theLotter Review – Is theLotter Legit & Safe or Scam? 2024

  • Licensed and regulated
  • User friendly
  • Offers plenty of bonuses and promotions
  • 40+ lotteries available
  • Free games for Android and iOS
  • 18 deposits and 6 withdrawal options
  • Customer support responds fast
  • Supports 13 languages
  • Charges a small handling fee when purchasing tickets
  • Restricted in many countries
  • Mobile apps can lag at times

theLotter is a well-established online lottery site that’s been in the industry since 2002. It’s one of the most popular lotto sites because the platform has over 40 high jackpot games you can play. What’s more, I found that the registration process was quick and easy too.

Today I’d like to give a complete review of all the features theLotter offers. Keep reading to learn more about the bonuses and promotions the platform offers as well as payout rules and how it works.

Features And Games

How Does theLotter Platform Work?

One of the things I appreciate about theLotter is that it’s easy to use and purchase your lottery tickets. First, I registered on the site beforehand and picked from the available lotteries. Then I simply decide how many lottery tickets I wanted to buy. I picked numbers on every lottery ticket and then place my order.

theLotter then does the rest of the work for you!

After placing your order, a provider on theLotter website will purchase your tickets on your behalf. You’ll then get a scanned ticket in your account. Only you have access to the scannable tickets you’ve bought.

If you win any prizes the site will notify you of any wins via email or SMS. All alerts on your winnings are FREE! If you’ve won any prizes the cash is paid directly to your account with no commission charged.theLotter available lotteries

If you’d like to learn more about theLotter simply click on the tabs below the available lotteries. There is a tab where you can learn more about your scanned ticket and the type of support the website offers users.get to know thelotter

theLotter Lotteries You Can Play With

theLotter is one of the leading online lottery sites at the moment and they offer a large variety of games from all around the world. Additionally, I noticed that the site constantly adds more lotteries to the site. Currently, there are over 40 lotteries to choose from including the popular Mega Millions.

To see the available lotteries simply click on the Lotteries tab at the top of the site’s screen.

TheLotter Lotteries

You’ll stand a chance of winning high prizes from some of the most well known lotteries from around the world. Whether you’re in Barcelona or Greece you can play European, American and Australian lotteries from theLotter in the comfort of your own home.

See which lotteries offer the highest prize by looking at the jackpot amount next to the lottery’s name.

popular lotteries on theLotter

Here is a list of the most popular lotteries on theLotter:

  • US Powerball
  • US Mega Millions
  • Europe – EuroJackpot
  • Germany – Lotto
  • New Zealand – Powerball
  • US – Cash4Life

Is theLotter Safe?

My top priority when playing online lotteries is the safety of my information such as banking details. But theLotter has been in the lottery industry for 19 years so they know what their players need in terms of privacy and safety.

Therefore, your personal banking details, as well as your online credentials, are secured by the Geotrust 128 bit encryption. The traffic between your device and theLotter is 100% secure. Deposits and withdrawals are safe and you will get your scannable ticket delivered to your account after ordering which is also secured on the site.

theLotter Sign-Up Process (Step-by-Step)

Some lottery sites that I’ve played on have long registration processes that can get frustrating. Fortunately, signing up for theLotter was quick and easy for me. First, click on the Sign-Up tab at the top of the webpage.

A box will pop up where you can either sign in with your email address or your Facebook account. You’ll automatically be logged in to the theLotter site. From there you can change your language by clicking on the tab in the right-hand corner of the site. You’ll also have access to your account and your funds.

TheLotter Sign-Up Process

theLotter Mobile App – Is It Available?

theLotter understands that more players use smartphones than desktop computers to play the lottery these days. I always use my mobile device to play lotteries.

That’s why theLotter is available for Android and iOS users. The mobile app is free to download but you have to get it from theLotter website and not from the official Apple or Google Play stores.

Once you’ve downloaded the app off of theLotter website you’ll have to install the app manually on your smartphone. You may have to change some security features on your phone to install the app.

