Hong Kong Mark Six

Hong Kong Mark Six

Extremely popular in Hong Kong with decent odds and Jackpots as well three draws per week!
Hong Kong

Lottery Format:
Single pool: 6 of 49

Maximum Jackpot:

Minimum Jackpot:
HKD 8 million
Odds to Jackpot:
1 in 14 million
Odds to any Prize:
1 in 60

Guide to playing Hong Kong Mark Six online

In our guide to playing Hong Kong Mark Six online, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this game. Stay tuned and find out more about the best Asian online lotteries!

Hong Kong Mark Six – Origins and Evolution

Hong Kong Mark Six was introduced back in September, 1975. However, a lot has happened ever since. In the beginning, it was a lottery with a guaranteed jackpot prize. The game has been reformed several times ever since. Just one year later, they changed it to 6 of 36. In 1983, they increased from 36 to 40, and kept increasing. The Asian lotto’s current form has been unchanged since 2002, so it is seemingly quite stable right now. At this point, it’s a 6 of 49 game. The weird thing is that you do have a Special Number, but it comes from the same pool. That is actually the 7th number that they draw and that you pick. This was our lottery for dummies lecture, now let’s continue with Mark Six and your winning odds.

What Are My Odds of Hitting the Jackpot on Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery?

Let’s start with what you want to know the most. Your odds of winning the Hong Kong Mark Six jackpot are exactly 1 in 13 983 186. Those odds are not great, but not terrible either. We’ve seen worse but better too. If you read enough of the best online lottery guide, you will also know what to think of this number. To win anything playing Hong Kong Mark Six, your odds are 1 in 54. You can also take a look at our table below to see all your winning chances on this game.

Correct NumbersOdds
61 : 13 983 816
5 + 11 : 2 330 636
51 : 55 491
4 + 11 : 22 196
41 : 1 082
3 + 11 : 812
31 : 60

Hong Kong Mark Six – When Are the Drawings?

Every week is a new chance for you to win big. Well, not in this case, because at the Hong Kong lottery, every week means three chances for you to win big. There are prize draws on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and either on Saturdays or Sundays. That latter one keeps changing. Anyways, you can win prizes worth millions of British Pounds. Read the key to winning the lottery today and win the jackpot of the Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery!

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