LottoSmile Review – Is LottoSmile Scam or Legit? 2024

  • 40+ lotteries
  • Intuitive interface
  • Mobile friendly site
  • 11 supported languages
  • Syndicates and bundles available
  • Plenty withdrawal and deposit methods
  • Restricted in many countries
  • The site could offer more banking methods

LottoSmile has been in the industry for 19 years so it’s one of the longest-running lottery sites on the market. It’s also one of the most popular lottery sites in India because it offers over 40 international lotteries to play including US Powerball.

But what makes LottoSmile unique and does the site offer players syndicates and other types of exciting jackpot games? I’ve tested LottoSmile to provide you with a comprehensive review so you can decide whether this lottery site is worth the hype. 

If you live in India and you’re looking for a new lottery site to try, then give this review a read before you sign up to LottoSmile.

Features and Games 

What Makes LottoSmile Stand Out?

Fortunately, lottery sites are 100% legal in India, so locals are able to play the most popular international lotteries on LottoSmile with higher jackpots. What makes LottoSmile stand out is that it’s been a lottery site for almost two decades and is one of the pioneers for online lottery games. 

What I appreciate about LottoSmile is that it’s free to register on the site and it was quick and easy to add funds to my account. It works similar to other lottery sites because you can simply purchase your ticket and a LottoSmile agent will purchase a physical ticket for you, scan it and send it to your inbox.


What Indian lottery players will enjoy about LottoSmile is that the site offers bundles. You can purchase a bundle of lottery tickets at a discount price. These bundles include personal and group entries so you can play with your own winning lottery numbers. There are three bundles to choose from: 

  • Classic: 65 lines + personal entry 
  • Deluxe: 200 lines + personal entry 
  • Premium (best odds): 265 lines + personal entry 

I found the bundles quite easily when browsing through the site. Simply click on the Lotteries tab at the top left-hand side of the screen, then pick your lottery. At the top of the digital lottery tickets there will be tabs. Click on the Bundles tab to choose one of the three options.

LottoSmile lottery

LottoSmile lotteries

LottoSmile Bundles


Another feature Indian locals will love about LottoSmile is that it offers syndicates to boost odds on higher winning lotteries. The LottoSmile syndicates cover 15 lotteries. Syndicates on LottoSmile is an excellent way for Indian locals to increase their chances of winning. 

With LottoSmile you can purchase multiple lines with random ticket selections with a group of people. Syndicates will then own a portion of the collective tickets and will get a portion of any prizes won on the tickets. 

What I enjoy about LottSmile is that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. To start playing syndicates simply click on the lottery you want to play and then select the Syndicate tab to begin playing. Then choose how many lines you’d like to draw and then click on the play button to begin.

LottoSmile syndicates


Syndicates and bundles on lotteries aren’t the only features LottoSmile offers players in India. The site also has raffles that you can play. A raffle is a type of lottery because numbers that are picked are also drawn at random to determine the winners of the prize. 

However, unlike lotteries you don’t get to choose your raffle number. Instead, you are automatically assigned a number that’s printed on your ticket when you buy one. With raffles there is always a guarantee of a winner. 

When I clicked on the Raffle tab at the top of my screen I found two raffle games on LottoSmile. Simply pick the one you want to play by clicking on the Play button. On the side of the raffles you’ll see the prize that’s offered and when the next draw date is.

LottoSmile Raffles

LottoSmile Lotteries You Can Play

In India, locals can purchase lotteries from brick and mortar shops but they will only be able to play local lotteries. If you live in India and you want to try your hand at international lotteries then you’re spoilt for choice on LottoSmile. There are over 40 lotteries for you to choose including all the popular lotteries such as:

  • US Powerball
  • Italy Superstar 
  • Spain Euromillions 
  • SuperEnalotto 

When you click on the Lottery tab at the top you’ll be transferred to a page with all the lottery games offered by LottoSmile. Click on the Play button so you can start buying tickets. Choose your numbers from 1 to 69 or choose the quick pick option to autofill your lottery tickets. You can also choose how many lines you want to purchase at the top of your ticket.

LottoSmile quick pick lotteries

Is LottoSmile Legit? 

The most important feature I check before signing up to a lottery site is if it’s legitimate. You should always check if a lottery site is licensed and read the terms and conditions before signing up. Locals in India will be happy to know that LottoSmile is 100% legitimate because it’s licensed with Malta Gaming Authority

Online Security Features

Another factor to check before signing up to a lottery site is if it has online security features. The online security must protect your information when signing up to the lotto site. Your banking details and any lotto winnings must be secured. 

I did the research and can confirm that LottoSmile has secure online security because it’s encrypted with the Geotrust SSL security system. This means that your online information is safe and won’t be compromised by hackers. 

