24Lottos Review 2024 – Is 24Lottos Scam or Legit?

  • Excellent customer support
  • Extensive online security
  • 20+ lotteries available
  • User friendly platform
  • Plenty of available payment methods
  • Support 6 currencies
  • No mobile app
  • Doesn’t support many languages

24Lottos is a user-friendly online lottery site that’s suitable for beginner players. It’s available in all countries around the globe and supports six currencies. But is it a lottery site worth signing up to? 

In my review, I’d like to give you an honest overview of 24Lottos so you can see if the games and features the site offers is worth your time. Find out what makes 24Lottos unique and if the site offers as many bonuses and promotions as other types of lotteries. Keep reading for more!

Features And Games

What Makes 24Lottos Stand Out? 

There are plenty of lottery sites on the market so most people choose their preferred platform based on its uniqueness. 24Lottos is quite different to other lottery sites in terms of its communication process. You can either contact them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Email

I also found that the interface of the site was unique too. You’re not bombarded by popup ads or too much information on the home page. 24Lottos has a streamlined layout so you can find everything you need such as lotteries, results and how it works. 

Another feature I found that not many lottery sites have is a News section. On the right hand side of the 24Lottos page you can view news on people who’ve won lotterie from around the globe. 


How Does 24Lottos Work?

The process to buy tickets on 24Lottos is quick and easy. Simply make sure you’ve signed up to the site. Make sure the site supports your preferred payment method. Then choose the lottery you want to play and pick your winning numbers. Your purchased tickets will be added to Pending Tickets list. Click on the confirm button to puchase your ticket. 

When you purchase your ticket an agent at 24Lottos will buy your ticket for you, scan it and send it to your account. 

24Lottos pending tickets

24Lottos Lotteries You Can Play

There are over 20 lotteries available on 24Lottos including the most popular games such as EuroJackpot and Australia Oz Lotto. On the home page you can see the top four most commonly played lotteries on the site:

  • Ghana Lotto
  • US Mega Millions 
  • Super EnaLotto
  • EuroJackpot 

The list of lotteries is based on the Jackpot amount and the date the lottery will be drawn. If you don’t want to play the popular games you can choose the one you want to play. Simply click on the tab at the bottom of the four lotteries that says “click here for more lotteries” for the full list of games you can play. 

Is 24Lottos Lottery Site Legit?

The most important feature I look at before I sign up to a lottery site is its legitimacy. You’ll be happy to know that 24Lottos is 100% safe because it’s licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The company is also regulated by the NLRC RC 1705585

I found this information at the bottom of 24Lottos webpage. So you can rest assured that this lottery site is 100% legitimate


Security Features 

Another feature that I never compromise on is online security. Fortunately, 24Lottos has extensive online security and features a 128-bit SSL encryption. This means that all your online information such as banking details and passwords are secure. 

Additionally, 24Lottos online security is provided by Comodo Security which is a high-end cybersecurity company. So you can rest assured that your online information won’t be subjected to cyberhacks and theft. 

24Lottos Sign Up Process – Step-By-Step Guide

One of the aspects I loved about 24Lottos is its sign up process. Unlike other lottery sites that I’ve tested 24Lottos has one of the easiest sign up processes because it offers plenty of ways to register. You can either sign up with Facebook, your Google account or manually enter your email address and password. 

To get started, simply click on the sign up button at the top right-hand corner of the page. You’ll then be transferred to the sign up page where you can choose your preferred registry method.24Lottos Sign Up Process

24Lottos SignUp ProcessIf you choose to sign in manually, then click on the Sign Up button at the bottom of the screen. On the other hand, if you sign up using Google or Facebook, you’ll automatically be registered with the details on either of the platforms. 

I chose to sign in with my Google account which was quick and easy and didn’t require me to confirm my email after the process. After you sign in you’ll have access to your account and deposit methods. 

What’s more, once you’re an officially player on 24Lottos you’ll have access to the Gift card feature which is only visible on the site when you sign up. 

Design and User Experience

I enjoyed playing on 24Lottos because of how easy the site is to use. The website has no downtimes and depositing money into my account was also quick and easy. As I mentioned before, all the information you need is on the home page. 

