Best Online Lotteries in the World You Can Play (Genuine Only!)

The biggest and most popular Lottery in America with the largest jackpot ever won!
Europe’s most sought-after lottery from online players all around the world!
The minimum jackpot of $ 20 million with biggest ever jackpot of $ 1.5 billion!
One of the most popular lotteries in the UK since 1994.
EuroJackpot offers players the chance to win one of the biggest jackpots in Europe
The Irish Lotto is a lottery organization that gives back to their community through charitable causes!
One of three big Canadian lotteries. The minimum jackpot of CA$ 5 million and CA$ 64 as biggest one so far!
£ 500,000 fixed jackpot played four times a week.
Once per week with AUD 3 million in minimum jackpot and records above AUD 100 million!
NZD 4 million as guaranteed jackpot in bi-weekly draws!
Our jackpot favourite - $1,000 per day for the rest of your life!
€ 2 million in guaranteed jackpot and European jackpot record of € 209 million!

The Story of the Lottery

The origins of the lottery date back to the third century B.C. A basic version of the modern lottery called keno was played in China during the Han Dynasty. Well, actually it was called beige piao (white pigeon ticket) back then. The players were asked to choose a series of numbers or characters and they could win prizes as a result of a random draw. It is believed that the Chinese government generated revenue through keno draws to fund projects like the Great Wall of China.

The Romans also invented a version of the lottery to generate income to fund government projects. Imagine people dishing out some denarii to play the Ancient Roman lottery to pursue their dreams of getting rich while contributing to the construction of the Colosseum!

How about Selecting the Rulers via a Lottery Draw?

The lottery draws have not only been held to give out prizes in history. Some people used it even to elect their leaders. We are talking about the people who invented democracy. Athenians of the 6th Century B.C. realized that the votes of the constituents could easily be bought. Therefore, they invented a gadget called kleroterion which would ensure a fair draw.

Eligible males over the age of 18 would put their names into the draw and the leaders would be elected as a result of such draws. This is another subtle example of how the lottery can be utilized for different purposes.

Lotteries for state funding

What if we told you that the colonial Americans funded the foundation of such Ivy League universities as Princeton University, Columbia University, and the University of Philadelphia? We wouldn’t be lying if we did so, as these universities were funded initially by lotteries.

Benjamin Franklin held private lottery draws to raise funds for the defence of Philadelphia. In the 18th Century, you could buy online lottery tickets which bore the signature of George Washington. In fact, he was the manager of the Slave Lottery which offered land and slaves as the grand prize. Perhaps, that was an attractive prize package back then, way before the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Lotteries with the Biggest Jackpots

In the modern era, the national lotteries have evolved in a way that they don’t contribute to minor governmental projects only. The lotteries have become an integrated part of our lives. Our grandparents, parents, neighbours, teachers, most of the people in our circle played the lottery with the prospect of a better future. This hope has grown so much that the lotteries with the biggest jackpots dish out huge prizes.

The most popular online lottery, the US PowerBall’s jackpot amount reached $1,586.4 billion. Three lucky players won $327.8 million each. The prize won by a single ticket is higher than most of the other national lottery jackpots. Therefore, people from all over the world show interest in playing the US Powerball which eventually boosts the jackpot. You can buy Powerball tickets online through the best online lottery agents listed at MyLottoGuide.

Mega Millions jackpot also reached a record level of $1,537 billion in 2018. Only 1 ticket won the grand prize of $877.8 million. Just like Powerball, Mega Millions can be played online as well through the online lottery ticket resellers. If you’d like to try an unorthodox way of playing the lottery, you can wager bets on Mega Millions instead of buying a ticket at the best online lottery betting sites. Check out the best US online lottery guides to find out more about the winners, lucky numbers and regulations regarding the lottery in the USA!

Best National Lottery Jackpots in Europe

There are quite a few national lotteries in Europe. There is even a pan-European lottery called Euro Millions. The Euro Millions jackpot reached €190 million 4 times in the past. Another transnational European lottery Eurojackpot’s jackpot amount also saw €90 million many times.

The transnational European lotteries are not the only ones with huge jackpots in the continent. There are so many options. Luckily, you can play the best European lotteries online. One of the European lotteries that you can play online is Italy’s SuperEnalotto whose jackpot reached €209 million in 2019. The winning ticket was bought at a bar. A perfect place to come into a fortune, isn’t it?

