Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to MyLottoGuide!

We hold your privacy sacred. We only collect certain types of data within the limitations imposed by the data protection laws for you to benefit from our website to the fullest. In this section, we’ll disclose what type of data we collect and how we handle it.

Rest assured that we will not send any marketing material to you without your consent. Moreover, we’ll not share your personal data with third party services without your approval. We’ll take all the necessary precautions to protect your information in line with the Data Protection Legislation.

If you will fail to find the information that you are looking for in this document, you can navigate to our Terms and Conditions or Cookie Policy page, where we explain our operations in detail; alternatively, you can reach us through the Contact Page.

How and What Type of Personal Data that We Collect

We collect your identification data and the media that you upload to our website. Using our website you permit us to process your data to provide you with the best service possible.

Identification Data

You are required to enter your name and email address to leave a comment on our website. We store this information along with your IP address as long as this comment stays on our website. Our system might match your email address and your Gravatar account if you have one. After the approval of your comment, your Gravar profile picture will be visible on our website. Gravatar privacy policy can be found here

If you create an account on our website, our system records your IP address, your username, and your email to create a specific user account for you.

If you use our contact form, your email address and name will be recorded by our system. This is the only way we can reply to your email. If you don’t wish your data to be stored, you can contact us directly through the Contact Page.

We use cookies to boost user experience as much as possible. Cookies allow us to record user behavior to update our website in the best way to serve user needs. We have more details in our Cookie Policy.

Text and Media

If you leave a comment or upload visual media files to our website, they become available to all our visitors automatically. Therefore, you should refrain from uploading images with the embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included.


As we mentioned earlier, we use cookies to track user behavior. This way we maximize the user experience on our website. You can read more about cookies on our Cookie Policy page.

Analytics Tools

We use third-party analytics tools, e.g. Google Analytics, to monitor user behavior and shape our content based on user interest. This way we aim to maximize the user experience and satisfaction. Such analytics tools may send cookies to the users and save IP addresses to collect data which is used to enhance content and website performance based on users’ interests and needs.

Analytics tools record such data which includes but not limited to the referring website, browser type, language, browsing track on our website, and date and time of interaction of the user on the website

We also use the services of Cloudflare to maximize our website’s security. This service also uses cookies to adapt to security settings.

Users’ IP addresses are stored in our server logs as well.

Embedded Content from Third Party Platforms

We may serve you certain content which is hosted by other platforms. Although this content is visible on our website, the host is another platform. Therefore, we do not have control over the content.

The third party websites may insert cookies in your browser, record user interaction with the embedded content, and serve to track links.

Sharing Your Data with Third Party Organizations

We do not share your data with third party organizations, including payment operators. We do not request any payment from you. As mentioned in our Terms and Conditions page, our content has informative purposes. We provide our content, such as The best lotteries online and The best online lottery site reviews, to you free of charge.

We use tracking links to generate revenue from our partners. Our partners insert cookies through these tracking links and store user data. We do not store such data ourselves.

Duration of Data Storage

If you leave a comment or add any content on our website, your data is stored indefinitely as long as the content stays on our website.

The data collected by the third party services is owned by these organizations. They reserve the right to keep the data as long as they need it.

If you have concerns regarding data storage, feel free to contact us through our Contact Page. You can request the removal of your data, except for the data that we are required to keep for administrative, security, and legal purposes.

Direct Marketing Practices

We send newsletters and push notifications to our users who opt in to such services. To receive our emailers and push notifications, you are required to give your consent. You can sign up for our newsletter by submitting your email addresses to our newsletter subscription box.

To subscribe to our push notifications, you need to allow the push notification request upon arrival on our website.

If you do not wish to receive newsletters or push notifications from us, you can easily opt-out of these services. In case you are having problems with unsubscribing, you can contact us using our Contact Page.

Data Protection Methods

We have taken all the measures to protect your data in-line with the European Union Data Protection Laws. We neither require you to login to our website nor provide payment details. We offer informative content free of charge.

As mentioned in the Cookie Policy section, we use third-party services that may track user behavior via inserting cookies. We only work with the organizations that obey the laws and the regulations of the European Union. You can contact us to obtain more information regarding the services that we utilize on our website which store your data.

Currently, we have an SSL certificate in place. This provides encrypted communication between your browser and our website to prevent data breaches during your interaction with our website.

Regulatory Requirements

We use all the modern methods to protect your privacy as much as possible. While doing that we stay loyal to the regulatory requirements imposed by the European Union. To protect your rights, we only advertise licensed operators and give necessary legal warnings when necessary.

It is your responsibility to obtain information regarding your local gambling laws and obey them. Each state has its unique gambling laws and regulations. Therefore, we are not able to provide legal guidance.

You might be refused to create an account at an online gambling platform based on the gambling laws of the state that you reside in. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you are well-informed about the gambling laws and regulations which concern you.

We comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. You can find more information about it here

Additional Information

In case there is a major regulatory change, we may update the information mentioned on this page. In case you’ve opted in our email newsletter, you’ll be informed regarding such changes. Minor updates that do not have any impact on your rights and obligations might be made without notice.

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