You don’t have to navigate to different pages to find contact information or lottery results because they’re all on one comprehensive page with no ads or fluff. There are tabs at the top of the page if you want to check results, winners or send a gift card. 

Is 24Lottos Mobile Compatible? 

Unfortunately 24Lottos doesn’t offer mobile applications for iOS or Android users. However, the website is mobile compatible and it will work just as well on your smartphone than on a desktop PC. The mobile website is highly responsive and quick so you won’t experience latency. 

24Lottos Tickets Pricing Comparison

As with other lottery agents, you do pay a slightly higher ticket price compared to buying directly from certified retail outlets in a specific country. However, the service fee you pay is what gives you access to these lotteries from across the world. 

24Lottos is decently priced and there are often specials, such as 15% discount if you commit to weekly subscriptions. But you can play one line at a time, unlike some lottery agents that have a minimum requirement of two or three lines. So, it’s easy for you to manage your budget when using 24Lottos. 

Here’s a comparison to help you budget for your next plays. 

Lottery Original Price 24Lottos Lotto Agent theLotter WinTrillions
US Powerball $2 $4.97/line € 5.00/line $5/ line (minimum 3 lines) € 4.75/line
MegaMillions $2 $4.30/line € 5.00/line $5/ line (minimum 3 lines) € 4.75/line
EuroJackpot €2 $5.50/line € 5.30/line $5/line (minimum 2 lines)  
Euro Millions €2.50 $7.97/line € 5.70/line $3.50/line (minimum 2 lines) €12/line

Bonuses and Promotions

The only thing I found disappointing about 24Lottos is that the site doesn’t offer any form of promotions. There aren’t any daily promotions that can help boost your chances of winning. On the other hand, you will get a 10% welcome bonus when you sign up to your account. Furthermore, you will get a discount if you choose the multiple draw offer

I didn’t find any syndicates which many other lottery sites offer. Many players may be disappointed that there are no syndicates because this helps boost your odds.  

Lottery Multiplier

If you’d like to try and boost your chances of winning you can opt for the multiplier option when buying tickets on 24Lottos. Simply click on the lottery you want to play and then scroll down to the bottom of the ticket to choose your multiplier. 

Depending on the number of lines you choose and the “type of bet” you pick you can win the number of lines matched timed by the stakes per line timed by the multiplier. To opt for multipliers, click on the box and choose how many draws you want

Here is where you can get your discounts on your tickets. However, discounts my not apply on certian types of lotteries. You won’t get a discount on multiple draws on the Ghana Lotto game but you can subscribe to boost your odds. 

24Lottos Lottery Multiplier
24Lottos multi draw

Lastly, you may get a discount if you subscribe to the lottery you want to play. The subscription will automatically place you in all draws for as long as you’re subscribed to the lottery. Make sure you have money in your account so the subscription fee can be deducted easily without hassle. 

To subscribe to your lottery, click on the box next to the option on your chosen lottery. 

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

I found that 24Lottos doesn’t offer as many payment methods compared to other lottery sites. However, it does include the most commonly used payment methods such as Visa or Mastercard. You can either pay with your debit/credit card or choose Bitcoin to make a deposit. 

To transfer funds into your account, click on the Quick Deposit tab at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then choose the amount you’d like to deposit. Select from the following list of payment methods: 

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard
  • Bank Transfer
  • MTN
  • Airtel 
  • Tigo 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Orange Money
  • Mpesa 
  • Vodacom
  • Paga 

Payment methods may change depending on the lottery you choose and the country you’re from. When I picked Ghana Lotto it only gave me eight payment methods. What I really appreciate about 24Lottos is that you can deposit a minimum of $1 into your account. Other lottery sites require at least $10 deposit.

24Lottos Payment Methods
24Lottos deposit methodsWithdrawing funds from your account is also easy. Log in to your profile and click on the account tab at the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you have a balance you can withdraw an amount from your wallet. 