If you prefer to use the website you can still access it on your mobile device.theLotter available for Android and iOS users

Design and User Experience

I don’t know about other players, but when I play the lottery online I want a site that’s easy to browse through. I found that all menus and features on theLotter are on one comprehensive page which made it easier for me to find the lotteries I wanted to play.

theLotter is a popular lottery site because of its user-friendly interface. Click on the tabs at the top of the page for lottery results as well as raffles and quick access to theLotter promotions and support pages.

lottery results and raffles

There’s also plenty of information about how the site works below the webpage and a short video on how to purchase and receive your lotto tickets. I watched the video and it was just over a minute long.

On the side of the video, you can see a preview of the top lottery results.TheLotter working

Overall, the lotto site is quick with no downtimes and everything you need such as accessing your account and balance is on one page. What’s more, theLotter site is also streamlined so it’s not cluttered with information and there are no annoying ads blocking parts of the page.

theLotter Tickets Pricing Comparison

When budgeting for your lottery plays via theLotter, do take note that the ticket pricing isn’t exactly the same as when buying from a local retail outlet. Lottery sites charge a different price, with the added costs being a service fee.

Although not the cheapest, theLotter is very reasonably priced compared to some other lottery sites. Do note that there’s often a minimum number of lines you must play, rather than paying for just one ticket.

Their pricing for the most popular lotteries will give you an idea of what to expect.

Lottery Original Price theLotter Price LottoAgent WinTrillions
US Powerball


$5/ line (minimum 3 lines)

€ 5.00/line

€ 4.75/line



$5/ line (minimum 3 lines)

€ 5.00/line

€ 4.75/line



$5/line (minimum 2 lines)

€ 5.30/line


Euro Millions


$3.50/line (minimum 2 lines)

€ 5.70/line


Bonuses and Promotions

For you to fully enjoy sites such as theLotter you’ll want to have access to exclusive bonuses and promotions. Fortunately, theLotter offers plenty of promotions and bonuses for you to take full advantage of. Discounts are an excellent hit on the site too. Keep reading to find out more about theLotter special offers.

Multi-Draw and Subscription

You can save time and money when you subscribe for multiple draws on theLotter. You’re guaranteed an inclusion in all lotto draws with free entries for every 7 to 10 entries. When subscribing for multi-draw packages you can purchase your lotto tickets in advance which will be more cost-effective.

If you don’t want to subscribe to the special offer, then simply click on the lotteries tab at the top of the page to choose your preferred lottery. Scroll down to the bottom of the tickets and choose how many draws you want to subscribe to. All multi-draws offer a 25% discount. Then click on the subscribe tab for the number of draws you want.

Multi-Draw and Subscription

Lottery Promotions and Special Offers

I enjoy all the promotions and special offers theLotter has and I’m sure you will too. If you click on the Promotions tab on the top menu you’ll have access to all theLotter promotions. Simply click on the Play button to make use of options like 25% off multi-draws. Or, when you subscribe, you’ll get your 7th ticket free.

Lottery Promotions and Special Offers
I also found promotions on raffle tickets.


To save money on lottery tickets I usually opt for syndicates. Syndicates are groups of players that buy shares and several lines on the same lottery ticket in exchange for better odds. If you win, the prize money is then divided by the number of shares between all players.

What I appreciate about theLotter is that I don’t have to recruit players for a syndicate. theLotter will create syndicates for the top lotteries and pre-purchase large batches of lottery tickets for each draw.

There are four types of syndicates on theLotter for you to pick from:

  1. Systematic
  2. Random selection
  3. Additional numbers matched guaranteed
  4. Guaranteed number Match

To play syndicates, choose your preferred lottery and then click on the Syndicates tab at the top of the lottery tickets.

Syndicates tab


On theLotter there are bundles that combine personal tickets with syndicates that offer discounts. I found out that buying bundles increased my chances of winning prizes with a group but it allowed me to play with my own personal numbers.

The benefit of theLotter bundles is that you get the best of both worlds with the combination of personal lottery tickets and boosting your odds with syndicates. There are three bundles for you to choose from on theLotter:

  1. Classic – 65 lines
  2. Deluxe – 200 lines
  3. Premium – 265 lines

To purchase a bundle on theLotter, simply pick your preferred lottery then click on the Bundles tab located next to the Syndicates tab.

