Best Australian & New Zealand Lotteries to Play Online

Once per week with AUD 3 million in minimum jackpot and records above AUD 100 million!
NZD 4 million as guaranteed jackpot in bi-weekly draws!
AUD 4 million in minimum jackpot guarantee, every Saturday since 1972!
AUD 2 million in minimum jackpot in this highly popular Australian lottery game!
AUD 1 million jackpot offered every Monday!
NZ$1 million jackpot that can rise to NZ$5 million if you play the Powerball option.
AUD 1 million jackpot offered every Wednesday!

Best Australian & New Zealand Lotteries Online

In our guides to Australian and New Zealand lotteries online, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to play lottery online in these countries. What rules apply for players, what are the gambling and online lottery laws, what are the best sites and what are the most popular games to play. Keep on reading and find out about the answers to all these questions!

Online Gambling Laws in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are the largest and – no offense, but without a doubt – the most important countries in the Oceanian region. In the next few lines, we will shortly sum up the legalities regarding online lotto in Australia and New Zealand. Keep reading to find out about these questions!

Lottery Laws in Australia – Lotto Rules and Regulations in Australia

The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 regulates the online gambling scene in Australia. This bill clearly and unambiguously allows and legalizes lottery in Australia. Obviously, there are certain restrictions (for example, by age), but in general, the residents of Australia can legally join the best online lottery sites and win millions of dollars. Naturally, all lotteries in Australia are available online as well. You need to be careful when picking the right site. Some online lotteries are trustworthy, while others are not. Logically, you want to join a trustworthy online lotto site.

Lottery Laws in New Zealand – Lotto Rules and Regulations in New Zealand

Lotto laws in New Zealand are a little bit complicated. While all gambling is legal and free to operate, there is a monopoly for providing lotto services. The Gambling Act from 2003 allows only the New Zealand Lotteries Commission to provide such services, this is their exclusive right. However, the online lottery scene is much more liberal in New Zealand. Residents of the country can join online lotteries without any legal consequences. More simply, it means joining online lotteries is legal for people in New Zealand. So, this might just be the right time to take a look at the best online lottery site reviews on our site!

Sites Worth Joining – Where to Buy Tickets to Australian Lotteries Online. 

If you have taken a look at our guides, then you already know which online lotteries are available in Australia and New Zealand. One of the most famous sites that are 100% legal and available for all players from Australia and New Zealand is the Lotto Agent. In Australia, you can also find many other online lotteries. These include, but not exclusively, the following sites: theLotter, and WinTrillions as well. If you want to join a trustworthy site and buy lottery tickets online in Australia or New Zealand, we recommend these sites.

Play the Most Popular Online Lotteries in Australia and New Zealand – Buy Tickets & Win Millions

Now that you are familiar where to buy your online lottery tickets, maybe it’s time to learn about what tickets to buy. Knowledge is power and it’s always good to know what you’re coming after. Let us tell you one thing: the lottery jackpots in Australian and New Zealand lotteries can be quite attractive. Both countries have their very own Powerball games. You can read our guide to playing New Zealand Powerball online here, and you can learn more about the Australian game in our Australia Powerball guide here. In addition to the Powerballs, you have several other chances to win millions throughout the week. OZ Lotto is another favourite among Aussie players, but so are the weekly drawn Monday, Wednesday and Saturday lottos. We have prepared guides to all of those Australian lotteries available online. Check them out!

How to Win the Jackpot on Online Lotto – The Best Strategies that Actually Work

You know what to play and where to play. What’s left? Of course! You need to learn the perfect ways to win the lottery. Of course, if there was a safe way to win the jackpot, we would all know that strategy by heart by now. Unfortunately, that formula is still in the making. However, we can always keep increasing our jackpot winning odds. How? By constantly reading the best online lottery tips and tricks. Those might give us a few ideas on how to play in the future and we can master the game. After all, winning only once in a lifetime is more than satisfying, wouldn’t you say so? So, you better start reading and studying these strategies. These might make you join the list of the biggest lottery jackpot winners quite soon!


What is the best Australian lottery to play?

The lottery with the best odds is the Australia Saturday Lotto. On this weekly lottery you can win a jackpot of AU$5 million. Your odds to get it right is 1 in 8,145,060. The Monday and Wednesday Lottos are also games with good odds.

Which Australian lottery offers the biggest jackpot?

Australia’s biggest jackpot is offered by Powerball Australia. Historically, the highest it has ever climbed was AU$160 million, which took place in 2022. Its minimum starting jackpot is AU$3 million.

 Can tourists also buy Lotto Australia tickets?

When visiting Australia there are certain games that are open to almost anyone to play. This means non-Australians can win while visting the country.

Can I win Powerball Australia if I’m not an Australian citizen?

For people buying Powerball tickets in Australia, the lottery merchant doesn’t care what a person’s citizenship is. As long as you have a residential address, you can play and be eligible to win the lotto. You can also use online lottery sites and play by guessing the outcome of Powerball Australia and win big, as long as your country’s gambling laws allow it.

Does Australia allow you to claim prizes anonymously?

Australia is much more lenient when it comes to privacy, compared to some other places. You’re allowed to claim anonymously, so you don’t have to face media frenzies and your whole neighborhood doesn’t have to know you won big.

Must you pay tax on Australian lotteries?

Australian locals aren’t expected to pay tax on lottery winnings, apart from tax paid on interest gained after the money is paid into a bank account. However, you need to research tax laws of your country if you play Australian lotteries online from another location around the globe.