Asian Lotteries

One of the best odds for jackpots between JPY 200 and 600 million!
Play Japan Loto 7 online at the Lotter and hit a massive jackpot worth €5 million.
Hit a minimum jackpot of 12 billion Vietnamese Dong when you play Vietnam 6/45 online.
Match 6 balls and win a jackpot starting at VDN 30 billion!
Extremely popular in Hong Kong with decent odds and Jackpots as well three draws per week!
Minimum jackpot of SGD 1 million sweetened by tax free payout.
One of two major lottery games enjoying huge popularity with draws taking place three times per week!
One of two major lotteries in China making sizable charitable contributions to the needed!

Asian Lotteries Online

In our guide to Asian lotteries online, we will tell you the most important pieces of information regarding this topic. Keep reading to find out what Asian national lotteries you can play and where. And of course, you might want to stay till the end and learn the best online lottery strategies as well.

Lottery Laws – Are Asian Online Lotteries Legal and Safe?

It’s not easy to talk about Asian online lottery laws. First of all, because there are several autonomous countries in Asia. In this section, we will try to present you the most important ones. For example, the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China clearly states that all forms of gambling are illegal in the country. Yet, there are national lotteries, Chinese citizens and residents are allowed to play. And even foreigners can play legally online.

Asian Online Lottery Laws in Japan, Hong Kong and India

The Japanese most definitely don’t. The Japanese Lottery Ticket Act allows the operation of online lotteries in the country. Hong Kong is something similar. As a result of the Gambling Ordinance from 1977, the lottery is legal in the country since that year. Even online form remains regulated by this bill. Meanwhile, in India, each state is allowed to organize its own lottery. This is set in The Lotteries Regulation Acts of 1988.

Play the Most Popular Asian Online Lotteries – Buy Tickets & Win Millions

The most famous countries in Asian are without a doubt China and Japan. Obviously, if you are looking for Asian online lotteries, you must be interested in the national lotteries in Japan and China. We have good news for you. We have already prepared guides on the China Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball, the China Sports Lottery Super Lotto and the Japan Lotto 6 lotteries. These are the ones with the best jackpot prizes. In addition, we have extra information for you regarding India Thunderball lotto, as well as Hong Kong Mark Six 6 lotteries. But these are only a few examples of the best and most popular ones. On this page, you will be able to read more Asian online lottery guides as well. Check them all out, and pick your favourite before you buy your first tickets.

Terms and Conditions – Who Can Buy Asian Lotteries Online?

Let’s state one thing clearly once again. If you want to join the best Asian online lotteries, then you must be at the age of at least 18 years. That’s the bare minimum. In addition, it makes sense to live in one of the Asian countries if you want to join Asian online lotteries. Obviously, you want to join the site where they actually accept your registration. So, you better read the best online lottery site reviews. That’s the only way to make sure you join the best sites. We tell you all the details, your only task is to read and register! Oh, and don’t worry: it doesn’t matter where you’re from. Thanks to the best online lottery sites, you will be able to buy tickets for Asian national lotteries online. In fact, it will be completely legal. And you might end up winning!

Sites Worth Joining – Where to Buy Online Lotto Tickets in Asia?

Now that you know about the best Asian online lotteries as well as the terms to play, it’s about time you also learn where to buy online lottery tickets in Asia. First of all, you need to take a look at the best online lottery agents. That’s where we list the best of the best, the cream of online lottery agents. We only have trustworthy brands on our sites. However, you still need to check the ratings and analysis to make sure you can join the site. There are several restrictions, you know. However, you always have options. Take a look at the WinTrillions Lottery, for example. They accept players from all Asian countries basically. Then there is theLotter as well. Not only do they allow Chinese residents to register. They even made the site available in the Chinese language. What else would you expect from a site to do for you?

How to Win the Jackpot on Online Lotto – The Best Strategies that Actually Work

Now you know about the best Asian online lotteries. In addition, you also know about the best games to play. However, you still don’t know the best guides to win the lottery. We recommend you to click the link and read on.

We have collected the best winning strategies for you. Basically, we are giving you the key to winning the lottery here. I don’t think you want to say no to that! Do you?