Best OXXO Online Lottery Sites

OXXO is a voucher payment system widely used by the Mexicans to pay for their utility bills and online purchases. As many as 71 million Mexico residents don’t have a bank account, and OXXO voucher system allows the merchants to tap into this huge group of such online buyers In partnership with MoneyGram, OXXO is also facilitating the transfer of money from other countries to Mexico. Lottery lovers in Mexico also use OXXO for purchasing tickets. So, we have compiled a list of the best OXXO online lottery sites.

As part of the OXXO system, an invoice or document containing a barcode is generated which can be used to make payments at any of the 18,000 convenience stores spread across the country. There, consumers can pay for their online purchases in cash, and the lottery sites have little issues with the chargeback.

OXXO also has a considerable presence in Colombia. The chain store serves 11.8 million people a day through thousands of points of sale in Colombia and Mexico. In essence, OXXO is very similar to other popular payment methods in Latin America, such as Boleto (Brazil) and Baloto (Colombia).

How OXXO payment works?

Here’s the process of OXXO payment operation. While making an online purchase, select OXXO as the payment method at the checkout page, and a voucher with a barcode will be generated for you. You then pay the OXXO voucher amount in cash at any of over 18,000 stores servicing OXXO. The payment is usually confirmed in one business day.