How to Buy Tickets for the Biggest Lottery Jackpots Online

Buying tickets for the biggest lottery jackpots online is much easier than going to a market to buy a loaf of bread and a carton of milk. All you need is an account of one of the online lottery banking methods and a mobile or a desktop device connected to the internet. Afterwards, you can read MyLottoGuide’s best online lottery site reviews to find a suitable online lottery agent for yourself.

Once you decide on your online lottery retailer, then you need to create a free account. It is quite a simple process which takes a couple of minutes. After the registration, you’ll need to verify your email address (some operators require phone verification as well). After the verification, you can browse through the active online lottery jackpots and start filling your first online lottery ticket. Once you are done, proceed to checkout and purchase your lottery ticket. May all the luck be with you!

How We Rate the World Best Lotteries Online

At MyLottoGuide, we not only review the online lottery betting sites and the online lottery agents, but also the national lotteries themselves. There are a plethora of national lotteries that you can play online. Nonetheless, they differ in some ways such as the draw frequency, jackpot size, average number of players, availability at the best online lottery agents, and trustworthiness. 

We look at the national lotteries with the biggest jackpots from different angles and rate them based on these criteria.  

Draw frequency: The majority of the national and transnational lottery drawings are held weekly or bi-weekly. Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday while Mega Millions’ lucky balls are drawn every Tuesday and Friday. EuroMillions draws are held Tuesday and Friday nights. On the other hand, Eurojackpot drawings are held on Fridays. For avid lottery fans, the draw frequency is quite essential.

Jackpot size: We previously mentioned that lotteries differ immensely in terms of their jackpot sizes. The size of the jackpot is what makes a lottery attractive or not. 

The average number of players: That is a paradox to contemplate on. If the number of players in a particular lottery draw is high, then the jackpot is also high. On the other hand, the chance of sharing the jackpot is also higher. Well, sharing a $1.5 billion cash prize with 2 other players wouldn’t be the end of the world. 

Availability at the best online lottery agents: In order to be able to play a national lottery online, it should be available at the major online lottery retailers, first of all. 

Trustworthiness: Some lottery operators are not really transparent about the way they draw the numbers. Some national lottery operators have faced accusations such as rigging the draws, We check the lottery operators history thoroughly while creating our guide.

The Best Lotteries Online – FAQs

Why should I play the lottery online? 

You can play the national and transnational lotteries which have much bigger jackpots than your own local lottery securely without leaving your home. Besides playing the lottery in the traditional way, you can also wager special bets on the lottery. For example, you can bet on only a single number or a special set of numbers instead of filling a full ticket. Moreover, you can claim bonuses including free tickets and match bonuses. Also, there are plenty of syndicates available at the online lottery agents which boost your chance of winning the lottery.

Which lottery has the best odds?

Your chance of winning the French Lotto is one in 20 million making it one of the most likely lottery draws in the world. Because your odds of winning the Powerball jackpot is 1 in 292,201,338, the French Lotto might be the easier way towards your dreams. 

Are lottery winnings taxed? 

Yes, they are. The tax amount depends on the tax laws of the state where the draw is held.

Are the lottery tickets age restricted?

The minimum age to create an account at an online lottery site is 18. This might be higher depending on the state that you reside in.

Can lottery winners remain anonymous?

If you win a huge lottery jackpot, the media will be out to get you. The lottery operators will want to organize press conferences and interviews with you. So, it might be a little tricky to remain anonymous in such a situation. Moreover, some lottery operators may violate your anonymity if they declare it in their terms and conditions.

What is the best European Lottery online?

EuroMillions is the biggest and one of the best lotteries in Europe. It’s available online with a jackpot cap of €240 million, making it a popular game for lottery players worldwide. The jackpot can be rolled over four times but if there’s no winner in the fifth successive draw, the full amount is shared between winners in the next tier.

When a $240 million jackpot is won, the cap is increased by $10,000,000 for future draws. The highest jackpot cap allowed is $250 million. A record-winning EuroMillions jackpot of £195 million was won by a UK player on July 19th, 2022.

UK Lotto and Eurojackpot are some of the other best European lotteries available online.

Which is the best online lottery in India?

India’s government offers lotteries legally, but currently they don’t offer the option of buying tickets online - only at brick-and-mortar stores. For Indian players who want to play online, using lottery sites to buy tickets for local or international lotteries is the best option.