South American Lotteries

BRL 2 million as a minimal jackpot in this highly popular and lucrative game!
One of the best odds out there with CLP 250 million in jackpot guarantee and three draws per week.
Your chance to become billionaire in pesos which start at COP 4 billion in the minimum guaranteed jackpot.
Play Peru Tinka online to win a jackpot worth nearly €500,000.

Best South American Lotteries Online

Take a look through our elaborate and extensive list of South American lottery guides. The continent south of North America consists of some of the largest lottery games in the world. Moreover, with the help of the internet and online lottery agents, players residing in countries all around the world can participate in the best South American online lotteries.

Latin America has not fallen behind the rest of the world in terms of lottery games. In fact, lottery playing is the most popular form of gambling in South America. From the relatively cheap price of tickets to the massive lottery prizes, the Americas have truly got it all.

Buy Online Lottery Tickets in Brazil

One of the largest lotteries in the world is the Brazilian Mega Sena. Contrary, it is the biggest lottery in South America!

The Brazilian Mega Sena is a progressive jackpot lottery and takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. The prize pool starts at $600,000 and keeps on growing until it is eventually won. Tickets come at a small fee of $3.

For the locals, residents in Brazil can easily purchase tickets for the Mega Sena. However, players in other neighbouring countries – and other states around the globe – would need to find a suitable lottery agent. Although the Mega Sena is the biggest in the country, locals in Brazil can still purchase online lottery tickets from the best online lottery sites.

Popular Argentina Lottery Games

Aside from the Mega Sena, South America is blessed to have the Loteria Nacional in Argentina. This is one of the oldest national lotteries in the world with the first draw dating back to 1944. Interestingly enough, the Loteria Nacional starts from the number 0 instead of 1. Players will need to fill in 6 numbers between 0-42 with draws every Wednesday and Sunday.

Aside from the Nacional Loteria, locals can play Argentina lottery games such as Brinco, Mi Bingo, Loto 5, Loto Sale, Loto Desquite and Loto Tradicional. Alternatively, residents who wish to buy online lottery tickets in Argentina can select theLotter and Lotto Agent as an option.

South American Lottery Guides

In a short but sweet analysis, we can recommend our pick of South American lotteries which will certainly be worth checking out. These include the likes of Colombia Baloto and Chile Clasico Loto.

For players who are outside of South America, you can still play these competitive and popular lottery games. Simply use an online lottery site at your easiest convenience.

In the case of South American locals, you’ve got all the tools to purchase online lottery tickets to get tickets. However, this is not a restriction for only South American lotteries.

All online lottery sites available in your designated country will give you access to lotteries all around the world. This includes the likes of your northern neighbours. The US Powerball and Mega Millions are worth checking out as well. By using any of the best online lottery agents listed, you can try your luck overseas.