of this plan being implemented in future though.

Because of no clear guidelines and situations like the 1989 petition, lottery playing in Pakistan is a gray area in terms of the law. Furthermore, there are no laws that clearly prevent players from taking part in international online lotteries, such as using theLotter or other lottery sites.

So, apart from personal convictions, there’s no legal reason not to take part and enjoy these games online.

What are the Payment Options when Playing the Lottery Online in Pakistan?

Platforms like Lotto Agent offer players a multitude of payment options, so Pakistan locals can pick methods they feel comfortable with. This includes:

  • VISA and Mastercard
  • E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller
  • Pakistan-based mobile wallet called JazzCash
  • Bitcoin

Each platform has its own list of payment options, so compare lottery sites before signing up, to make sure their payment and withdrawal systems suit you.

Because Pakistan laws are against general gambling practices, it’s ideal to not have lottery winnings paid directly from a lottery operator into your bank account in Pakistan. This is where eBanks and e-wallets are helpful. Use them to play the lottery online and also receive your winnings, without involving your official bank account.

Final Thoughts

The lottery environment in Pakistan can be confusing but it’s clear that despite cultural beliefs, many citizens enjoy the excitement of taking a chance on winning. With online lotteries you can enjoy international lotteries and there’s very little chance of having a run-in with the law.

It’s worth knowing about ways to save or even get some opportunities for free tickets. It makes it easier to manage your budget. Also, when promotions help prevent you losing a lot of your own money, enjoying some games of luck may be less frowned upon by certain people in your community.

Of course, it’s vital to always practice responsible gaming habits. Keep it safe and keep it fun!

Top Lottery Sites for Pakistan (in short!)
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21 games
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Can you buy lottery tickets online in Pakistan?

Yes, there are online lottery sites that are available to Pakistan locals. On these platforms you can purchase tickets for lotteries around the globe. Some, like theLotter, buy official tickets on your behalf.

Does Pakistan have a lottery?

No, Pakistan doesn’t have an official lottery. If players want to enjoy lottery playing, they need to play international lotteries online, or invest in prize bonds.

There have been plans to establish an official government lottery, as this can help the country’s economy. It hasn’t happened yet, but it may come to pass in future.

Are lotteries legal in Pakistan?

In general, gambling is illegal in Pakistan. However, rules have changed over the years and certain types of gambling, such as horse racing, have become legal. These changes have created loopholes, which leads to Pakistan citizens playing various games of chance.

While there may not be brick-and-mortar lottery establishments in Pakistan, you don’t really need to be worried when playing the lottery online. For one thing, the laws don’t mention online gambling specifically, and online players don’t ever get prosecuted for enjoying these activities.

Is it Safe to Play the Lottery Online in Pakistan?

It’s safe to play lotteries online when you’re in Pakistan, as long as you use reputable online platforms. You should research these platforms and only use ones that are licensed and have features in place, like data encryption, to keep information safe from hackers.

Can I buy international lottery tickets while in Pakistan?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for international lotteries from Pakistan. You’ll use an online lottery site like WinTrillions where players from around the globe buy tickets for games like Oz Lotto and SuperEnalotto.

Some of these services buy a real ticket on your behalf, while others allow you to bet on the outcome. If you win, you’re eligible for the same size prizes that these international lotteries offer.

What is a prize bond?

In Pakistan, buying a prize bond is an alternative to traditional lotteries. A prize bond is like buying a lottery ticket but for the money you pay, you receive a bond. Since you’re guaranteed to not lose money, and there’s no chance of losing that amount, it’s more acceptable under Islam guidelines.