Choose the amount you want to withdraw. The funds my be in USD but depending on where you’re from the currency may change. Then simply select the payment method you want to use to complete your withdraw. The minimum amount you’re allowed to withdraw is $10

Payout Rules 

If you win smaller amounts on 24Lottos the prize money will be deposited into your wallet immediately. The winnings handled by 24Lottos will be claimed on your behalf and you’ll have 15 days to advise where you want your money to be deposited to. However, if you win larger jackpots you may have to personally attend to claim your prize. 

It’s best to read the Terms and Conditions on 24Lottos to see what the full payout rules for winnings. You may want to check details on the lottery you play to see whether you have to pay taxes or not. 

Fees and Commissions

24Lottos doesn’t charge commission fees on the winnings you earn. But you may have to pay a service fee when purchasing your ticket which will be included in your ticket price. You may be subjected to tax depending on the lottery you play and the country you live in. 

When withdrawing money out of your 24Lottos account you may have to pay a transfer fee depending on the withdrawal method you’ve chosen. 

How to Claim Your Winnings  

If you win small prizes you don’t have to claim prizes because the money will be deposited into your account immediately. However, if you win large prizes you will have to fill out an official lottery claim form that get’s sent to you by 24Lottos. Fill out the form and present it along with your lottery ticket to collect your winnings. 

The organization that handles the lottery you’ve won will send 24Lottos a check that has your name on it. Only you can cash and deposit this check when you receive it. Once you’ve got your check 24Lottos will make arrangements for you to get your prize money. 

Customer Support


24Lottos impressed me with their customer support process because they were quick to respond to my message. The site states that they are available 24/7 to answer your questions but emails may take up to 24 hours to respond to. You can contact the site via email on support@24Lottos.com if you have any questions or experiencing problems with the site. 

To access the customer support section of 24Lottos simply click on the Customer Support tab at the top of your screen. 

24Lottos Customer Support

Contact Form 

There is an online contact form on the 24Lottos site that you can fill out to ask questions or if you’re having problems with payment and withdrawals. Simply select the topic your email is about and type your message in the box provided. 

You can also refer to the FAQs section of their website if you want answers to a specific question and don’t want to wait for an operator to contact you. 

Facebook and Other Social Media Sites 

24Lottos also has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account if you want to contact the site on those platforms. By visiting the 24Lottos social media platforms you can keep up to date with news and information the site may release on upgrades and new features

Is 24Lottos Worth The Hype? 

Although 24Lottos doesn’t offer promotions or syndicates they still offer you welcome bonuses and discounts on multiple draws. The site has plenty of payment methods for you to choose from and they have top-notch cutomer support. 

Some people may be disappointed that there is no app available for iOS or Android but the website is mobile friendly so you can access it on Google or Safari. The only complaint some people may have is that it’s only available in English so it may be difficult for foreign players to understand the site. 

Overall, the site is easy to use and it’s secure which is the most important feature. You also have access to over 20 lotteries including US powerball and EuroJackpot. I would say that 24Lottos is an excellent lottery site for beginner players who want an easy site that allows them to play popular lotteries from around the world.

24Lottos could also be a good change of pace for avid lottery players who want a site that’s streamlined and easy to browse through


Is it safe to play lotteries on 24Lottos?

Yes, 24Lottos is a licensed lottery site that also has extensive online security to protect your personal details. Your banking details and your personal information is protected by a 128-bit SSL encryption powered by Comodo Security. 

How is 24Lottos customer support? 

Many users are impressed with 24Lottos customer support. They are quick to respond to messages even though the turnaround time for messages is 24 hours. You can also refer to their FAQs for quick answers to your questions. 

Is it easy to register on 24Lottos? 

Yes, 24Lottos has the easiest registration process out of all the lottery sites I’ve played on. You can sign up with your Facebook or Google account to automatically be registered to 24Lottos. Or you can sign up manually. 

What makes 24Lottos unique? 

24Lottos has a few unique features such as the quick deposit option and the minimum amount is $1 whereas other sites requires a $10 deposit. There is also a News tab on the site to update you with lotto news around the world. The site also supports six different currencies. 

What is 24Lottos best feature? 

The best feature on 24Lottos is it’s Gift Card feature. You can send a gift voucher to your friend so they can buy tickets of their own. The gift card is an excellent choice to give as birthday or christmas presents to avid lottery players.

24Lottos Details

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3.8 rating