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Latest SuperEnalotto Results and Stats

Guide to playing SuperEnalotto online

SuperEnalotto is not only a hugely popular lottery in Italy, where it is organized but also throughout the world. The reason behind the popularity of this lottery is its huge jackpot prize. SuperEnalotto is one of the lotteries with the biggest jackpots, not only in Europe but also in the whole world. More importantly, you can play it regardless of where you are at the best online lottery sites. We’ll look at this popular lottery with a magnifying glass in this detailed guide to analyse all the aspects of playing SuperEnalotto online.

SuperEnalotto has been organized in Italy since 1997. Since then it made a significant number of people millionaires thanks to its progressive jackpot. The SuperEnalotto draws take place tri-weekly on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays. The jackpot keeps accumulating until somebody wins it. The largest ever SuperEnalotto jackpot prize was awarded after it rolled over for 8 months. We’ll talk about it later on in our SuperEnalotto guide. 

How to Play SuperEnalotto Online

SuperEnalotto is one of the best online lotteries in Europe due to its massive jackpot amount. We call it an online lottery because both the best online lottery agents and the top online lottery betting sites offer this lottery to their players. Therefore you can play it wherever you are both on your desktop computer or your mobile device. 

On each SuperEnalotto line, you need to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 90. To hit the jackpot, you need to guess all the six winning numbers. However, even if you cannot guess all the winning numbers, you can still win prizes. There is a separate draw for the jolly number. If you guess 5 winning numbers and the jolly number, you can win a big share from the prize pool. You’ll win a prize as long as you guess 2 or more of the winning numbers. 

Buy SuperEnalotto Tickets Online

One of the most popular ways to play SuperEnalotto is entering the draw through one of the online lottery agents, like theLotter. It is just like playing SuperEnalotto at a local shop in Italy without the need of travelling all the way to Italy. 

In order to buy a SuperEnalotto ticket online, you need to create a free account at one of the safe and licensed online lottery sites, head to the SuperEnalotto section and start playing as many lines as you’d like. Once you made the purchase, the lottery agent will enter your lines to the original draw. If you win a prize, the sum will be credited to your account. Afterwards, you can withdraw your winnings through one of the best online lottery payment methods available at the website. 

The winnings above €500 are subject to 12% tax levied by the Italian government. The amount after taxes will be credited to your account directly.

Bet on the Outcome of SuperEnalotto

An alternative to entering the actual draw, you can choose to bet on the outcome of SuperEnalotto through the online lottery betting sites like Betting on the lottery draw outcome is not so different from buying the actual lottery ticket. In order to wager a bet on the outcome of SuperEnalotto, you need to fill out a lottery ticket which is the carbon copy of the actual one. 

The main difference is that if you win a prize, you are paid by the lottery site instead of the lottery organizer. The prize amounts are the same as the amounts given out by the original SuperEnalotto organizer. Your bets are backed by insurance companies; therefore, even if you hit the jackpot and bag millions, you will get it to your bank account. 

The advantage of betting on the outcome of SuperEnalotto is that you won’t be subject to the taxation levied by the Italian government. However, you might need to pay taxes if your local government levies taxes on gambling revenues. Also, you can keep your anonymity if you hit the jackpot.

The Biggest SuperEnalotto Wins

The biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot till 2010 was won by a single ticket. A syndicate of 70, won a mindblowing amount of  €177.7 million after the jackpot rolled over for 8 months. They bagged over €2.5 million per person before taxes. Amazing, isn’t it? You can also try your chance with a group of people playing SuperEnalotto with a syndicate. Check out the best SuperEnalotto syndicates to find out how to join a syndicate to play SuperEnalotto online.

This record was beaten in 2019 by a win of €209,160,441 setting the European lottery jackpot record. This huge amount was won by a single ticket in Lordi, making the winner probably the richest person in the town. 

Final Verdict: SuperEnalotto Odds to Win the Lottery

SuperEnalotto is aptly named among the most popular lotteries not only in Europe but in the whole world. The jackpot sum is huge and there are prizes for everyone who manages to guess only 2 of the winning numbers. The 12% tax over the winnings worth €500 is also not so bad, to be frank. 

Everything about SuperEnalotto looks great except for the winning odds. It has one of the lowest lottery winning odds out there. Your chance of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 622,614,630. Your chance of guessing 5 numbers + the jolly number is 1 in 103,769,105. So, odds are not really in your favour. However, you can beat the odds playing SuperEnalotto online with the syndicates. This way you’ll be able to play quite a lot of lines for the fraction of the actual cost.