Bundles tab

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

theLotter has 13 payment methods for you to choose from that includes eWallet and card payments such as Visa and Neteller. You’ll also appreciate that theLotter supports a wide variety of currencies to make it easy for you to buy lotto tickets.

Transactions from theLotter site will show as Lotter Direct or The Lotter. You can view the history of your purchases when you visit your account on the site.

Here is a list of payment methods you can choose from on theLotter:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Sofort
  • EPS
  • Bancontact
  • Rapid Transfer
  • EPS

There are five withdrawal options that you can choose from:

  1. Visa – Maximum withdraw of $1000 with processing of 1-3 business days
  2. Mastercard – Maximum withdraw of $1000 with processing of 1-3 business days
  3. Skrill – Maximum withdrawal of $2000 with processing of 1-3 business days
  4. Neteller – Maximum withdrawal of $2000 with processing of 1-3 business days
  5. Bank Transfer – Maximum withdraw of $50,000 but processing days may vary

Payout Rules

The laws and regulations on lotteries from around the world will differ. Furthermore, you may be subjected to tax deduction on your winnings based on the regulations of the country you live in.

There are also certain lotteries such as US Powerball and Mega Millions that offer two payment options of either a lump sum or annuity. If you choose the annuity option your prize money will be paid out to you in installments over a number of years.

When you win on TheLotto, your name and country of residence will automatically be published on the site.

theLotter Fees and Commissions

One of the reasons I prefer to buy tickets on theLotter site is that it’s 100% free from prize commissions. This means that you are the sole owner of your prize money.

On the other hand, a service fee is charged every time you buy a lotto ticket. These ticket fees are to pay the lotto agents that purchase your tickets for you.

Customer Support

If you’re experiencing problems with theLotter site or you’re struggling with payments and withdrawals you can get the support you need through Live Chat. Simply click on the Support tab at the top of theLotter’s homepage and then the the Contact Us option. From here you can email or activate Live Chat. A Live Chat icon is also available on the bottom right of your screen.

There are also FAQs you can read to learn more about theLotter and to find quick answers to any problems you may be experiencing on the site.

theLotter customer support

theLotter Common Complaints

Even though theLotter is a popular lottery site it’s had its fair share of complaints from users. I found that some players complain that the fees are too high for lottery tickets.

Additionally, some players complained that they were charged multiple times for a single ticket. But this can happen if you accidentally sign up for a subscription. Check your account to see your purchase history and to keep tabs on your ticket purchases.

Is theLotter Worth Your Time?

Although some players complain about the lotto ticket fees on theLotter, the site still charges users less than other lottery platforms. I’d recommend theLotter because they don’t charge commissions on wins and there are plenty of bonuses and promotions to keep you satisfied. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to deposit and withdraw funds and how effortless it is to use the site.

There are also other types of games you can play such as raffles and you can opt for syndicates on your lottery tickets. There are plenty of lotteries for you to choose from and you can subscribe for multiple draws to increase your chances of winning.

Lastly, if you win prizes you can get free SMS or email alerts directly to your device so you don’t have to keep checking the results page. So we’d say theLotter is definitely worth your time if you want access to a lottery site that offers more than just lottery tickets.


Is theLotter legal in India? 

Yes, players in India can access theLotter site. Lottery websites are legal in at least 12 states including Punjab, Goa, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal. Also, laws against gambling don’t directly prohibit using online lottery sites, so you can play international lotteries from almost anywhere in India.

How does theLotter make money? 

theLotter must be able to pay the lottery ticket agents that purchase your tickets. To do so, there is a service fee that you must pay when buying your lottery ticket on the site. 

What free services does theLotter offer?

You can access a multitude of sections on theLotter site for free such as results. theLotter also sends you free SMS or email alerts if you’ve won a prize. You can also opt to receive notifications for lotto results on your favorite lotteries from around the world. 

Are there people who’ve won prizes through theLotter?

Yes, there’ve been plenty of winners who’ve won prizes through theLotter. If you’d like to see the list of winners simply scroll down to the bottom of theLotter site to see recent winners.

theLotter Details

Deposit Methods:
Withdrawal Methods:
Restricted Countries:
4.5 rating