About us

Lottery has been a household name in many cultures for a long time. Many of us grew up observing our parents, grandparents, older relatives, neighbors etc. while they dreamed about what they would do if they had won the lottery. We deeply care about what the lottery represents.

Today we are able to combine the powers of technology and globalization in order to enjoy this traditional activity on a much bigger scale. You can buy a lottery ticket which is only available in a country which is thousands of kilometers away from you without leaving your home. This grants endless opportunities to us. We aim to guide you through your adventure in a new era of lottery.

Who are We?

In short, we are dreamers who are tempted by the opportunities offered by the lottery world. We are always in search of improvement to make the industry better. We have tested most of the online lottery sites available out there inside-out, tried most of the payment methods available, played lottery games defying the overwhelming power sleep at 2 am, just so we can be our best in order to help you to have a seamless online lottery experience.

At MyLottoGuide, we aim to provide you with fun-filled and informative articles so that you can have fun while learning. Check our best online lottery guides and lottery breaking stories to be fully equipped and up-to-date about the online lottery industry.

Ray Olsen – Editor

Ray, the man behind the MyLottoGuide, is a highly enthusiastic, smart, and sharp individual with unmatched skills in the lottery domain. Ray was born and brought up in Malta, and from the long-lived family tradition of participating in lottery contests every weekend, he developed a keen interest. Growing up, Ray became the lottery champion in his native. You won’t find Ray on any social platforms, as he is very particular about his privacy. (Not relevant since December 2021)

Ray Olsen

Ray’s love for bars and lotteries triggered in him the desire to move his dreams into a reality. After obtaining his certification in website design, together with his long instilled expertise in lotteries, he set his foot forward to make lottery information accessible to everyone across the world through his exclusive site MyLottoGuide. He works day in and day out with his wonderful and talented team to strive for the best.

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Lucas Mathis – Marketing Manager 

With over 8+ years of experience as a Marketing Manager in top-notch firms, Lucas joined MyLottoGuide in 2020 to bring his expertise to the table and help the team understand the priorities and marketing insights. He has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has deep knowledge of various industries, including Aviation, Power, Lottery, and Games, and the list goes on.

Lucas Mathis

Lucas is our go-to person for marketing insights. With his strategic marketing analysis, he makes sure we are in line with our brand identity. When he is not working, you will find Lucas driving his favorite cars on the freeway or exploring lotteries online.

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Our Mission

At MyLottoGuide, our primary mission is to serve our users with the best online lottery strategies, the latest lottery news, and unbiased lottery site reviews. This platform will be your go-to guide for all sorts of lottery topics once you start digging into it. We work around-the-clock with an experienced team to provide you with the latest updates and expert reviews.

We care about hard data but above all, we value personal view. That is why our reviews and news are a bit spiced up. We do not promote any online lottery site that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

You can Trust Us

We do promote brands on this website. We receive an affiliate commission from these brands. However, we care about building trust between our users more than anything. Therefore, we will not promote any online lottery site or an online lottery agent that we don’t trust. In case, you have a negative experience with a brand promoted on MyLottoGuide, you can get in touch with us using our Contact Page or our comment section under the review of the online lottery brand. We’ll investigate the issue as soon as possible and get in touch with the online lottery brand on your behalf if necessary.

We Care about Transparency

The primary purpose of this website is to provide extensive information about lotteries around the world. We collect extensive data, follow updates on a daily basis and audit online lottery betting sites and online lottery agents in a fair manner. We present all our findings and knowledge at MyLottoGuide with full transparency without hiding any information.

Before starting to buy lottery tickets online, be as knowledgeable as possible about the topic, read reviews at our website and gamble responsibly.