LottoSmile Sign Up Process – Step-By-Step Guide  

Most lottery sites are frustrating with their sign up process. Fortunately, it was quite easy to sign up with LottoSmile. What’s more, the registration is completely free. You can also click on the Globe icon in the top right hand corner to change your language

To sign up simply click on the Sign Up tab at the top right hand corner of the screen, A box will pop up where you’ll need to enter your email address and password. Then click on the drop down bar to choose your location. Indian locals will need to choose India to get offers specific to that location. 

Choosing the right location is important if you want LottoSmile to recognize your bank and the currency you want to use to buy tickets.

LottoSmile Sign up process

Design and User Experience 

Most lottery sites ensure they can provide the best user experience for their players. LottoSmile is no exception. The lottery site is easy to navigate through and you won’t experience any downtimes. All the tabs you need are at the top of the page so you can switch between pages easily without opening another browsing tab. 

What I appreciate about LottoSmile is that it has lots of information that can help new players understand how to purchase their tickets and play lotteries on the site. There’s also a comprehensive FAQ section that gives you more detail about the site. 

LottoSmile Mobile App: How to Download?

LottoSmile offers a mobile app for Android and iOS users in India. If you can’t find the app on the Playstore or Apple Store, simply visit the LottoSmile website on your phone and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are two tabs that allow you to download the app on your iOS or Android device.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the app to take up space on your smartphone you’ll appreciate that LottoSmile’s website is mobile friendly. This means you can visit the website on your smartphone and play lotteries without downloading the app.  

Bonuses and Promotions

The one feature that most India locals look for in a lottery site is its bonuses and promotions. Fortunately, LottoSmile offers plenty of bonuses and promotions that will allow you to play lotteries without spending too much money. Take a look at this next section to see what bonuses and promotions LottoSmile offers. 


With LottoSmile, Indian locals can opt for subscriptions on their favorite lotteries. When you subscribe to a lottery you will be placed in every consecutive draw until you decide to cancel your subscription. 

Furthermore, when you subscribe you will get every 10th ticket free and a whopping 25 VIP points. What I loved about the subscription process on LottoSmile is that you can change your lottery numbers at any time to increase your chances of winning. 

To subscribe to your favorite lottery on LottoSmile simply click on the subscription tab at the bottom of your lottery ticket. It should be noted that you will be charged every time you’re placed into a draw until you cancel your subscription.

Lottosmile subscriptions


If you click on the Promotions tab at the top of the screen you’ll find some interesting discounts offered by LottoSmile. The first one on offer is a 10% discount on Romania Joker. This is a special discount on one-time entries and is valid for bundles syndicates


There are plenty of other discounts offered on LottoSmile. For example, if you choose the multi-draw option you can get 20% off your ticket for 10 draws. The maximum number of draws you can play is 52 and offers a 25% discount

The multi-draw option can be found at the bottom of the ticket on the lottery you’ve chosen. Click on the drop down bar to choose the number of draws you want.

LottoSmile multidraw

VIP Club 

The VIP Club offers discounts of up to 20%. You can also earn VIP points when you become a club member. For Indian VIP club members you also get exclusive promotions and discounts on your favorite lotteries. You also get personal account management with 24/7 customer care. 

Sign Up Bonus

Indian players that sign up to LottoSmile for the first time will get a discount bonus on the first purchase. There is also a money-back guarantee on first purchases if you accidently bought from the wrong lottery. 

LottoSmile Ticket Price

LottoSmile ticket prices are comparatively more expensive when compared to other online lottery sites. However, discounts are available if you pick the multi-draw option when playing more than one draw entry. Selecting 5 draws gives you a 15% discount while picking up to 10 games gives you 20% off the ticket price. A 25% discount is offered on 52 draws. 

LottoSmile Tickets Pricing Comparison

One of the best things about LottoSmile is how many lotteries you get access to. It has an even longer list than some other market leading online platforms. This is why you should still give it a try, even if some pricing is a little higher in comparison to certain sites. 

Just note that for certain lotteries there is a minimum number of lines you need to play, where other platforms sometimes give you the option to play only one. 

Luckily, with multiple lines there will often be discounted rates too, making it more budget friendly. 

The table below illustrates single ticket prices in Indian rupees for some of the more popular worldwide lottery games played worldwide. You can also compare prices with some other online lotteries, so you know which platform to use for the best results.

