US Powerball

US Powerball

The minimum jackpot of $ 20 million with biggest ever jackpot of $ 1.6 billion!

Guide to playing US Powerball online

The purpose of this article is to let you get familiar with playing US Powerball online. Powerball is famous for a good reason. It pays out hundreds of millions in jackpot prizes basically every year. People who win, they have their lives turned upside down – usually in a positive way. Who wouldn’t want to be instantly able to buy anything they ever wanted? When reading about US Powerball, there are many things that come to mind. We will address hopefully all of those.

We will tell you how to buy US Powerball tickets online, where to buy them, who can do it, together with many other information as well. Stay with us to learn everything you need to know!

Revealing the truth – Is the US Powerball Fake and Rigged?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, US Powerball is a legit, legal, real, genuine lottery game. However, as with anything, scammers can find ways to use it at their advantage as well. And at your expenses. You should not fall for them. Ever. Don’t let them make a fool out of you. They might try to sell you tickets at shady websites. Their only goal is to take your credit card details and together with those, all your money. If you want trustworthy sites, you need to check if they have a gambling license. To make your life easier, we have also collected the best sites. You can read all the best online lottery site reviews here. You can find only trustworthy sites there.

When Are US Powerball Drawings?

US Powerball drawings are held twice a week. Every Wednesday, as well as every Sunday, is a new chance for you to win dozens (often even hundreds) of millions of US Dollars. The drawing is held exactly at 10.59 PM (Eastern Time). This schedule has been like this since 2015, October 7. Before that, things were different. However, that is more up to the history of US Powerball.

How it Works – US Powerball Explained

US Powerball is not the most complicated game out there. Well, in fact, it is a regular lotto game with its own online lottery rules. In this game, there are 69 white balls, and 26 red balls. Every time you buy US Powerball lottery tickets online, you have to pick 5 numbers for the white balls, and 1 for the red one. The red Powerball can be the same as one of the white ones, that is completely fine. If all your six balls are correctly predicted, you win the jackpot. You might think your odds for this to happen are not the best. Let’s see the exact number.

US Powerball Odds of Winning – What Are Your Chances?

As we have mentioned above, you have to pick 5 out of 69 numbers first, then 1 out of 26. Based on this information, Mathematical geniuses might already know the answer. For the rest of the people, I will share the US Powerball odds. Your winning chances for the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. Not great, not terrible. Your overall odds of winning at least something are way better. For that, your US Powerball winning odds are 1 in 24.87. Now that sounds way better, doesn’t it? It means you can turn your US Powerball tickets into cash. Especially if you learn the best online lottery strategies by heart.

US Powerball Changes Lives – US Lottery Records

The US Powerball lottery does change the lives of those who hit the jackpot. Let’s start with Manuel Franco. The 24-year-old man from Wisconsin has won the main prize in 2019. His $768,4 million is the third largest jackpot prize ever won in the United States. That guy will remember US Powerball forever! However, there are many other players who have already become millionaires thanks to this lottery. Someone wins hundreds of millions of Dollars every year. Maybe they used the best online lottery tips and tricks the right way!

Manuel Franco Powerball lottery winner
Manuel Franco, the winner of $768,4 million Powerball jackpot in press conference on April 23, 2019.

Who Can Play US Powerball?

Now you know how to play and what your winning chances are. You are also aware of the best Powerball winner stories. Maybe it’s time you find out if you can start playing. Let’s start with the basics. It’s a US lottery, so US citizens can definitely buy. If they are of age, that is, of course. However, Canadians, Indians, Australians, Germans, etc, shouldn’t worry either. Anybody in the whole wide world can buy tickets to US Powerball online. All they need to do is register at one of the best online lottery sites. And then you can buy Powerball tickets online, even if you aren’t a US citizen or resident. You just have to find the right gaming site for you. We can help you how to do that…

The Best Lottery Sites – Where to Play US Powerball?

If you are in search of US Powerball to buy online, you need to sign up for an account at a good online lottery site. You can pick the good sites quite easily. You do not have to be an online lottery site expert. That is us. And luckily for you, we have already written the best online lottery sites reviews. All you have to do is read them. We only list trustworthy sites with registered gambling licenses. Your money will be safe at these sites. Check if your country of residence is accepted. If yes, you should open an account and start playing online lottery. You won’t regret it. The US Powerball price is way lower than the jackpot you can win.

How to Win US Powerball online – The Best Winnings Tips and Strategies

We have briefly talked about it already, but we can never emphasize it enough. Winning the online lottery jackpot might be up to pure luck, but you can always try to increase your chances. Reading our detailed guide on how to win a lottery can only be in your favour. You might learn some useful piece of information that will help you beat the Random Number Generator in the very near future. What’s there to lose?

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