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One of the most popular lotteries in the UK since 1994.
£ 500,000 fixed jackpot played four times a week.

Best UK Lotteries Online

Everyone in the world wants to win the lottery jackpot. Lotto players from the United Kingdom aren’t much different either. It becomes easy to understand when you learn about the history and the lottery culture of the country. Stay with us to find out everything regarding UK lotteries online.

How it All Begun – The History of Lottery in the UK

The first recorded lottery in the UK is connected to Queen Elizabeth I. It happened in the year 1566 while the drawing took place three years later. So, the story pretty much begins in the 16th century, and it has been going on ever since. The British kept running private lotteries until 1826. That’s when the parliament finally decided to regulate lotteries and operate the nation’s very own lotto game.

Further lottery laws were implemented in the 20th century, when finally in 1994, the National Lottery was born. These are the most important milestones when talking about the history of UK lotteries.

Is Online Lottery in UK Legal?

The Gambling Act of 2005 regulates online lottery in the UK. It means that online lottery has been legal in the country since 2005. However, there are strict restrictions. If a gambling site wishes to operate its services in the United Kingdom, they must be registered by the UK Gambling Committee. Those are just the online lottery rules in this country. It might seem strict at first, but it is for the players’ sake actually. This way, the UK Gambling Committee will be responsible for players getting their earnings. They also make sure no one takes advantage of the players. Basically, they are protecting those who wish to play the online lottery in the UK.

Why Lottery Became So Popular in the UK

As you can see, the legislation supports the players. Besides, the UK lottery laws also create a safe space for those who buy tickets. Based on these facts, it doesn’t come as a shocking surprise that people in the United Kingdom love lottery games. Of course, they do. Who would say no to winning millions of British Pounds? It’s possibly the easiest way to win money. You just have to pick the lottery winning numbers and boom. You’re a millionaire.

Strategies to Win Money Playing Online Lotto

Everyone wants to become a millionaire. So, we all want to hit the jackpot on lotteries. That’s why we read the best online lottery tips and tricks. If you spend enough time researching, you can even find sites where they show you the least and the most drawn numbers. For example, at the National Lottery, the number 40 has been drawn 337 times so far. It could easily become your lucky number. Meanwhile, the number 50 was only drawn 41 times. Furthermore, It is worth checking your winning odds for each game before you start playing. It helps you to see how likely you can be to win. But what are the games you should check these details for? Let’s see!

National Lottery and the Best UK Lotteries Online

There are several online lotteries in the UK, but by far the most popular is the National Lottery. It’s the national lottery games that the state has run and operated since 1994. Your chances of winning are not the best – but the jackpots definitely are. The largest National Lottery ever won is over GBP 170 million. Apart from the National Lottery, the UK Thunderball and the EuroMillions are the most popular lotteries in the United Kingdom.

However, it is not only the top 3 that matters. The same rule applies to online lotteries in the UK. We cannot only talk about the National Lottery – Thunderball – EuroMillions trio. UK residents have way more options than that. For example, Set For Life is another popular lottery in Great Britain. Then it is also worth mentioning Lotto Hotpicks, and the fact that you can participate in Online Instant Wins.

As you can see, there are quite a few online lotteries to play in the UK. However, you still don’t know which sites to choose when planning to buy National Lottery tickets online. Up until now. Keep reading!

Reasons to Join Online Lotteries in the UK

The best online lottery sites are the ones with the best online lottery deals as well. However, the sign-up bonuses and the frequent bonuses are not the only reason why it’s worth signing up for a new account at online lotto sites. It also makes it easier for you to buy lottery tickets.

In addition, your options will become unlimited once you join a great online lottery site. Not only will you be able to buy tickets to the National Lottery and other lottery games from the UK. You will be able to purchase lotto tickets from all over the world, including US Powerball, Italy SuperEnalotto and many other ones as well!