Lottery Original Price LottoSmile LottoAgent The Lotter WinTrillions
US Powerball $2 ₹410 (minimum 2 lines) € 5.00/line $5/ line (minimum 3 lines) € 4.75/line
US Mega Millions $2 ₹410 (minimum 2 lines) € 5.00/line $5/ line (minimum 3 lines) € 4.75/line
EuroMillions €2.50 ₹561.13 (minimum 2 lines) € 5.70/line $3.50/line (minimum 2 lines) €12/line
Eurojackpot €2 ₹516.24/line € 5.30/line $5/line (minimum 2 lines) $8
Bonoloto €0.50 (minimum 2 lines) ₹134.67 (minimum 4 lines) $1.84/line (minimum 2 lines) €1.50 (minimum 4 lines)  
France Loto €2.20 ₹493.79/line $6.17 €5.50 (minimum 3 lines) $12
SuperEnalotto €1 ₹258.12 (minimum 3 lines) $3.03 €2.50 (minimum 3 lines) $6
South Africa Daily Lotto R3.00 ₹33.12 (minimum 4 lines) $0.42 (minimum 10 lines) €1.48 (minimum 4 lines)  
Peru Tinka PEN 4 ₹281.13 (minimum 3 lines)   €3.13 (minimum 3 lines)  
Oz Lotto $1.50 ₹204.29 (minimum 2 lines) $2.48 (minimum 4 lines) €2.28 (minimum 2 lines) $5
New Zealand Powerball $1 ₹188.10 (minimum 4 lines)   €2.10 (minimum 4 lines)  

LottoSmile Ticket Price in India

The table below illustrates single ticket prices in Indian rupees for some of the more popular worldwide lottery games played worldwide.

Lottery Cost of Single Ticket
US Powerball ₹375
US Mega Millions ₹375
EuroMillions ₹522
Eurojackpot ₹480
Bonoloto ₹125
France Loto ₹459
SuperEnalotto ₹240
South Africa Daily Lotto ₹36
Peru Tinka ₹195
Oz Lotto ₹173
New Zealand Powerball ₹184

Payment Methods and Withdrawals 

To make your first payment you can either use a debit or credit card or use an eWallet. I was impressed by the number of currencies available on LottoSmile but unfortunately, it doesn’t support the Indian Rupee. Use one of the following deposit methods: 

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard
  • Postepay
  • Bleue
  • Diners Club
  • WebMoney 
  • CartaSI

To withdraw money from LottoSmile simply click on the Withdraw option.The available methods for withdrawals are: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfers
  • Diners club 

The minimum withdrawal amount on LottoSmile is $1 except on the bank transfer option.  

How to Get Your Winnings

Your winnings will be sent directly to your account after the lottery receives receipt of your winnings. However different lotteries may have different prize collection procedures. LottoSmile’s customer service will guide you through the process. 

JackPot winners may have to collect prizes in person. I found on the LottoSmile site that the company may offer to fly winners to the locations to collect their prize. For smaller winnings, the amount will be transferred to your account where you can withdraw it using your preferred method. 

Payout Rules 

Indian players will be notified via LottoSmile if they’ve won prizes. If you win a jackpot through LottoSmile the only personal details that will be published is your name, initials and country of residence on the LottoSmile site. What’s more, lottery winnings may be subjected to taxes in India

Before you play a lottery take a look at the terms and conditions to find out what the payout rules are for that particular lottery. There are some lotteries that can choose to pay out the jackpot in a lump sum or by installments over several years. 

Fees and Commission

Indian players will be happy to know that LottoSmile doesn’t charge commission fees on any prizes you win. This means the prize money you win from any of the lotteries are your own. However, they do charge a small fee for purchasing and scanning tickets on your behalf. 

Customer Support 

If you become a VIP member you can get 24/7 personalized customer support. Indian players can contact LottoSmile through Whatsapp, or send an email by using the form on the LottoSmile website. LottoSmile also has Live chat but they don’t stipulate what the operating hours are. 

The Verdict on LottoSmile – Is It Worth Your Time?

LottoSmile is a lottery site that offers plenty of bonuses, promotions, discounts and various payment methods. I would say Indian players will definitely enjoy playing on LottoSmile because of its easy to use interface and many lottery games and raffles available. What’s more, there are ways Indian players can boost their odds such as playing syndicates

So if you live in India and you’re looking for a fun new way to win jackpots LottoSmile won’t disappoint you. Use my review to see how to sign up and start winning through LottoSmile. 


Is LottoSmile legal in India?

Yes, LottoSmile is 100% legal for Indians to access and play on. When signing up simply choose India as your country of residence. 

Does LottoSmile support the Indian currency? ‘

No, LottoSmile doesn’t support the INR currency. You will have to convert your Rupees into one of the currencies supported. The easiest would be US dollars. 

Have any Indians won on LottoSmile? 

Yes, there have been players from India who’ve won on LottoSmile. The most notable winner was CJ who won €32,161 in November 2018.

LottoSmile Details

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